Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg PROP 8: Biden on Ellen, Proud bigot family, Bev Hills fundraiser, New poll, big UPDATE.
road.jpg ‘Protect Marriage’ organization blackmailing businesses to support Prop 8.
road.jpg McCain on racist, Patriotic, and God-Loving Western Pennsylvania.
road.jpg UGLY: Obama ‘Husain’ ghost, self-mutilating McCain racist Ashley Todd.
road.jpg Obama’s massive St. Louis rally, inspirational speech in Richmond, Virginia.
road.jpg SNL: Tina Fey meets Sarah Palin. And so does Larry Flynt.
road.jpg Sarah Palin voices support for federal marriage amendment.
road.jpg Fashion icon Mr. Blackwell dies; an interview with Blackwell and his longtime partner.
road.jpg GOP Minnesota congressan Michelle Bachmann is a liar.
road.jpg Judge Judy marries Michael Feinstein and partner in gathering of older Hollywood.
road.jpg THE TUBE: Real Virginia, Single Lady, Chelsea Handler, Tim Gunn.
road.jpg In the spirit of the season: Barack O’Lanterns.
road.jpg Bear cub shot on NC campus and draped with Obama signs called a prank.
road.jpg X-Factor singer Austin Drage: I’m not gay.
road.jpg Cannibal murderer and former Mr. Gay UK is sentence, will cook from prison.
road.jpg Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey immortalized on needlepoint pillow.
road.jpg Tires slashed, early voters intimidated by McCain supporters in North Carolina.
road.jpg McCain defends ugly robocalls, calls Palin choice “a cold, political calculation.”
road.jpg Transgender L.A. Times sports writer Mike Penner/Christine Daniels reverses.
road.jpg Sarah Palin still doesn’t understand the job she’s running for; hammered on Hardball.
road.jpg Woman attempts citizen’s arrest of Karl Rove for treason.
road.jpg William Shatner calls George Takei sick and psychotic. Takei fires back.
road.jpg ‘Regular hockey mom’ Palin has $150,000 fashion budget, high-paid make-up artist.
road.jpg Sarah Palin to James Dobson: McCain will implement her positions.
road.jpg Two elderly gay men in Indianapolis slain in potential hate crime. Man sought.
road.jpg Please watch: an important message from Harvey Milk.
road.jpg Torchwood gone wild: John Barrowman and co-stars make out, drop pants.
road.jpg GOP State Senator Tom McClintock: gays don’t deserve marriage.
road.jpg Bette Midler stumps for Obama at gay nightclub in Las Vegas.
road.jpg Dead Austrian conservative’s lover was his spokesman and replacement.
road.jpg MUSIC: Sugababes, Levi Stubbs, Leon Jackson, Labelle, Beyoncé + Morrissey, Boy George.
road.jpg David Sedaris on the undecided voter: chicken, or platter of shit?
road.jpg College football: Chase Daniel’s Freudian slip.
road.jpg Anger management: McCain’s brother calls 911 about bad traffic.
road.jpg PLUS: Rachel Maddow, Fabian Hambuechen, Sting, Brandon Routh, Chace Crawford, Heath Ledger, Were the World Mine, Chad White, Maverick.

Posted October 25, 2008 at 3:05pm ETC by Andy Towle
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