Call the Police There’s a Madman Around


Last month I posted that Sting’s appearance on Little Britain USA would feature a kiss with David Walliams. Said Walliams of the encounter: “Can I just say that Sting was well up for it? I had to kiss him four times and each time I did it, it got longer and more passionate. He didn’t mind one bit!”



  1. gay as life says

    I had such high hopes for this incarnation of Little Britain, but it has been sooo disappointing. They’re trying to shoehorn these characters into American situations, but they’re forgetting the core of each situation which makes it funny.

    The sketches featuring the gay Prime Minister hitting on the Pres of the US are borderline offensive, basing their humor solely on the idea of “gay is funny”. The British version was funny because it was an underling and a boss, but making them 2 world leaders changes the entire dynamic and makes it simply unfunny.

    Anyway. I hope it gets better.

  2. Bakely says

    The addition of a laugh track on Little Britain USA completely ruins it. American entertainment execs are so embarrassing and I wish they had more backbone to resist cloying elements like that.

  3. kj says

    I understand the site has to make money…but those circuit city ads are ridiculous. They’re not the automatically disqualifying double underline bs, but they’re a very negative experience nonetheless.

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