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Daniel Radcliffe Writes Gay Love Letter to Equus Co-Star


Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he'd marry his Equus co-star Lorenzo Pisoni (pictured above in Equus and below in Election Day) if Pisoni were gay

PisoniSaid Radcliffe: "We're getting on very well indeed. I've written some really, really deeply sexual things on some of the cards I've given him for opening night. But just to wind him up, you know."

Welt reports: "The 19-year-old star added he is in awe of Lorenzo, terming him 'cool' and 'gorgeous' before claiming he would even consider marrying him if he was gay. He said: 'He's great. He's a truly remarkable man. If I was gay or a female I'd just want to marry him. He's gorgeous, and he's a really cool bloke as well.'"


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  1. Wow, apparently Radcliffe graduate from the Jake Gyllenhaal Academy of Working the Gays with honors...

    Posted by: David B. | Oct 1, 2008 8:59:01 AM

  2. so danny likes daddies?

    Posted by: nic | Oct 1, 2008 9:01:01 AM

  3. My goodness!

    Posted by: Ben | Oct 1, 2008 9:03:28 AM

  4. Oh, yeah. I saw the show last night and I have to say, I'd like a piece of that "Nuggat". The show was fantastic and so was Daniel and the rest of the cast.

    Posted by: tommy | Oct 1, 2008 9:05:12 AM

  5. That is a fine motherf*cker!!

    Posted by: shane | Oct 1, 2008 9:33:15 AM

  6. Damn, that's hot. I'd love to see the card.

    Posted by: GayListDaily.com | Oct 1, 2008 10:03:36 AM

  7. OMG it's the bisexual double standard

    Posted by: MATH | Oct 1, 2008 10:12:32 AM

  8. The play is awesome, but gut wrenching. And there are very few folks that wouldn't want to "ride that pony." He is fine! There is a lot of sexual tension between the boy and the horse in the play and it definitely comes across in the acting!

    Posted by: j | Oct 1, 2008 10:55:49 AM

  9. OMG! Andy, did I HAVE to see this first thing this morning?! Time for my morning wank, excuse me folks!

    Posted by: JerzeeMike | Oct 1, 2008 11:35:43 AM

  10. Daniel Radcliffe is the new generation of heterosexual male (if those identifiers are even relevant anymore). Not only celebrating the spectrum of sexuality across the population but within himself. Is there anything stronger or more masculine than that? Brilliant.

    Posted by: rascal | Oct 1, 2008 11:55:07 AM

  11. A lot of women say the same things about horses.

    Posted by: anon | Oct 1, 2008 12:56:08 PM

  12. Just imagine what the kids of that marriage would look like!

    Posted by: Deed | Oct 1, 2008 6:11:47 PM

  13. I'd marry Daniel Radcliffe in a snap. I would even convert to Judaism to please his Mother.

    Posted by: Jorge Heredia | Oct 6, 2008 7:11:14 PM

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