1. Mike says

    I’m surprised the “Protect Marriage” campaign hasn’t used this in their ads – showing the gay agenda come to life! ROFL…

  2. says

    This movie opened our current Pittsburgh International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, last Friday. It is an expansion of a great little short film I saw a few years back: _Fairies_. So if you saw and enjoyed that, you will like this one.

    It is really adorable. It gets a little music-video-y at times but all in all it is fun light-hearted movie.

    The cast is appealing, the plot is farcical in tribute to the obvious inspiration: _Midsummer_Night’s_Dream_; and the music is fun.

    There are some nice, catchy lines from the songs too (I’ve had “Fairies Away!….. Bring me that Flower!” running through my head all week). ūüėČ

    It was nice energizing start to our yearly film festival. I highly recommend checking it out when/if it comes to your town. Or if you’re within a drive of Pittsburgh, come check out our Festival. It’s our 23rd continuous year and it is still running through this Sunday with _Mulligans_ and _Breakfast_with_Scott_ two of the films Airing this weekend.

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    It won Outfest 2008 Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature

    So LOVE this movie.

    Here is the main song that the trailer only touches on

    I listen to this song all of the time.

  4. Dback says

    Saw this at the Portland Gay and Lesbian film fest in September. It’s a little squishy plotwise once the magic flower starts spreading its love potion, and frankly if the movie were dumber and crasser it might work better overall (a la “Secret Admirer” or “Get Over It”). However, when it’s really cooking, it’s exactly what you hope it’d be: magical. Very few films this year have been as visually sumptuous, and it’s easily the most stunningly designed gay film since “Lillies.”

  5. Lano says

    I saw Were the World Mine at awards night at Outfest. I wholeheartedly agree with Dego. The film is brilliant, sweet and touching. Go see it…

  6. Brandon says

    After watching this trailer, I feel that gay cinema and entertainment has hit a wall. As we fight for people to define us as individuals as opposed to our sexual preference- why are we always shirtless and engaged in a sexual practice on film, photo and music? And why is there ALWAYS a locker room scene?!?! haha

    Couldn’t this story be told with the main character fully clothed? Plot-wise, I feel the movie is the equivalent to a Drew Barrymore romantic comedy after watching the trailer. So I wouldn’t deem it a Cannes winner just yet. It’s an ‘ehhh’ in my book.

  7. Taylor says

    I saw this film at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival this past August. It is quite good, and a nice family film compared to most others that show. I also took part in a Q & A with the director and screenwriter.

    I found it quite impressive that they felt very strongly towards having both lead characters played by openly (though one supposedly went back into the closet) gay actors.

  8. rudy says

    Brandon, Tear down that wall! This sweet film had me at the rugby “tour en l’air batu”. That it may not be, in anyone’s estimation a “Cannes winner” does not mean that it was not also charming, beautifully done, and, ultimately, affecting. Although not brilliant, IMO, it is an effective piece of cinematic art with a gay point of view.

  9. scar2 says

    I saw it last week & enjoyed it. It has some great visuals & some fantastic musical numbers. Great message too.

  10. says

    And as a follow up to my post and some impressions shared by others in these comments, I wanted to make a note to those Sapphic fans of Towleroad. (I know you’re out there, I’ve introduced several of my dyke-pals to this site). From the trailer and the comments it could be easy to mistake that this film is all boy-kissing, locker-room chasing goodness. But it isn’t. Yes, it’s a boy-boy love story. But most of the story takes place outside of the locker room. With a lot of it in school and town and key female players get their suitors as well.

  11. Schuyler says

    Having seen this at the Halifax international film fest gay venue, I can say it is an amazing movie

  12. peterparker says

    @BRANDON: I grew up in an extremely (as in frighteningly) conservative, racist, rabidly homophobic, small town in the south. And it was in the locker room after football practice that I first began to realize I was gay. Those daily showers with the team were the one bright spot in my entire miserable high school existence. For gay high school students, the school locker room is a cauldron of fear, desire, horror, lust and titillation. What more fertile ground could you find for a gay high school love story than the locker room?

  13. says

    Saw it at OUTFEST 08 Awards Night and was UTTERLY BLOWN AWAY! What the director, Tom Gustafson, and his talented crew manage to do with such a small budget (well under a million) is astounding!! This film looks and sounds like a $20 million film. I truly hope that it gains as wide a release as possible, and have no doubt that it will become an instant classic when released on DVD.

    Seriously, I could rave and rave about this film. I was singing the songs for days afterwards! Run, don’t walk, to this gem!!

  14. Asher says

    This movie is fantastic–the best ‘festival’ film I’ve seen in years (and I’ve seen a lot). Some of the criticism I read above is completely out in left field. Don’t miss this movie!

  15. OrangeCrux says

    “Hedwig had better move over”? I dunno… that’s a mighty lofty claim. Pretty boys are just pretty boys, and the drama seems kind of tired. Still, probably worth seeing.

  16. says

    This film was the opening selection for the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival and was an IMMENSE hit! I thought it was quite cute and upbeat.

    The crowd definitely enjoyed it! The cast was great and the storyline was funny and refreshing. Honestly, how many of you wouldn’t want a flower that makes anyone you touch gay? Now where’s Mr. Gyllenhaal??

  17. MCnNYC says

    I believe this is the full length version which was originally a short film that was featured on LOGO’s Short Film festival…(hell it may still be online some where there or elsewhere) and YES it was totally charming and fun and subversive in ways.

  18. rudy says

    Hey Kurt, I think that you are absolutely correct: Jake Gyllenhaal obviously has possession of the secret flower that turns men gay.

  19. jjc says

    I love this movie – can’t wait to see it again. To the one naysayer above – why are you “reviewing” a movie you’ve not seen based on the preview? In the movie – the main character never appears shirtless and there is nothing “sexy” about the locker room scene – that pic is obviously an outtake. And by the way – the “hedwig” quote isn’t a phrase the director just made up to put on the preview – it is from a review of the movie in the Advocate. It is fun and optimistic and not like ANY gay movie – or any movie I’ve ever seen.

  20. EdG says

    “Were the World Mine” opened the Seattle gay film festival last Friday. Very nice film and a cute concept. Well worth the ticket price.

  21. Milan says

    It’s a shame that so many of you have commented on seeing this at GLB film festivals. It certainly deserves a crossover to mainstream attention, so kudos to my home city of Chicago for doing just that – I’m looking forward to seeing this and the gay-themed “Dreamboy” at the Chicago International Film Festival.

  22. Crash says

    I for one am ashamed that I missed this here last fall. I just rented it thru iTunes and was blown away by the fact that it is an indie film, while not feeling like one. The only part that I found tired and over used was the rocker chick singing a lame song. That was the only part that seems to be in every movie about gays. But on the whole, I ended up crying at the end for true love is never an easy road to follow.