1. says

    Clark: Growing up in the South you don’t exactly run into a ‘he-she’ every day. Isis has no place in this competition.

    But I guess a girl named “Clark” does? This is hilarious. Isis is going to rock some worlds. She knows couture. She’s studied, self-confident and tough. Assuming Clark doesn’t try to drag her by chains behind her pick-up, Isis is going to do really well in this competition. I’m proud of her.

  2. Mark in NYC says

    I can’t wait for the episode when Tyra tearfully relates the difficulties she had when she was a trans.

    Congratulations to Isis in realizing her dream, and the dreams of many trans before her, to be (relatively) famous and gorgeous. It’s nice to see an opportunity for her other than one of the underground balls.

  3. Mike says

    Clark rules! Shes totally the girl that gets all’er hair chopped, then sobs about being ugly. So getting cut. Flash forward 15 years, Clark trying to clean-n-jerk her butt into a pair of plus size Walmart jeans whilst downing Edies ice cream after she finds out her husband has been sleeping with their daughters gymnastics coach.

  4. AggieCowboy says

    I’ve seen Clark a million times…in every sorority house on every campus.

    Isis comported herself very well when those bitches were trying to goad her during her photo shoot.

    The hubby and I also noted that the bigots were in the bottom half at elimination. I only wish that Isis had won the first round so that they all had to look at her winning pic all week.

    Waiting for Tyra to blow up at them for their bigotry. After all, she’s the one who blasted through the door of industry discrimination opening the way for black women to be supermodels.

  5. David D. says

    Having a trans woman in millions of living rooms all over North America every week–and having the kind of bigotry and prejudice that trans people face right alongside it–will very likely change some people’s minds, and lives.

    Tyra may be irritating, but this is a brave move on her part, on CW’s part–and on Isis’s part as well.

  6. Strepsi says

    “And it’s not so much a close-minded view, it’s just more traditional. ”

    Isn’t this the new McCain / Palin campaign slogan?

    Isis FTW

  7. says

    I got a call from my friend who’s a college professor and told me that his students/advisees is one of the models. Since he’s in another time zone, he’d already watched the episode and said that he was proud that McKey (the redhead) came across as strong and compassionate. He also tells me that she’s quite intelligent and studying to go to med school.
    I don’t normally watch the show, but I know who I’ll be rooting for!

  8. Philip Wester says

    It was good to see that Isis wasn’t just a gimmick entrant, a token minority member.

    She knew her stuff and the judges all seemed to love her and think she has great potential. Not a single bad thing said about her by the judges, just positives.

    Do they call the names in the order of which they were graded, as in 2nd to be called, 2nd best? If so, yay for Isis. 2nd is nothing to be ashamed of.

    And wow Sharon is such a bitch. I watched all the way ’til the end. She looked sad/upset/wtf:ed when Isis’ name was called, like it was something horrible.

    I’m so glad Sharon was the one to go. Yay!

  9. Richard says

    “Trannies have no place in the gay rights movement.”

    Hey, Bigot!!! You don’t have a place in the gay rights movement. We are eliminating our a-hole quotient and you are the first to get eliminated.

  10. Ron says

    I hate to sound harsh, but Isis really has no place in the competition. There is a world of difference between a biological woman and a person who simply puts on women’s clothes and makeup and has affected mannerisms. Isis is an individual who deserves to be treated with respect, but let’s not ignore the obvious. When you look and the other girls and then look at Isis, it’s literally apples and oranges…or maybe bananas in this case.

  11. Derrick from PHilly says

    Hey, Ron:

    Maybe biological women and the over glamourized glamour of high fashion, movies/TV/theater personalities, recording divas are not natural to each other. Maybe that world is the perfect place for biological males who want the fun parts of being a girl!

    Maybe boys who want to be girls had a great deal to do with creating the feminine images we see in fashion magazines/movies/theater/recording industry, etc.

  12. Ron says


    So designing/sewing a dress equates to being a woman?

    i think not

    and neither do you.


    Like I said, Isis deserves respect as a human being. But trying to pretend trans women (or men, for that matter) are the same as their biological counterparts is absurd. Isis is a trans-woman, no more, no less. But acting like everyone should just play along and not say anything is wrong.

  13. Derrick from Philly says


    No Ron, showing biological women how to walk, wear, “show off” that dress equates to being glamourous in a way that many biological women don’t have time for, or interest in. Many of them are too busy raising children, working two jobs, and maybe running for vice-president.

    What I’m saying is that gender-bending homos and transfolk have been greatly involved in the evolutin of feminine glamour and style for generations…and some of them can do “fem glamour” with more heart & soul than biological women–not just caricatures.

    you ever seen Pepper Labeija “pump” a runway at a ball? Not a biological female on this planet could ever compete with “her”.

    “Paris Is Burning” is the movie to rent.

  14. Mark in NYC says

    RON, so where in your comment are you showing an example of respecting Isis as a human being?

    it’s FASHION (not facism). What leads you to believe that a model needs to be biologically born female in order to model clothing?

    Have you never seen one of Thierry Mugler or Gaultier’s fashion shows with ConnieGirl, Lipsynka, Joey Arias in full couture?

  15. crispy says

    “trying to pretend trans women (or men, for that matter) are the same as their biological counterparts is absurd.”

    Uh, dude, it’s a show about taking pretty pictures. Isis was pretty upfront about herself. I didn’t see any of this pretending crap you’re talking about. What show are you watching?

  16. AggieCowboy says

    Contestants are called in order from best to worst.

    And this Ron believes Isis has every right to be where she is. She is female even if she hasn’t been able to transition yet. She is NOT “a person who simply puts on women’s clothes and makeup and has affected mannerisms”. She has more life experience than the rest of those girls combined.

    FYI, model/author/actress Caroline Cossey (aka Tula) was born Barry Kenneth Cossey. She has fought hard against discrimination to wedge the door open to give Isis this chance. And let’s not forget the fabulous Alexis Arquette (although I’ll grant that she’s a little…flamboyant for mainstream).

    Oh, and Other Ron, Gay Rights includes EVERYONE. If even one person is discriminated against, everyone loses.

    AggieCowboy (aka Ron, who hates seeing his name associated with ignorant dribble)

  17. says

    “Isis is an individual who deserves to be treated with respect, but let’s not ignore the obvious.”

    You might want to follow your own advice, Ron. I don’t watch the show, but from the clip it is clear that neither Isis nor the other contestants are ignoring “the obvious.” In fact, they’re being honest and open about it, even if some people are much more enlightened than others. I hope Isis’s candor and bravery will open some “traditional” (aka narrow/ignorant) minds and help them out of their “biological” gender obsessions and pointless transphobia.

  18. Qjersey says

    okay dipshit ignoramouses.

    Trannie’s and drag queens were the spark that kicked off the gay rights movement at Stonewall. Rent the DVD, the characters are not “real” but the situations are, e.g., assimilationist Fire Island middle class “str8″ acting do nothings.

    Also… Tula, a trans woman, was a Bond girl as well as a Playboy model IN THE 80’s. She got the cover and center fold in the European edition, but only a pictorial in the US edition (we are so provincial).

    So there fuckwads.

  19. Philip Wester says

    Isis is not a transvestite. She doesn’t just put on women’s clothes and make-up.

    She’s a transGENDERED. A woman born in a man’s body. She’s saving up money to eventually have gender re-assignment surgery. In doing so, she will become a legal WOMAN and will be able to marry a man just like any other heterosexual.

    In the eyes of the law, she will be just like any other woman. She’s already living as a woman. In certain countries (I don’t know about the U.S.), it’s enough to be living as a woman and to have made up your mind to do so (as in it’s something you know, and Isis has known for as far as she can remember) to be legally classified as a woman.

    Her legal records might ALREADY say that she’s a woman.

    Get educated, Ron.

  20. Wheezy says

    Feh, runway models are nothing more than animatronic clothes hangers. Previously models were called “Mannequins” because they were nothing more than mobile store displays. What made one successful was not the genitals they possessed, but how well they can display/sell the product. Isis has proven that she can display/sell product very well. Better than the bigoted “traditional” cows who are her competition.

  21. ian says

    i’m sorry. how can these girls want to be models and feel uncomfortable with this?

    how have these girls known about america’s next top model and not felt prepared for this. if anything, jay was a transitional visual experience for them. and with miss j as a judge at panel, sheeit, these girls should know better…