1. Anonymous says

    And to think, before that sh*thead Bush and the Republicans took office, we had a surplus. Stunning… Elections matter. I wondered back in 2000 how much damage Bush could do — now we know. And people were stupid enough to reelect him in 2004… Simply stunning..

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Korn, he said the debt clock ran out of space for the huge number which represents the national debt. He said next year they will have a new board with more spaces, for presumably a larger debt.

  3. Chris says

    The situation is only sustainable because foreigners buy the debt.
    If they stop, things will turn bad quickly. To economize at that point, you could start using $100 bills as toilet paper, since each one will be worth less than a square of Charmin.

  4. FunMe says

    Every person who voted for bush is responsbile for this mess, too. The enabled him to do this when they help him steal the election twice.

    For loss of job, loss of house, loss of 401K value, loss of rights, loss of democracy … be STUPIDE again and vote for McBush.

    For hope and turn around of the economy, vote Obama/Biden!

    Once again:

  5. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Let’s not forget the Democrats who let the Repugnicans get away with it, over and over and even over the last two years, under Pelosi. We could have impeached him and Cheney, both, but Nooooooo — Impeachment was off the table.

  6. dean says

    The damage was done by the time impeachment even came up. Duuuuuuuuh…War mongering and a constant shift of policy towards favoring the cowboys, the corporations, and the oil barons did a whole hell of a lot of damage. Republicans should be going around apologizing to the rest of the country on a daily basis; instead, we have the rabid hockey bitch (and the old hothead “i was a POW!!) promising us change and reminding us how it important it is to send our kids to europe after they graduate college if only so they don’t turn out to be xenophobic morons like her.

  7. Jason says

    Yep, impeachment is off the table and now so is dinner for a lot of Americans. The bailout was a scam. Obama and McCain both pushed that shit. Tell me that Obama can do better? He voted for telecom immunity for spying on American citizens and now this bailout blunder of billions. Pelosi is a whore for Israel and does not give a shit about anyone on US soil. I’m voting for the Green party because I won’t be able to sleep at night if I throw away one more right to these lying sick bastard fucks.

  8. ruralarch says

    I am glad that piece of shurbery is out of office but the only hope i have is mccain/palin is in and mcain goes quickly and Palin at least will be something of fresh air. OBAM is going to screw the americanfarmer a new one and if you dare have had a the ambition and drive to WORK he is going to take half of what you make to give a check to bums on five gallon buckets waiting on a gov’t check. OBAMA needs to come clean and face it guys none of these folks running likes us or wants us to be married or have those rights or equality in the work force they only want to stroke us like a hook up and get our vote and leave us to suffer…FAce it folks.

  9. tom says

    Sadly, its a complex problem, and there is plenty of blame to go around which crosses party lines….it was a colossal policy and economic failure, on many fronts.

    The common ground, however, is that blame CAN be assigned to The ELITE….the elite politicians in Washington who aided and abbetted the ELITE financiers of Wall Street. Dating back to 1990, the year of the first, (and unnecessary bailout of LTCM), the two developed a symbiotic, (read co dependant relationship)…one needing and helping the other….and taking from the other…starting with campaign contributions in exchange for bailouts and the deregulation and dismantling of the 1934 act…it goes on and on….so much blame..and too many ELITE

  10. anon says

    I tend to think that we would have exchanged one set of serious problem with another had Al Gore won. He’s like the Nixon of the left. Bush was mostly a play-thing of his advisers and never really in command. Kerry was a bit more level-headed but obsessed with Vietnam like McCain.

  11. AERES says

    RAD – thats not exactly true. While after Clinton’s term we did have budget surpluses, we still had a national debt.

    The owners turned off the clock on 9/7/00 because the debt was finally be repaid as opposed to still accruing.

    They turned it back on 7/11/02 when it became clear the debt was growing again and repayments had stopped with the return to federal budget deficits.

  12. Jason says

    Yes, 24Play, McKinney. She’s the only one who has stood up and taken these people to task and questioned them about the missing trillions of dollars, 9-11, The Patriot Act. And they harassed her and mud slang her right out of office. If Congress was filled with more real people like her and not a bunch of corporate slaves and Bush yes men, like it is, we would not be in this mess. When they voted the bailout through America ceased to exist as a democracy. Plain and simple. A coup has taken place and you and I and every American has paid for it. I will vote my conscious even though I know there is no chance of McKinney winning. But I will know in my heart that I didn’t throw away my vote. And also, demand a paper ballot. DO NOT USE electronic voting machines. MCShame will win no doubt about it. Do your research on Sequoia and other election software. See who makes them and see how easily hackable they are. Look at the polling numbers after the last election vs the electronic vote tallies and tell me that something was not amiss. These are seriously scary times. The fact is that if Obama continues to spend on “war” and doesn’t repeal the Patriot Act, we are all cucumber fucked. Oh and by the way, Obama refuses to produce evidence that he was even born in the US. Search for yourself and you will see.

  13. Sam Cobb says

    Under Clinton we did not have a surplus… we had a BUDGET surplus (i.e., the yearly amount of government expenditures)… we still had a national debt, but it was only about 1/3 of what it is now.
    Bush intentionally destroyed the United States. He belongs to a very narrow wealthy group of people who know that destruction of the American money means that everyone will be poor and they can own everything. They are truly evil and should be treated as such.

  14. 24play says

    Oh, Jason, spouting those tired Republican talking points calling Obama’s birthplace into question? You really are a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist, aren’tcha?

    Obama produced his birth certificate ages ago. It’s been reproduced all over the media.

    And you do know that McCain, on the other hand, was born in Panama, right?

  15. Jason says

    Oh, 24, Rupublican? Did I not make it clear I am voting GREEN??? I know McCain was born in Panama as well and I think he should be qualified to run either. Like I said, I am NOT voting for either one. And conspiracy theories become much more credible when facts start to back up those theories. I said go search for yourself. Or are you just another stupid fucking ignorant credit hungry lazy American that drinks 6 diet Cokes everyday and can no longer form one single intelligent thought for yourself without being told what you want and what’s “real” by a corporate controlled media machine? There’s this thing called google you might want to check it out sometime…bitch.

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