1. Ed says

    Kathy Griffin, a California resident, is all about the gays, but she’s also known as very tight with her money. Has she contributed to the “No on 8″ cause? If she has, I think it could be a way to motivate others.

    What better way to tell Jesus to suck it?

  2. Lara says

    While I do agree with everything Joy says, I admire Whoopi for never losing her cool. I know I would if I had to sit and listen to Hasselbeck yap about Mcain every morning.
    I love Kathy, I watch her show with my dad…

  3. CK says

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is soooo typical of a Republican KoolAider… the more she is being owned by the shit she speaks the louder she gets and the less she lets anyone else say, but let’s face it, her single-mindedness and blinkers made sure she really was OWNED here by the other women on the View (Whoopi, you ROCK)!

    Ugh, but watching or listening to EH is like running nails down a chalkboard. At least with that you can stop when it screeches through your brain and makes your flesh crawl, but she just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on……

    Kathy, LOVE you for reminding us how EH ever got her tiny space in the spotlight…

  4. Bull says

    Oh please, ALL of the women on The View are idiots, not just the blonde with the tits. Joy is the absolute worst–she’s a loud, dumb, whiny cunt. She needs to get hit by a truck. Preferably while she’s walking somewhere with Rosie.

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