1. bosie says

    F**ck them…>They in our country and they beating our people?? depostation sounds good to me…btu a few yrs in jail before being thrown to their country is even better…teach them a lesson IF YOU ARE IN OUR COUNTRY BEHAVE….DON’T ACT LIKE PIG A**H*LES….& no I’m not racist…i just hate hearing LGBT getting beat up…its like everyday there is one of us hitting the floor wtf

  2. Andy says

    They will never deport their pathetic asses.

    I like how they come into my country and act like thugs and barbarians, thinking they can beat up gay people. Happens in Europe all the time.

    You know they will turn around and play the victims, using the anti-Muslim-I-am-a-victim-of-racism card.

    Typical. I am so sick of this crap.

  3. Taylor says

    Begging to be released? Why would anyone ever think that this would work?

    “Yes sir, I am a hardened thug with numerous charges but you should let me go.”


  4. Hephaestion says

    Saad Elorch is from Morocco and he said gays are stoned to death there?! Liar! Yves Saint Laurent led an openly gay life in Morocco and is buried there today. Morocco is famous for its easy gay sex. And the King of Morocco, though married, is widely known to be gay.

  5. says

    Oh, Andy… I bet it won’t be difficult to deport a couple of muslim guys with long records of drug charges and assault. Nope, not hard at all.

    I’m happy for them that they thing so highly of their home country. They’re about to be moving back there.

  6. Desca says

    Hephaestion, things have changed immensely in Morocco since then, it is no longer any sort of gay paradise like the 60’s and 70’s. And in any case, a lot of that was older Europeans taking advantage of impoverished youths. Some paradise. The Muslim world as a whole is markedly less “secular’ than it was.

    That said, definitely deport these guys. They have priors for assault? Deport.

  7. dean says

    There is no doubt that they should be deported. This is a no-brainer. Felonies and anti-American violence? Get rid of them and send their families with them who raised them to be this way. This is when I’m all for Homeland Security swooping in and dealing deportation notices for these two and their accomplices: their families.

  8. nikko says

    Garbage immigrants, send them back to their caveman country. This coming from a grateful Italian Canadian. How dare we tolerate immigrants like this??! Infuriating. Barbaric, muslims I have no respect for. And I’m sick and tired of wimpy gays not fighting viciously back-where the f*** is you anger?!

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Wait a minute, NIKKO, I’m as angry as the gay-bashing bastards as you are, but let’s not distort the contribution of the Muslims to Western Civilization. Without the Islamic influence on enlightening Medieval Europe– you’d be living in a cave, darlin’.

    Yes, deport the Muslim extremist thugs (I think they’re more thug and Muslim extremists), but don’t tell untruths about Islamic Civilization.

  10. JamesR says

    Locked up and denied bond in a DC jail after having been known to call a black person a “nigger.” LOL. Sometimes there IS Justice. They will be begging for deportation soon.

  11. Oscar says

    Lock them up with some ferocious lifers and let them be.They will be sorry and never harass anybody.They will always never walk “straight” again.He,he,he…..

  12. Darbari says

    Oh Derrick, it felt so nice to read your defense of the Islamic civilization. It is easy to forget in this anti-muslim rage that it is the muslims themselves who are in a pathetic situation being reduced from the civilization to the gutter living with these thugs. Be angry on the individuals, don’t be angry on the community.

    — a non-muslim

  13. j says

    Lets not fight prejudice with prejudice. It’s not where they came from, it’s what they did. It’s as if some of you are suggesting white Americans haven’t done the same thing.

  14. Tom says

    One is from Morocco; the other is from Sudan. I’m sure they’ll enjoy their homecomings immensely. Sudan in particular is a real shithole…the folks who’ve brought you the wonders of Darfur.

  15. says

    @anon Unfortunately, “good” muslims are few and far inbetween. Rarely seen and rarely heard. In reality, there are probably more “bad” ones than good at this point.

    @J Actually, it is where they came from. Cultural influences cannot be dismissed. To do so is naive and dangerous. Geography does not equal race. Don’t mix your arguments. It is not the fact that these are non-whites that makes them do the violence they do…it is that they are from a culture that formed them into intolerant beings. Something that happens to members of many racial groups – through cultural influences. And yes, this country shares in that guilty legacy…no one is without guilt in this regard.

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