Brandon Routh: Gay Relationships Just as Bitchy as Straight Ones


Superman and the Mac Guy get it on in Kevin Smith’s new film.

Newsweek asked Zack and Miri Make a Porno director Smith how he got Brandon Routh to play a gay porn star in the film.

But Routh doesn’t play one. He lays one. Replied Smith: “He’s the boyfriend of a gay porn star. That’s a key difference. I asked him, ‘Do you have some sort of morals clause in your contract, being that you play Superman?’ And he said, ‘What is this, 1940?'”

Routh talked about playing Long’s gay lover at the film’s premiere: “All my scenes were very tame playing with Justin but you know relationships are relationships no matter who they’re between. You fight, you bicker and it’s all the same.”

Justin looks a bit like Brandon’s mini-me.


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    I’m not one of them, but there are definitely people in West Hollywood who claim to have “gay relations” with Routh prior to being plucked from obscurity in Superman. He also once played gay on an episode of “Cold Case” before superman.

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    Remember, actors are not always the best sources for relationship info, no matter how adorable or gay-friendly. According to Dr. John “Love” Gottman at the Univ. of Washington, same-sex relationships are better at relating that opposite-sex ones:

    “’If you compared how a person presented a problem in same-sex relationships, they showed less belligerence, less domineering, less sadness, less whining and more affection, humor and joy,’ said Gottman. Partners were also less distressed and more positive after a disagreement.”

    Don’t let straight(ish) people spread lies about us!