1. zephyr says

    I may be uninformed, but the news report is from Al Jezeera, an Arab controversial news organization. This may not help Obama get away from those nasty and untrue Arab/muslim rumors. Scary report just the same, but this only heats the Americans hate Muslim/Arab retoric that airs in Arab nations on this channel. This perhaps does more harm then good here.

  2. AMS says

    While I totally appreciate the information being conveyed by this video of the mccain/palin supporters – do we really need to reference an al jeezera news report to get the point?

    We know the right wingers are scary kooks, but I also hate giving that organization any outlet or credibility.

  3. Okie says

    Would McCain be talking about how proud he is of the man with the “Obama Monkey” or the lady that screams at the camera that Obama is a Muslim Terrorist?

  4. Mike says

    Well, as much as I would like to see it, I doubt we’ll see an Obama ad showing this kind of stuff… it would be too negative; best left to the news media – however, this particular story was done by Al Jazerra – I don’t think this would be the media outlet we’d want telling this story. It would just make the wingnuts howl louder…that they were “being quoted out of context” or some such nonsense… LOL

  5. Sharon says

    Were these morons any worse than the morons on the Daily Kooks blog who say filth about Republicans? The Kos (sorry, Kooks) crowd have spread so many outrageous lies in the last few months that they have cast a huge shadow over Obama’s campaign. Even their own blog owner has had to remove some of the stupid comments. Republicans have done far more for gay/lesbians in my state than any democrat ever has. Even though I was going to vote for Hillary, the Clinton’s never did anything for us either. There is no way in hell I will cast a vote for Obama.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “Republicans have done far more for gay/lesbians in my state than any democrat ever has.”

    Must be one of those new republics–a former Soviet state. Where’re the Democrats over there? Oh, you mean, socialists, silly.

  7. Gregus says

    The video is sad, and so is the reaction people have when they see it’s an Al Jezeera report. It seems that anything Arabic and anything Muslim in the USA now equals evil. I can understand why it has come to this point, but it is sad.

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