1. Gregus says

    Joe the plumber is clearly a tool (bad joke I know).

    I absolutely love this country and wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, but this ‘we’re the greatest country on Earth’ bullshit he mentioned really grates. I’m guessing that Joe can assert this while very likely not even holding a passport.

    National pride is wonderful, but there’s a point where it turns into ignorant jingoism.

  2. Vi Agara says

    Hate on hard working american people. You guys are so cool. This blog has become an extremist leftist site with no room for anyone else gay or straight. You used to have a decent website with information for all gay and lesbians. You turned it into a left wing radical political blog. I’m out of here for good. I hope you enjoy your new communist leader that going to give you gay marriage while you wait in the bread line like the good communists of yore. Funny though, he doesn’t even support it. Good luck in the Gulag.

  3. Mike says

    When I was watching the debate and heard McCain mention “Joe the Plumber” the first time I thought, oh please no, not ANOTHER ridiculous republican narrative – and then as the phrase was mentioned over and over and over and over again… I absolutely knew here we go again. It is simply amazing as the story points out the guy is an absolute fraud – yet that doesn’t stop FOX NEWS from endlessly droning on about him. Funny how they are picking out all these “folksy” phrases but at the end of the day they don’t really give a crap. Again, the cynicism and hypocrisy is just so over the top right now it has beyond words. My jaw just drops at their unmitigated gall. Unbelievable!

  4. soulbrotha says

    Ellis the only way that you could not know anything about Obama is if you are too stupid to research or go to his website or read his books. But you were smart enough to come to this blog and troll so that can’t be it, can it?

    Good bye, dear Vi. Don’t the doorknob hit cha where the pig (with lipstick) shoulda bit cha.

  5. Eric says

    Ellis, if you want to know more about Obama, perhaps you should read his two books. You can’t expect to be spoonfed everything.

    And Vi Agara, good riddance. The last thing anyone around here wants is someone who is going to cry “leftist”, “radical”, or “communist” every time someone rightfully questions the McCain campaigns choices in this election.

    Additionally, we don’t need or want someone who uses such words without really knowing what they mean. If you think Obama is really a communist, perhaps you should go live in a North Korea for a bit, and then come back and tell us the same thing.

  6. says

    “This blog has become an extremist leftist site with no room for anyone else gay or straight.”

    I guess Obama is so far ahead of McCain because our country is suddenly full of extreme leftists? Joe the Plumber was Joe the Fraud, and the criticism is aimed at McCain for trying to make him into something he’s not. Obama is as much a Communist as Joe is a Plumber earning more than $250,000. That’s a ridiculous argument. Even Communists aren’t Communists anymore. The reality is that people like Joe are supporting a Republican party who has never been interested in their middle-class lives.

    P.S. There are plenty of right wing blogs out there for you, Vi agara. Not too many of them like gay people much, but I assume that’s irrelevant to you.

  7. pickles says

    Joe Wurzelbacher is related one of the most corrupt ‘hard working Americans': Charles Keating. Sorry to report that Vi Agara. I’m sure you’re fantasizing that Joe’s a cool, average dude. Joe doesn’t exemplify ANYTHING average. He didn’t pay his taxes but his daddy has contributed more than $10,000 to the Republican party. Find me a plumber with a silver spoon and I’ll bets ya his name is Joe Wurzelbacher.

  8. pickles says

    Joe Wurzelbacher is related one of the most corrupt ‘hard working Americans': Charles Keating. Sorry to report that Vi Agara. I’m sure you’re fantasizing that Joe’s a cool, average dude. Joe doesn’t exemplify ANYTHING average. He didn’t pay his taxes but his daddy has contributed more than $10,000 to the Republican party. Find me a plumber with a silver spoon and I’ll bets ya his name is Joe Wurzelbacher.

  9. Leland Frances says

    Afraid YouTube snacks will NOT determine this election. Don’t believe me? Read the summary of a survey released last month by MediaVest:

    “Study Finds Voters More Involved With Campaign Media, Dispels Myth That Online Will Swing Election
    Sep 29, 2008

    Americans appear to be much more involved with campaign-related media than in past presidential elections. But despite the increasing use of Web sites, blogs and social media platforms, they generally remain more skeptical about the Internet as a source of information about the candidates than they do from traditional media outlets. And their No. 1 source of media influence is the most traditional form of all: Word-of-mouth. These are the top line conclusions of a new consumer survey conducted by Publicis’ MediaVest unit in the post-primaries period leading up to the general election.

    “What we are finding out, is that when it comes to news and information, trust is paramount, and when anyone can publish their opinion online, consumers don’t trust it as much as when they can go to a newspaper or a television station and learn what those journalists and commentators are saying,” John Spiropoulos, vice president-marketplace research and analytics at MediaVest USA, says of the relatively low credibility associated with online media during the 2008 presidential race.

    The finding contradicts a popular perception and media spin that online media has been shaping the outcome of the 2008 campaign, but the MediaVest research, an online survey of 1,000 adults conducted Sept. 11-17, finds that online options such as campaign Web sites, blogs, and social media pages rank lowest when it comes to attributes that American voters are seeking most from sources of presidential campaign information, especially “fair and impartial news and information.”

    The online versions of traditional TV, newspaper and magazine Web sites, scored better than pure online sources of information, but still did not perform as well as their traditional media formats when it comes to voter perceptions about “trust,” Spiropoulos says.

    The good news for the overall political process is that American voters appear to be more interested in political news and information than they were in the last presidential campaign leading up to the 2004 vote, but the most credible and influential source of such information comes not from professional media outlets, but from friends, family and colleagues via word-of-mouth. That is a factor that is consistent with other communications planning research, Spiropoulos says, which have shown personal recommendations and advice to be the greatest source of influence in consumer product and purchase decisions.

    Ironically, the most important segment of the 2008 voting population – undecided voters who may swing the election – are the ones least likely to be reached via traditional media outlets. According to MediaVest’s study, they are among the lightest users of media of any kind.”

    Is that last line scary or what?

  10. Justin says

    Leland, do you really think there are any real “undecided voters” this late in the game? Every voter in this country knows whom they are voting for.

    Joe, the alleged plumber, just another right wing pawn who listens to Rush Limbaugh and the other right wing nut’s who actually hate democracy and equality, and has no real clue, that the GOP is not the working man’s friend.

  11. RP says

    I know Pickles mentioned it briefly, but I just can’t get over how funny it is that this guy complaining about taxes being raised has failed to pay his own taxes (resulting in a lien currently against him). A relatively paltry amount too ($1,182.98) for someone allegedly attempting to buy a business that makes $250K a year. Especially when you figure that with a 4 to 1 investment ratio, he would need a cool million to purchase.

    I don’t know of many unlicensed plumbers with a million dollars laying around; although, I can think of one unlicensed plumber who should never have opened his big mouth!

  12. JPeteUSA says

    Wow!!! Lets as a non ignorant based society focus on the person asking the question instead of the question itself… shall we? I mean after all it’s not about the questions being raised, it is all about the person asking the questions, right? No, no… now I know that there are those of few that are so interested in the great vast majority of the “working people” of America like the plumbers and janitors and school bus drivers and warehouse workers and police men and teachers and … oops I guess I have named a vast majority of American People that might have been offended by what Mr Obama might have said in front of a group of “Apple Pickers” … my bad. Okay, I’m a truck driver that might just make enough money to get by with enough to pay my bills, lets say. But I’m a working guy that makes things happen that you need. I could also be the guy in your front yard cutting your grass and planting new trees. I could also be that guy building the wind generators that supply the power to your home. I am the working guy, The Joe Plumber that you call on and yes , I have a few questions. So, don’t smother me with who I am… BE NON-IGNORANT AND FOCUS ON THE QUESTION!

  13. RP says


    When McCain mentioned “Joe the Plumber” 21 times during the debate, Joe became part of the discussion of this election.

    Yes, we have to look at the question (duh). We should also look at who is asking that question though.

    Furthermore, I don’t see how Obama raising taxes on people earning more than $250K would offend the list of Americans you gave. That three percent tax increase would not affect them. Actually under Obama’s tax plan they would receive tax breaks, so your point is kinda moot.

    By-the-way, please use words like “mindful” or whatnot instead of “non-ignorant”. I don’t mean to sound standoffish, but it’s a pet-peeve of mine. “Non-ignorant” is not a word.

  14. Tom K. says

    Joe’s comment was:

    “Do you believe in the American dream? My dream is running my own business. But I am worried about high taxes if I earn more than 250,000 dollars.”

    He didn’t say he was currently making $250,000, but rather speculated that as a small business owner that he might make that in the future.

    Anyone who interpreted that statement differently is borderline illiterate,

    Mike and Ernie call Joe the Plumber a fraud? Really. Because he owes back taxes?

    And according to Wikipedia, he was in his yard playing football with his kid when Obama came to his neighborhood on a campaign stop. So how in the world could the guy be a Republican plant? Are the Republicans secretly planning Obama’s campaign stops?

    You know, I don’t spend a lot of time doing in-depth research into current events, but I tend to have a pretty good idea of what’s going on because I pay attention–and I also think it’s more important to know the facts than to get caught up in the hype.
    Ask yourself how the hell you’d feel if John McCain came to your front yard and after asking him a tough question, you found the media tearing through every detail of your life and dragging you through the mud? And then a bunch of irresponsible bloggers and their half-informed readers decided to feast on whatever was left over? Think of the chilling effect on free speech if you couldn’t express your opinion–right or wrong without being harassed and destroyed. Then how is America different than China or Iran where you also can’t speak your mind for fear of the negative consequences?

    This example might be a bit more relatable: What if you published an article critical of George Bush and soon after coincidentally found yourself on the government’s no-fly list of suspected terrorists? Sounds familiar, right? Because we heard those kinds of stories over and over during Bush’s reign. Isn’t that the sort of crap we’ve been fighting against for the last eight years? And now we’re the ones doing it? I ask again, is it OK only when we do stuff like this? Is your answer: “Of course we must destroy the plumber. He questioned the One”?

  15. NaughtyLola says

    Joe the Plumber should not be purchasing a small business if he lacks the understanding that business income and personal income are not the same thing, and they are certainly not taxed at the same rate.

    However, even if his personal income went over $250K — am I supposed to feel sorry that his taxes would also go up? That would be more than 3x what I make right now, and I am extremely comfortable with a nice little savings. Boo hoo, Joe the (unlicensed, fraudulent) Plumber.

  16. Mike says

    Do a google search on “great depression timeline” – very enlightening. Herbert Hoover raised taxes in 1932 before the election, but it was too late. The first George Bush raised taxes to get us out of the Reagan spending and tax cutting frenzy which put us into a recession… it helped jump start the recovery which continued during the Clinton years. Bush gets in, cuts taxes, debt goes through the roof and now we are in the midst of a global recession. Deju vu… duh… bottom line, yes it is income redistribution. So what! If you can afford to pay more, you should pay more! Makes sense to me. Just as Obama said in the last debate, no one likes to pay taxes, but it is necessary. Trickle down doesn’t trickle down folks. All the evidence is there and we just making the same stupid mistakes. People need to fricken’ wake up! Sheeeezzzz

  17. CJ says

    Wow, I see the Republican trolls are out in full force today.

    Regardless of “Joe the Plumber”, McCain has lead a slimy, mud-slinging campaign. McCain is a hot head who owns 8 homes, cheated on his first wife and then married that (wealthy) mistress, was so inept he crashed 4 jets and was caught in Vietnam, went to 5 colleges before getting a degree, has lied about his involvement about the Keating 5 savings and loans scandal, has voted 90% of the time with George Bush AND admitted two helping his campaign TWICE, voted AGAINST funds for war veterans, typically votes on party lines, and is an all around UN-American individual. Fuck “Joe the Plumber”, let’s focus on the facts. Right now, McCain is attempting to disqualify valid REGISTERED voters based on lost mortgages, not having a drivers license yet being an American citizen, and on and on. Does this sound familiar? Say, the last TWO elections?

    If you’re a Republican, you’re UN-American. Throwing big words like “communist” or “terrorist” without knowing their full meaning makes you about as ignorant as “Joe the Plumber”. Maybe you should move to Alaska and assist Sarah Palin in charging rape victims for rape kits, leading her husband’s Alaskan Independence Party secede from America, and top off the day having tea with Putin. In a word, PATHETIC.

  18. rrgg says

    Give me a break.

    Obama claims his uncle was one of the US troops who freed Auschwitz, and no one cared.

    Now people are parsing words over whether this guy is a licensed plumber.

  19. Mike says

    Yawn… The reason they didn’t care was that he just got the name of the concentration camp mixed up. The name of the camp was Buchenwald and it was the first camp to be liberated in Germany.

    There’s also a big difference between talking about heroic actions and trying to make political points from intentional lies. This guy knew he wasn’t a plumber, he also knows he didn’t pay his taxes (or one would hope) – his name isn’t even fricken’ Joe for pete’s sake. LOL…

  20. Jeff says

    No matter how you slice it, BO told him it is a good idea to redistribute the wealth. Those are BO’s exact words. I have paid my way through college (seven of them, and had great grades, but not lots of money, for you elitists out there) and worked hard for what little I have, and if someone else wants something, they need to do that also. It may require leaving the iPhone in the store, not drinking the latte every day, and studying once in a while, but it can be done.

    Joe the Plumber is just a symbol for the middle class. Do they not teach analogy anymore? Willy Loman was not real or exactly like a many people, but lots of people could identify with him in “Death of a Salesman.”

    Regardless, I think there will be lots of buyer remorse around next summer if BO gets in, just like there was in summer 2001 with Bush. Just like Bush was elected by hatred for Clinton, BO is riding the wave of anti-Bush hysteria. McCain is not much, but at least his problems are known. We don’t know BO’s, because all of his files are locked away and he won’t let us see them. Putting him in with his lack of knowledge is like re-forming Led Zeppeliin with a three-year-old drummer whose experience was beating on pots and pans while watching Barney.

  21. Jim says

    I was on the fence until I saw what Obama’s attack team did to this guy, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who had the nerve to articulate his dream of buying a plumbing business to their messiah. It was a simple question, and Obama answered it. But I guess the people on the left were concerned about Obama’s answer so they decided to buy some insurance and go after this poor guy who had the nerve and the bad luck to live on the street Obama was canvassing that day. I’ll be voting for McCain now. And by the way, my first name is William and my middle name is James. My friends call me Jim.

  22. Chris says

    What do you Log Cabinettes expect? Democrats should be silent on McCain’s fakes? It doesn’t matter if you’re plumber, but of course this things matter if you’re a political ad.

    And this guy had to expect that the media would look closer at him if it gets political. (It’s not “reality TV” …) Do this kind of people actually think?

  23. glennmcgahee says

    Funny that Obama shows up at this guy’s house. The guy says I don’t support you, then becomes the target of Obama’s supporters and the media is all over him. When are we gonna see video of Bill Ayers and an interview with him? Joe the plumber has now been vetted more than Obama. I know more about his plumber’s past than I do about the Presidential Candidate. Is this what we can expect from an Obama Administration. Is that why Obama voted for Telecom Immunity in the NSA’s spying on American citizens? Will someone explain how “Credit Card Joe’s” bill to prevent people from being able to declare bankruptcy due to catastrophic illness helps the middle class while his own home is owned by the credit card companies in Delaware? Then there’s the vote by Obama for Dick Cheney’s Energy Bill. Please explain how they are for the common man.

  24. nic says

    JIM, JEFF, TOM K, et al,

    if you listen to the vid, he says, “i’m GETTING READY to buy a business ….”

    the jerk makes 42K/yr, and has a lien for back taxes, for cripes sake. if you don’t see that that was a set up, then you guys are as stupid as your apologias.

    moreover, this is yet another example of mccain’s recklessness. he should have known that if he was going to make “joe the fraud, er, plumber” the center-piece of his strategy in the debate, he should have had the idiot vetted. if mccodger had not brought him up, joe/sam/whatever could have quickly faded into obscurity. however, since he did, the media have discovered that “joe the (bogus) plumber” is not what he said he is. now, poor fool, he is in danger of losing his job, because, it seems, in ohio you can’t do plumbing at all without a license.

    yet the repugs and their trolls have the gall to blame obama and the dems for mccains dotage. at long last, do the repugs have no shame at all? geez!

  25. Larry says

    What those of you defending poor Sam the plumber and criticizing Obama fail to realize is this: Obama got schooled by Joe/Sam and was going to let it drop. McCain made him the symbol of the third debate. Palin in her ignorant rhetoric made him a symbol. So once that was done, why shouldn’t the Obama campaign let the world know that Joe/Sam isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, someone articulate enough to say Obama had “more dance moves than Sammy Davis Jr.,” which proves he was scripted.

    What has amazed me through this bitter campaign is that McCain will do something and then have the audacity to criticize Obama for doing something similar, or less offensive. And Palin’s bald-faced lies, when she’s been found guilty of abusing her power, is ridiculous.

  26. patrick nyc says


    Obama did not show up outside his house. Obama was walking down his street when this douche bag decided to confront Obama. Too bad for the douche that McShame brought him into the spotlight and now all his shit is being dragged out and vetted into the light.

    He should have stayed inside and kept listening to Rush on the radio.

  27. says

    The Republican party is all about redistribution of wealth.

    It robs from the poor to give to the rich.

    Sam (“Joe’s” real name) isn’t a plumber he’s a PLANT!

  28. nic says


    yes, and they’re all for socialism when it’s tax payer money bailing out the greedy rich. they’re also all for corporate welfare.

  29. elg says

    Joe the Plumber looks like a skin head to me, especially after he compared Obama to Sammy Davis, Jr.

  30. Jason (A) says

    Joe really needs to talk to an accountant because it’s clear he does not understand tax law AT. ALL. It seems most people don’t actually…

  31. Mike says

    I find it simply amazing how some people have been brainwashed to protect the income of folks who make way more than any of us. Listen boys and girls, they have more than enough $$$ to protect their own interests – and based upon the last 8 years, they have done a stellar job! Supply side economics doesn’t work… trickle down doesn’t trickle down, it stays at the top. You can spout the republican talking points all you want, but facts are facts. Bottom line, taxes should be based upon your ability to pay. If you make more than $250K a year you can well afford to pay a little extra. Now that all the insane narratives about Joe 6-pack, Joe the plumber, soccer moms, et. al. have failed, the neo-cons are throwing all kinds of crap, just praying that something will stick. Taxes are all about income redistribution, they always have been and always will be. Last 8 years, there has been a big sucking sound from the lower and middle class upward to the rich. Time to turn it around. Also, if I was making $250K or more, I would consider myself fortunate and would just accept the fact I needed to pay a bit more. Only in the Republican bizzaro universe is $250K / year middle class. Please sister…

  32. peterparker says

    The Republican trolls on towleroad remind me of the attack monkeys that the Wicked Witch of the West sent to capture Dorothy and her friends.

  33. Cj says

    I guess the money McCain isn’t using for television ads is going to internet trolls to bomb blogs and websites with inane b.s. Tune out the Fox News bullshit boys and review the facts.

  34. Scott says

    National pride has lead to a HUGE deficit, a lack of involvement in politics and a decline in the world’s opinion of the USA. McCain/Palin’s separatist views will only increase this bad behavior.

  35. Luke says

    Just how much does the RNC pay these trolls to spew that nonsense all over the Internet? Too bad they couldn’t get a message about real issues from McBush or the trolls, nope, homophobia, racism, guns and God, they only thing they have to win any election in this country. The GOP needs to be banned, and, anyone associated with it jailed for treason.

  36. says

    “Mike and Ernie call Joe the Plumber a fraud? Really. Because he owes back taxes?”

    Um, no, he’s a fraud because the “Joe the Plumber” McCain was hoping in vain would turn his sinking campaign around bears little resemblance to the Samuel Wurzelbacher we’ve met since. Sam had every right to ask his question of Obama, but when McCain made it the centerpiece of his campaign, we and the press have the same right to question the veracity of the claim. The truth is Obama’s policies are better for Sam’s real life, whereas McCain’s policies (protecting the rich) might benefit his FANTASY life. What boggles the mind is the number of working class people who aren’t angry about socialism for the rich (what’s happened under Bush) but are furious at the idea of spreading the wealth their way. Shows how talk-radio can damage minds. Interestingly, working class folks in VT (my home state) generally love our Democratic socialist in Congress, Bernie Sanders, because they know he’s on their side.

  37. patrick nyc says

    Does anyone else see the resemblance to Jeff Gannon, the Gay male whore?

    Not to trash whores, I love them, but love them better if they have balls.

  38. ZapManNYC says

    Did anyone other than me notice that the McCain ad spelled “Everybody” incorrectly?

    It says “Everbody”.

    They are throwing this b.s. together faster than they can spell it!

  39. Brian says

    Sam the unlicensed plmber is a anti-tax cheapskate. He even hates social security. Guess he wants to see seniors eating dog and cat food again. Enough with Palin, Joe the plumber, and the other Republican wedge tactics. What is amazing is that so many people who think of themselves as “Christian,” object so much to the rich paying a tiny share more of their wealth to help the poor. What’s with that anyway? Christ hung out with the poor.

  40. Mike says

    LOL… too funny about “EVERBODY”… didn’t notice that until it was pointed out.

    Recommend everyone go out and rent or purchase John Carpenter’s movie: “THEY LIVE”. It hits too close to home…was true with the 1980’s and again during the last eight years. Funny how history keeps repeating itself…

    From wikipedia:
    Part science fiction thriller and part black comedy, the film echoed contemporary fears of a declining economy, within a culture of greed and conspicuous consumption common among Americans in the 1980s. In They Live, the ruling class within the monied elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of subliminal media advertising and the control of economic opportunity.

  41. BC says

    Yet again, wrong info. Joe the Plumber’s argument was that IF he buys his company, then his COMPANY will make more than 250K, leading to higher taxes. He NEVER claimed he made 250K right now. Now leave this guy alone and stick to the issues.

  42. Mike says

    The republicans are masters of mis-information. They have really mastered the Goebbels playbook. Repeat it enough, no matter how ridiculous and eventually people will believe it as fact. When cornered they’ll pull out some other fact, which is really unrelated to the matter at hand, which has a kernel of truth, and then somehow use it to justify their other crock of crap. It would be amusing if it weren’t so sad…

  43. Jason (A) says

    BC, do you have any idea how much revenue Sam would need to clear $250k in PROFIT?

    I’ll clear it up for you. It aint happening.

    Do people not understand how taxes work?

  44. Eric says

    I feel bad for Joe the Plumber because McCain essentially forced him into the spotlight during the debate.

    I’m glad someone pointed out that there is a difference between personal income and business income.

    And I can’t believe that people still believe in trickle down economics. Giving more money to the wealthy doesn’t encourage them to buy more. They already have enough money to buy the things they want. Allowing the middle class and the working class to keep more of their money does more for the economy because they’ll actually spend more.

  45. BC says

    And by the way, I live in Ohio…You only need a plumber’s license if you do COMMERCIAL work, not residential.
    Jason (A): his plan is to be able to hire workers, therefore making more profit. The bottom line really is that in this scenario, Obama said that Joe has to share the wealth with people who don’t work as hard as he does. I don’t want anyone else’s money. I want my own money. I want the money that I earn. In my job, I work DAILY with people who honestly believe that it is their right to sit at home and collect money from the government because they do not want to work a job. Part of my job is to convince them that this is not their right. People always think they are owed something in this country. I work with SEVERAL people who are voting for Obama because they will get a check from the government called a tax rebate, when they don’t even pay any taxes!! I am not owed anything. I work hard and I make money (and not a lot either). If I don’t work hard, I don’t make money.

  46. nic says


    JTP is the issue. he and mccain have made him an issue. JTP’s question to obama was a loaded question; it was not a hypothetical. have you not listened to the exchange? what is it you don’t get? he said, “i’m GETTING READY to buy a business that makes 250, 270, 280k per year. your plan will raise my taxes, won’t it (snark, snark)?

    never mind that the liar was just making shit up, if he would actually purchase the business he is “getting ready to buy”, under obama’s plan he would still get a better break than with mccain’s. i am getting so sick of the repugs and their underhanded tactics. aren’t they the party of morals and jesus? there is nothing xtian about the “mayberry machiavellians'” duplicity.

    while this charlatan, this jackass is getting a platform to espouse the right-wing b.s. and inveigh against “liberal” values and obama, the mcshame campaign is robocalling people misrepresenting (if not lying about)obama’s positions — the same practice that mccain deplored in 2000.

    john, john, john, once upon a time you were much more worthy of respect. what happened to you? joe the chump is almost as much a fabrication as reagan’s cadillac welfare mom was. the thing is that it seems that the public is finally waking up to the horse shit.

  47. Geoff says

    Its just sad thatthe real McCain is no where to be found. After he got mauled by the racists behind Bush in SC in 2000, the man who actually had prinicples has left the building. Now, its all about giving free rides to those like his wife, too much money and nothing else to offer society.

    That “plumber” what a fraud, he lived in the Phoenix area and had issues with his bills being paid, so, he is the last person to be the Average Joe, since most of us pay our bills on time and don’t have liens.

    Too bad the trolls here can’t actually go online and find out his polices and not have to let Limbaugh and Hannity tell them that the GOP is looking out for the little guy, if they were, this country would not be in the totall mess it is now.

  48. Jimmyboyo says


    (I am ashamed to share a similar name with you)

    The dude can’t buy the business. The dude makes only $40,000 a year and per CBS investigation, he finally admitted on camera that he would greatly benefit from Obama’s tax plan as vs mcshames

    The whole thing is a lie.

    -named sam
    -makes $40,000 a yr (getting a huge tax break from Obama plan)
    – the biz he supposedly wishes to buy only makes $100,000 a year total so gets a nice tax break under obama plan
    – isn’t licensed as a plumber
    – owes back taxes
    – registered repub
    – related to mcshame friend and criminal connection Charles keating

    It is the same old repub BS = create a hollywood narrative to dupe non rich people to vote repub. All they were missing was an actor like ronnie raygun, schwarzefreaker, and or thompsnooze

  49. Ernesto says

    “And by the way, I live in Ohio…You only need a plumber’s license if you do COMMERCIAL work, not residential.” – and your point is? The bottom line is he isn’t a plumber. Another instance of throwing out a fact which doesn’t mean anything, regardless of whether it’s true or not, to try to fortress an invalid assumption. So what if anyone can do “plumbing work” – that doesn’t make them a “plumber”. Just like if someone puts some wire in their house, it doesn’t make them an electrician. Unbelievable!

  50. Sharon says

    How silly and stupid are we getting as Democrats that we need to make STUPID accusations about Joe when Obama’s chief finance office for his campaign owes back taxes also??? And Since when does ANY candidate have to ‘vet’ the public opinion of citizens?????????? How incredibly stupid and silly are we getting??????? We are allowing the Daily Kooks crowd to smear the Democratic party with its stupid allegations and false accusations. Obama is pathetic for not speaking out against these far left loonies.

  51. Harry says

    Sharon, get back to me when McCain speaks out against the racists in his party and the desperate acts of the past couple of weeks, thanks, but, I won’t hold my breath since I’m sure you don’t find him or them “pathetic” :).

  52. Jimmyboyo says

    Sharon your post (including past posts) prove that you are not a democrat so stop with the fake dem concern trolling.


    Florida bros and sisters, Obama and Hillary Clinton are campaigning together tomorrow outside of Amway Arena (some free parking) Orlando FL at 6 p.m. eastern time.

    “The campaign has set up shuttle buses that will run from the Citrus Bowl to the arena beginning at 1 p.m. Monday.”

    Get there early in case it is anything like the 100,000 today in St Louis.

  53. 24play says

    For a Democrat, Sharon, you seem to read some awfully hard-right blogs, since those are the only media outlets that seem to be carrying the allegation that Obama’s campaign treasurer (not his “chief finance office”) Martin Nesbitt has liens against his property.

    But then, considering “Sharon” is not the only screen name you post under here at Towleroad, I imagine Sami’s dismissal of you as a troll is probably on the money.

  54. Bob R says

    BC, I too live in Ohio and you are required to have a plumbing license to work as a plumber in Ohio. Lucas County, where both Joe and his boss live requires a license to work as a plumber. Do a little better research, do not depend on the Republican, McCain Myspace page for your facts. Also, as a homeowner, there is no way in hell I would ever hire a plumber, electrician, carpenter, HVAC repairman or chimney sweep who was not both licensed and insured. If they screw up the job, or get hurt on your property, you have no recourse. Joe’s a fraud. McCain screwed up again and didn’t properly check this guys credentials. I hope he and his boss both get their asses burned by Lucas County and the State of Ohio.

  55. brian says

    As any first year law student knows, you NEVER introduce evidence to which you don’t know the answer.
    What made McCain bring this up?
    He THOUGHT he had an opportunity to embarrass Obama for a “spread the wealth” comment.
    Further investigation reveals a great deal more than he knew and becomes an embarrassment to McCain.
    If he planned to mention this guy at the debate, he should have asked the guy if he objected and had his staff check his bona fides.
    Also dear, please don’t use the term “we democrats” when it it’s so obviously disinformation.

  56. says

    Whoa! Remind me to never ask any candidate anything! Lord knows I’m no angel. Yikes! Bet JTP wishes he had never gotten up that day.

    I can’t wait for this election to be over (with a President Obama) because we seem to have lost our fucking minds.

    McCain had no problems with throwing this guy to the dogs to be ripped apart and we seem to be only too glad to eat him alive.

    Let’s concentrate on getting the vote out and stop getting distracted and worked up over this bullshit.

    Can’t we all get along?

  57. Good Luck With that says

    Wow, so if you dare to question the dear leader you will be investigated and smeared? Apparently we’re not really getting rid of the Bush thug tactics at all. We’re just perfecting them.

  58. BC says

    See, here’s the problem though. This guy is being attacked by liberals. He didn’t enter the arena, he was pulled in and now everyone is attacking him. This is what the far left (and far right, in all fairness) does. If you do not conform with the views, you are attacked. I am VERY moderate. I as of yet have not decided who I’m voting for. But I’ll say this – if this country is going to survive and thrive, we all better have at least respect for the next president, whoever it is. The countries that hate us see that we are a divided nation. It is not up to political leaders to bring us together. It is up to us to put differences aside as of Nov. 5th and have some decency and respect. The comments on this page do not reflect that. I know that I will respect either man that wins. Some of you on here will be determined to destroy this country if McCain wins. It is all very sad.

  59. hank says

    If you haven’t decided who you’re voting for by now, you’re a complete idiot. “Moderate” my ass.