1. 24play says

    Missy Sarah already knows McCain’s ship is going down. By publicly complaining about the campaign’s Michigan pullout, she’s positioning herself to rise above the November wreckage.

    Wait till the religious right makes this moron their candidate in 2012. The Republican Party hasn’t even begun to tear itself apart yet. This will be good.

  2. Gregus says

    Hurtin’, Hurtin’ – could someone tell this woman that there’s a fucking ‘G’ at the end of the word and it deserves to be pronounced. Please?

  3. sexyback says

    MARK IN NYC, did you not hear Blessed Mother Palin the other day? She reads ALL forms of print media. I think she probably got that tidbit of info from the Australian Post or Bombay Daily as they came off the presses just after she finished the debates and she ran right to here telex machine to read the headlines.

  4. JJ says

    For Republicans the equation is as follows:

    Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential Candidate + 8 years of Bush/Cheney + Iraq/Afghanstan fiasco + national/world financial crisis = President Obama by a very large electoral college majority.

    This is a bitter pill for the majority in greater Utah and the former confederacy (Virginia, North Carolina, excepted) to swallow, but sometimes you have to take your medicine

  5. Cadence says

    So, McCain didn’t bother to tell his running mate that they are pulling out of MI, nor did he seek her opinion on the matter. This just proves that he has little respect for her, and that her role is just to act as a mascot. He really has no plans to let her be involved in any real decision making.

  6. Rad says

    “Me and Todd”

    I take it she’s gonna crap some Klondike gold to pay the $1M per day advertising bill from Michigan that McCain is trying to hold onto for other areas?

    “Me and Todd”

    I guess when she is President, she’ll appoint him as VP.

    “Me and Todd”…

    You never hear “Cindy and I” or “Michelle and I”. I hear “Me and Senator Biden” and “Me and Barack Obama”. So what power does Todd have over her? From the blogs and reports I’ve read, he’s really had a strong influence over her mayoral and gubernatorial positions. I recall the recoil when Hillary (as 1st lady) tried to flex her muscle on health care reform. Both her and Bill got squashed and he got thrashed for not keeping her in her place.

    Do you think they were one of those disgusting, clingy couples? “I love you!” “I love you more!” “I love you so much I could SCREAMMMMMMM!” So how big of a penis does Todd have? 5 spawn, you know the bullets work, but “go forth and multiply” is part of her belief.

    I hate the taste of bile in the afternoon.

  7. Mike G says

    I am tired of reading that Sarah Palin did well in the debates and there were no “moose in the head light” looks. She didn’t answer one question directly! The expectations of her are so low it’s embarassing to the American political system. Let’s see her in a REAL DEBATE, an adult debate. Not in a debate that Biden can not respond to her directly.

  8. says

    She’s beginning to sound like one of those high school girls who can’t do anything without her boyfriend. Maybe there SHOULD be a (D) after her name for the Dude party since Todd seems suddenly to be on the ticket. Meanwhile, who’s watching the brood?

  9. alguien says

    judging from the size of her family and bristol’s current condition, one would be led to believe that pulling out is not something the palin’s encourage anyhow.

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