1. Sam says

    I was never undecided about voting for Obama, but I was never particularly happy about it. This 30 minute special made me happy and proud to be voting for Obama for President.

  2. says

    After hearing Obama speak, I’m convinced that our “Culture War” is really a war between an educated, rational citizenry and an uneducated, irrational one.

    And by “educated” I’m really referring to an exposure to other groups (as many of us experience at University) versus any actual “book learning”.

  3. Derek in Wisconsin says

    This TV-spot told the story of my family, my community, and the people I’ve looked up to my entire life. The midwestern blue-collar mill/factory workers and farmers, from a time period where working hard–extremely–for countless years, in typically thankless jobs, was at least enough to secure a retirement and a future for your children. Those were my grandparents, and my parents. My mother was laid off two years ago, and without a father in my life, had nobody to turn to. She began working 60-80 hours a week at the age of 48 years old. As I enter a white collar work-force, being a recent college-grad, I look forward to saving for HER retirement, so that I may thank her for the work-ethic she instilled in me and the promise of a future worth celebrating.

    And yet still, so many people from my small-ish hometown continue blasting off their opinion that they’re supporting McCain, and that it was 30-minutes of lies. Why can’t they see it. He’s telling our story. He wants to life US up. The stories shared in this segment are the same stories encountered by 3/4 of McCain’s supporters — and they still vote with ignorance.

    God I pray for us all, and as I wipe the tears off my face from this piece, I’m left hoping that in 6 nights from today, we are a nation who can begin to look toward the future.

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    John Biscaglia

    Agreed 100%

    Over at MSNBC they said basicaly that mccain is bitching about the 30 minute special but inwardly thinking “I wish I had the 8:30 spot”

  5. says

    I have never really regretted NOT having U.S. citizenship until now. This man has what it takes to lead the United States back to their true selves. I only pray that this will come to pass.

  6. le_sacre says

    normally i’m pretty immune to over-produced emotion-manipulating advertising, but it really got me when he started talking about his mother.

    then again, i got verklempt at Hillary Clinton’s first ad. i’m so maudlin this election season. Bush and company have been such a heart-breaker, so content to ignore the interests of the powerless, that it’s very moving to me to hear politicians say things like, “i am my brother’s/sister’s keeper.”

    now let’s just hold them to it! dems will have the white house and large majorities in both chambers of congress–absolutely no excuse for not showing some backbone and getting things done.

  7. my2cents says


    as a brother from indiana, i hear you… watching the video of michele on leno last night, i heard the cadence, the thoughtfulness and sensitivity that i experienced growing up in the mid-west.

    from barack, i hear not how bad things are, but how good things can be. that alone may be the defining aspect of his campaign and presidency. i hear an inclusive nature, and tone. i hear an invitation to be a part of something greater, a call to be a participant in change.

    we are being invited into the conversation, and without question, there will be topics and decisions that everyone is not comfortable with myself included. but i am willing to make compromises to lend to a less divisive country–i will put healthcare before equal marriage rights.

    i will show that before i am gay, before i am a $200 or $250k tax bracket. i am an american. and most surprising to me: had i the health, and the youth, i would stand up to defend the US and what i believe an Obama presidency will bring to it.

    but all i have is a vote. one among millions–a drop in the bucket of change. change i can believe in.

  8. gr8guyca says

    I’ve read that the entire score was done by Horner.

    The whole piece was beautifully produced – shot, cut, lit.
    And Obama looked both Presidential and human. Like
    everything else done by his campaign, it was flawless.
    If running a campaign is an indication of how he will
    run the government, we’ll do just fine.

    By the way… Bush still in office? Haven’t seen him lately.

  9. Michael F says

    Hmmm, I suppose they actually did just use part of Horner’s “A Beautiful Mind” score. Unless Horner has become even more clumsy about ripping himself off repeatedly:

    Nonetheless, I adore the music.

  10. James N Philly says

    Just beautiful. I sit here, watching it again, and am impressed beyond all imagination that this man could possibly be our next president. He speaks with such candor and intelligence that we have not seen in so long. I pray that America will wake up in five days and do the right thing for this nation and for the world. He is our bridge to the future; we just need to build that bridge of votes to get to the other side. He isn’t the messiah, but he can help save this great country that we all call home! Vote, tell others to vote and take a stand!

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