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    FINALLY!!! I have become more and more disillusioned with the “No On Prop 8″ campaign. This is the FINAL week. The “Yes” ads in San Diego are running about 5 to 1. Many celeb videos are out there against Prop 8, but they are on the internet, not on public airways, where millions would see it. We don’t need to “preach to the choir”, we need to get the word out en masse. “Yes on 8″ ads lie, exploit children, and use scare tactics. This is how Bush was elected for a second term. Didn’t we learn anything?

  2. Terry Sweeney says

    It’s about time Feinstein broke her silence on this. Sadly, this is typical of her non-leadership, and not just on LGBT issues.

    Surely California can do better than Feinstein where representation is concerned.

  3. akaison says

    I am glad to see her say these things. I am still awaiting the governor, who says he is against this proposition, to publically campaign against it. I don’t expect it given the right flank of his party, but it would be nice.

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    Glad to see Feinstein finally take a public stand. Long overdue, but a good move, nonetheless, and I think the ad is well done. I agree with the other posters here, too: Where is the governor, who promised to fight this proposition?

  5. Bill Perdue says

    If what Democrats did was even half as good as what they said we wouldn’t so close to losing on Prop. 8.

    Obama sent one pathetically weak letter hemming and hawing about how Prop. 8 but every day he’s out there telling the world that he and god agree that that we’re second class citizens who don’t deserve basic rights like the right to get married.

    Feinstein is just as bad. She’s a Democrat and over the last two years they’ve trashed our agenda, gutting ENDA, ditching the hate crimes bill and refusing to repeal Clintons DOMA and DADT, while the Republicans sat back and smirked. The Democrats implemented the more open bigotry of the Republicans and took the heat for it. Usually it’s the Republicans playing hard cop. But while they controlled Congress Democrats like Reid, Clinton, Kennedy, Obama, Pelosi and Barney Frank did their dirty work for them.

    Feinstein’s contribution was to insure that bigots sat on the US Circuit Court of Appeals and in the AG’s office. According to the Editorial Board of the NY Times

    “Senator Feinstein, Democrat of California, has disappointed liberals on a series of key votes in recent weeks. She provided the pivotal vote on the Judiciary Committee in favor of Leslie Southwick, a judicial nominee whom civil rights groups tried to block because of his bad record on race and gay rights.

    Mr. Southwick, as a state court judge, ruled in favor of reinstating a white woman who was fired after she called a colleague a ‘good ole nigger.’ He also ruled, in an especially cruel decision, that a woman should lose custody of her child because she was bisexual.”

    Her politics make her a winner in the usual Democratic trifecta; the race to see who’s the most clueless supporter of the war, who can pander to the most bigots and who’ll win the race to give more money to the incompetents who wrecked the economy.
    When Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama win, we lose. Jsut as much as when Republicans win. We’ll never win as long as we play the two party shell game.

    McCain is a rancid right-winger with the Rev. Pat Robertson attached at the hip.

    Obama is Bill Clinton (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA) in drag with the Rev. Donnie McClurkin attached at the hip.

  6. akaison says


    I am convinced there is nothing any Democrat could do to make you happy. You are just some bitter old queen who can’t address the problems of today with puke out every prior battle from the last 20 years. That may or may not make you feel good about yourself, but it adds nothing to the conversation. If each time the Democrats do something good, your response is “they didn’t do anything” then there isn’t much point of them doing anything since by your own definition- they don’t care, and don’t do anything. That’s the simple logic of your rants taken to its political conclusion.

  7. eric says

    GOOGLE: Mormons Lead the Way in Financing yes on prop 8!The IRS threatened to cut off their tax exempt status in 1978 until they finally allowed blacks to serve in leadership positions within their cult. And, now they want to discriminate against another group! If only black people knew, then they wouldn’t join the Mormons in the fight against gays. VOTE NO ON HATE VOTE NO ON 8!
    We need more people online, Mormons are spreading lies on youtube videos and we need to fight back!

  8. LightningLad says

    Is it too much to ask the “No on 8″ campaign to use the words “gay” and “lesbian” in its ads to help voters understand specifically which “people” it’s wrong to discriminate against?

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    Diane Feinstein’s LONG overdue support notwithstanding, if Prop 8 passes, blame will not only fall on the governor of California for being largely absent from the debate, but also on the thousands (millions) of gay and lesbian Americans who are willing to stand by and do nothing while our fundamental rights are eroded in supposedly the most liberal state in America.

    If Prop 8 passes, gay marriage as an issue will be set back DECADES. All it takes is a small donation from ALL of us, and more importantly, an hour or two of our time (if you live in CA) to volunteer on a phone bank or on election day.

    I believe that this is the most important battle we will ever face in our quest for equality and I want to take this opportunity to thank Andy for his unceasing support for the No on Prop 8 cause. I know of no other journalist or blog that is championing the cause so vocally. I applaud Andy and Towleroad for such intelligent, comprehensive coverage.

    With less than a week to go, I implore every single individual who reads this comment to visit the No on Prop 8 site and donate much needed money, time or both.

  10. professor crabby phd says

    Proposition Eight is a sad commentary on the low regard our community is held by the Democratic leadership. Where the hell is BO? Every queer person who has given this bastard two cents should email and call his sorry ass and demand that he cut a fucking commercial to help us out. The first call should be from David Fucking Geffin who came out early and loud for BO and who I read (here?) is worth a couple of billion. Shit why isn’t he giving a ten or twenty million for us in his own state? How fucking pathetic and sad are we that our rights our issues are always too fucking radioactive for the Dems that they don’t come to our defense and fight our battles with us—yet year and year election after election we suck their dick—If we lose they are to partially to blame

  11. akasion says

    Most of the money coming to No on 8 is from Democratic operatives like Daily Kos and Bing amongst others. Daily Kos alone raised 200,000 for the No on Prop 8 versus this top gay site (you can easily look up Towleroad’s traffic numbers), which hasn’t topped 100 k on an issue of major importance to gays (supposedly). You can keep typing to convince yourself that you are right, but the numbers speak for themselves. Indeed, the bulk of the ads involving No on 8, including the article in which you are commenting, are coming from the Democrats. the VP nominee and the Presidential nominee have said they are against Prop 8. I can go on, but you people are just either a) right wing sockpuppets or b) idiots. Either way, facts should speak louder than your claptrap. The more you people post the more I will post rebuttals.

  12. Bill Perdue says

    akaison – leave logic and thinking to honest people. Simple minded partisan shills like you are limited to toadying apologetics for Obama’s bigotry. That really has no business in this discussion.

    You don’t have a clue. Your ‘thinking’ boils down to pathetically projecting you own cowardly approach to full equality onto Democrat political hustlers who could care less what you think.
    If we lose in California that will be due in large part to Biden and Palin, McCain and Obama who all gave permission for bigots to vote their bigotry.

    The GLBT movement has a big job ahead of it and we don’t d gutless ‘one step at a time’ clueless wonders like you pretending to be on our side.

    McCain is a rancid right-winger with Paleo attached at the hip.

    Obama is Bill Clinton (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA, genocide in Iraq) in drag with a war criminal and bigot named Colin Powell attached at the hip.

  13. WilliamB says

    Lewis Payton: “If Prop 8 passes, gay marriage as an issue will be set back DECADES.”

    Defeating Prop 8 is very important, but will LGBT marriage rights seriously be set back decades if Prop 8 passes? If Prop 8 passes, can’t the LGBT community work immediately to repeal Prop 8 and wouldn’t repealing Prop 8 restore LGBT marriage rights?

  14. sugarrhill says


    Pay to no mind the the BIll Perdue commenters of this site. All they do is assign blame. They do nothing to actually help the cause except bitch. In fact they like bitching so much they bitch about things, like an Obama presidency, that haven’t even happened yet.

  15. nic says

    bill perdue,

    really?! you are accusing AKASION of simple-minded partisanship? it is better, perhaps, to have no distinguishable viewpoint other than to disdain everything. to wit:

    “McCain is a rancid right-winger with the Rev. Pat Robertson attached at the hip.

    Obama is Bill Clinton (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA) in drag with the Rev. Donnie McClurkin attached at the hip.”

    i suppose you think that comments such as this, which you repeat ad nauseum, are clever. they are not. nor are they helpful. how does it feel to wake up in the morning only to find that your coffee cup is always empty, neither half full nor half empty, but always empty? if you are not contributing to the struggle, stfu. i know that anarchy is your default position, but please do not try to inject such b.s. into intelligent discourse.

    your reliance on platitudes and threadbare phrases illustrates the bankruptcy of original thought. as i have said before, dear BILL, you think it is better to curse the darkness than to light a candle. this is the world you choose to live in? well, it’s your world, and you’re welcome to it.

  16. rudy says

    About freakin’ time. Diane F is always among the last to take a position on anything. She is among the most claculating politicians with whom I have ever worked. I suppose she eventually decided that doing the right thing in opposing discrimination would not hurt her politically.

    Why has not No on 8 produced ads asking Catholics whether they would like Mormons to adjudge the validity of their marriages or Baptists if they would like Catholics to vote on the legality of their marriages (or divorces)? We need to make this personal folks. These are our basic human rights for which we are fighting.

  17. elg says

    Where did I read that there are 1 million gays and lesbians in California but of that number, only about 30,000 had given money to the No on 8 campaign?

    If Proposition 8 passes, gays in California will have mostly themselves (and the Mormons) to blame. No one else.

  18. says

    “If Prop 8 passes, gay marriage as an issue will be set back DECADES.”

    I still don’t buy this. We’ve had setbacks before. Yes, this is a big one, but it’s not the end of the world.
    Suppose Prop 8 passes 51% to 49%. If foolish CA has a Constitution that can be amended by ballot initiative, what’s to stop us from introducing a ballot initiative to repeal 8 in 2010? How hard can it be to change the minds of 1 or 2%? And then every election cycle until it passes?

  19. says

    1 week out. Thanks Diane. Pathetic.
    This however is good news for “No on 8″ side since she wouldn’t have endorsed it unless it was 99% going to fail.
    She’s aspiring to be Governor of California after all and needs to atleast give lip service to doing the ethical thing.

  20. peterparker says

    I’ve been volunteering at the No on 8 phone banks. When I asked friends to join me, I was told “Sorry, I don’t have the time.”

    When I asked friends to join me as a counter demonstrator at a Yes on Proposition 8 rally (I held a sign that said “Jesus would vote No on 8″), my straight friends and my lesbian friends stepped up to the plate. My gay friends said “Can’t do it. I have brunch plans.” or “Sorry, that’s a Sunday and I’ll be sleeping in.”

    When I stood in front of the bars in West Hollywood on a Saturday night attempting to recruit people (primarily gay men) to volunteer for No on 8 phone banks, I was met with total and complete apathy. When I asked for donations from those people, who I might point out were wearing $200 jeans and heading into bars where mixed drinks go for $10 a pop, I was told “Sorry. I can’t donate.” (Over a 2.5 hour shift in which I talked to dozens of people, I got one person to volunteer and managed to collect a measly $50 from one guy and $20 from another guy.)

    If Proposition 8 passes, it won’t be the fault of Diane Feinstein or Barbara Boxer or Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Mormon Church or other religious fundamentalists or (supposed) mismanagement of the No on 8 campaign. It will be the fault of the gay community which put more value on hitting the bars, going to the gym, brunching with friends, sleeping in on a Sunday morning and spending money on designer clothes/top-shelf liquor/cover charges at cheesy bars than on banding together and sacrificing some pleasures and comforts for the longer term goal of insuring that every GLBT person in this country will eventually have equality under the law.

    If Prop 8 passes and the gay community wants to know who was really to blame, we’ll only have to look in the mirror.

  21. akaison says

    Thank you for the real world example of what I’ve been writing Peter. This mirrors my experience, and it is nice to know that I am not just living in a bubble of people who happen to not represent some greater norm in the community. I see A LOT of apathy.People often say that we gays are without orthodoxies, but I disagree. I think apathy and the things you describe are our orthodoxy. I wish I were wrong, but still thanks for posting.

  22. Tralfaz says

    Thank you Peter.

    You really hit the nail on the head. I’ve been donating and doing what work I can to help No on 8.

    It really pisses me off … but doesn’t shock me that these queens can’t get off their asses for ONE NIGHT and help.

  23. FunMe says

    One of the best analysis I read was from my friend who responded to my mass email sharing the video of Senator Feinstein.

    I really hope this STRATEGIC MOVE pays off.

    As my friend wrote:

    “First, when do you think she agreed to do this? I think it was a long time ago. I kept saying that she was the perfect spokes person. Finally, someone told me that I would eventually see a powerful ad featuring her – and this was some time ago.

    Why did they wait until now to bring this ad out-of-the closet … timing … most people read the ballot pamphlet between Wednesday and Sunday before an election. Propositions are often decided in the last week.

    … and it was a surprise to the other side that they have little time to respond to. Getting a new ad scripted, recorded and on the air in couple of days is a tough task. A week or so is more reasonable … but the election will be over (it took them over a week to get an ad on the air responding to the State School Superintendent).

    As for Senator Feinstein … she owes her whole political career to us gay folks. When Harvey Milk and George Moscone were shot by Dan White … she made a political deal with the gay community … who then raised the money and got the votes to make her San Francisco Mayor. She delivered in ordinances, administrative policies, and in city hiring. The gay community in SF garnered support for her throughout the state (gay money and gay votes) and launched her into the Senate. She could not really say no when we asked. And as the most popular politician in the state, she carries a lot of weight, especially in middle of political spectrum places like Azusa, Covina, Fresno, Escondido, Carlsbad, Mountain View, Walnut Creek, etc. She is our side’s October surprise! The Yes on 8 folks were already behaving like McCain … like the polls were going against them. Tonight, they are probably in panic mode. Let’s hope this works for us.”

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