1. CJ says

    Yeah, I also heard that kids have answered the phone for these “robocalls”, and cried to their parents that they don’t want a man who has killed people to be President. This is disgusting. McCain should be held responsible for these tainted lies and bullshit.

  2. Sebastian says

    Odd how Mccain is gung ho for this and when Bush said he had a black kid in 2000, he was offended, amazing at how this man is the typical,angry Repugnant who will stoop to any level to win, but, then again, its all he has since he has nothing else to offer the average voter.

  3. BC says

    Just wondering – If an Obama supporter or someone from the campaign did something bad, immoral, “not nice,” hurtful or hateful, would anyone here comment on it? I mean I know its a stretch because the Obama supporters are so much more enlightened than anyone else, but really…do we really believe that there are no “bad eggs” in the Obama camp? I know you’ll all say “They’re not lying” but, I’ll bet, if we look really really hard, we could find some non-truths somewhere in the past 18 months. Maybe look back at comments from the primaries, when so many were supporting Hillary and attacking Obama, you know, before he became emperor-elect.

  4. says

    BC, these nasty calls are not the product of “bad eggs” in the McCain campaign, they are supported by the man himself. No one runs a perfect campaign, but the Republicans, knowing they are losing and resorting to desperate tactics to falsely link Obama with terrorism, are sinking to new lows. There are no equivalent character smears coming from Obama. He doesn’t need them, and the voters don’t want them. McCain is firing up the angry, hate-filled base and no one else. (The primaries are irrelevant at this point to everyone who is looking forward towards a historic election.) When this is over, McCain will have some self-reflection to do because he’s better–or was once–than the shameful campaign he’s run.

  5. CJ says

    Sure BC, if there was anything actually “bad” from the Obama camp, it would be fair game. Oooops, I forgot, there isn’t… Plus I don’t think someone losing their home and job gives a flying fuck about Obama, Ayer’s and many others in a room serving on a board of Education and McCain’s attempts at linking that indirect connection to terrorism through automated phone calls when they’re searching through the want ads. Try also explaining to the hundreds of children who answer these automated calls what is really happening when they hear about a man who is supposedly linked to a man who McCain claims “killed people”, which Ayer’s did not, he was a PART of an Anti-Vietnam group (PS millions of American’s were Vietnam War Protesters, are they all terrorists too?). Get a clue.

  6. BC says

    As each candidate does, the campaign goes on the spin that they put on their own information. With Ayers – he did some terrorist acts, Obama has had relationship (in some form or another) with him and has, as even the liberal media has said, hidden some of the deeper details of their relationship. Now those are the facts, and each candidate will spin those to make themselves look better. I am not defending calling Obama a terrorist-I do not think he is by any means. But I see the loosely logical connection that the McCain camp is trying to make. People have called GW Bush a terrorist and the dems are linking McCain to be exactly like Bush. And although there are some facts there as well, they are not nearly as pronounced as the Obama camp is making them.

    Now the real fact seems to be is that Obama is going to win. The best thing for the Obama camp to do is ignore anything and everything the McCain campaign is doing/saying and only focus on what Obama is going to do. That will help stop all this mess. Short of somehow proving that everything Obama has said is a complete lie, there is nothing the McCain camp can do to turn the tides. Obama and his people need to focus on himself and let the rest go.

  7. BC says

    CJ: you posted while i was responding to Ernie. No, people who protest are not terrorists. But when someone intentionally sets off bombs with the hopes of killing innocent people and then has no remorse, that is terrorism.

    And as far as children go – did you see the ad attacking Sarah Palin with children as young as 6 years old? We need to see that there are significant problems on each side. Obama people do say “bad” things, but its not covered by the main stream media because it was decided long ago that Obama would be president. And really, none of it matters now because the election is essentially over.

  8. Cj says

    Um, BC, you need to stop watching Fox News, the kool-aid is clouding your judgment. First off all, the Weather Underground DID NOT bomb buildings that killed people. Not that I agree AT ALL with their actions, they specifically targeted empty buildings or made certain they were empty. There were, as with any extremist group, certain factions that did bomb and harm innocent people, however Ayer’s was not directly involved with those people.

    Further, Obama specifically stated children and family are off limits, which is why Palin’s daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy was not covered. As far as issues not being covered, Obama has been attacked repeatedly by McCain, whereas the mainstream media has not addressed:

    A) Palin’s direct involvement with the successionist group her husband is involved with, “The Alaskan Independence Party”, in which their leader states “the icebergs of Hell are nothing compared to my hatred for the American government”. THAT is Anti-American, but is it on Fox News or even CNN? NOPE. And believe me, I’ve been watching.

    B) Obama was 8 years old when Ayer’s was an ADULT, and his connection is through political ties along with REPUBLICAN’S in dealing with community efforts in education. In fact, Ayer’s DID denounce his actions as recently as last year.

    C) Of course everyone SPINS, however, I do not get my news from ONE source, but many including international news organizations. It would behoove you to lessen the sarcasm and increase your accuracy.

    D) How is Sarah Palin even REMOTELY qualified to be one heart beat away from Presidency when a 72 year old man with malignant melanoma is running for the most influential political position in America? Answer, look at her degree(s). She is not. Which places McCain’s judgment into question, NOT Obama’s.

    E) Jazzing up rally’s by stating Obama is a terrorist and “pal’s around” with bad people is dangerous and untrue. Taking it further to calling families with automated phone calls in which children answer and hear about people being killed is INEXCUSABLE. I don’t recall an Obama ad with children and Palin, but I’m sure the children weren’t talking or hearing about murders (besides Palin’s shooting wolves).

    I could go on and on and on but I have better things to do, like, watch the real news. Good luck biatch.

  9. says

    “Short of somehow proving that everything Obama has said is a complete lie, there is nothing the McCain camp can do to turn the tides. Obama and his people need to focus on himself and let the rest go.”

    We can agree on this much.

    Sean Hannity has been bending over backwards to prove Obama’s “lies,” and it’s not working. They aren’t there, and people don’t care. And, aside from defending himself against attacks, which Obama must do (John Kerry didn’t and paid a price), he has placed his attention on the economy and the things people care about. (The so-called “liberal” media can’t be blamed for McCain’s mistakes.) Obama took a higher road than McCain in this campaign–that’s indisputable, and he’s won the respect of the voters by staying steady and focused on issues.