1. Alex says

    I’m over being calm and logical about this shit.

    Sarah Palin, I hope you get a virulent case of anal warts coupled with chronic flatulence.

    The end.

  2. David D. says

    But remember, according to a number of the commenters on here, these posts shouldn’t appear as part of Andy’s blog because this election has nothing to do with being gay.

  3. Anonymous says

    This woman is stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid… I want the Republicans to go down with their right-wing nonsense. The GOP is the “Party of Stupid.”

  4. John M says

    “I’m not gonna be up there judging individuals, sitting in the seat of judgment telling them what they can and can’t do, should or shouldn’t do.”

    Constitutional amendments aren’t suggestions you bitch, by voting for and passing a federal marriage amendment you are telling people what they can and can’t do. And she does realize that gay couples have families now and will continue to have them though surrogates and adoption.

    Jesus I can’t stand this bitch.

    Oh and it takes a lot of balls to stand up there talking about family values and traditional marriage when you underage daughter is knocked up out of wedlock.

  5. John in Manhattan says

    Gotta love the logic of this cunt. She doesn’t want to judge individuals but supports a federal amendment banning their rights. November 4th can’t come fast enough.

  6. says

    “I’m not gonna be up there judging individuals, except to say that they shouldn’t have the rights I take for granted, and I’ll work to ensure it, because it’s what God wants, not me, doggone it.”

  7. says

    the fundamental problem i have with these people is that they actually BELIEVE that there is no judgement in their ‘values.’

    uggh it makes my blood boil.

  8. peterparker says

    I do believe I hate this woman more than I hate George W. Bush…and that is saying something!

    In my opinion, George W. Bush never actually believed the Federal Marriage Amendment would be a good thing…he just used it to get votes from ‘the base’. That was destructive enough, given that pandering to the homophobes contributes to the perception that it’s okay to discriminate and gay bash.

    But Palin seems honest when she advocates the Federal Marriage Amendment. I think she actually believes it would be a good thing for society to discriminate against homosexuals. She is far more frightening than Bush, in my view.

  9. peterparker says

    MEN-SAR…you aren’t gay, as you claim to be, because any gay person would know that we aren’t fighting for a right to a church wedding…we are fighting for the right to have a civil marriage, recognized by the state, which grants us all the legal protections and benefits accorded to heterosexual married couples. No one here is stupid enough to buy your shit. So go back to whatever right-wing, heterosexist, homophobic, “Christian” blog you came from and leave us alone.

  10. says

    I agree, I hate this woman so much that it’s become somewhat of a distration. I wake up in the morning and she is in my thought moments later.

    If she is not gone next month forever we are all in danger. I’m serious, she and her husband are very toxic people.

  11. busytimmy says

    Everybody calm down. Is this surprising? No. So instead of spending energy on hating, do something positive and help defeat prop. 8 in California, and the other hateful amendments in Arizona & Florida etc. Go to Equality CA1

  12. 24play says

    With the arrival of Men-Sar, we get to share in the virulent racism that permeates Queerty’s comment threads.

    How exciting!

  13. brainwashedfag says

    I think Men-Sar is gay …. and really bitter about it. We should pity the poor dude, there’s a lot a self-hate going on there.

    He’s like those Log Cabin boys, trying so hard to get on the good sides of the straight guys who used to beat up on them in Jr Hi and HS …. sorry Men-Sar, they might let you into the clubhouse every now and then, but they’ll never let you join the club.

  14. B says

    Men-Sar… you are a closeted homo. It’s clear you loathe yourself… go on craigslist where you belong and keep living on the down-low.

  15. Luke says

    From someone who looks like she has a stripper pole in he basement to get her freak on, this hateful woman is too much. All the issues facing this country and all these Republithugs have is this silly marriage trash to spew, as if its working for them. I guess they are fearful that the glbt communities will do what they can’t, get married once and stay with the person.

    I wonder how those Log Cabin churls, who think that they are staright folks in gay bodies, will respond to this, give her a pass as usual for her hateful rethortic. And, even scarier is this woman has a good chance of running the show if McShame keels over, which judging from how bad he looks might happen.

  16. dbzeag says

    Just a quick comment, busytimmy. If she gets in and McCain dies, leaving her in charge, that federal amendment would trump the whatever the state decides. It wouldn’t matter if Prop 8 fails or passes if the Fed amendment passes.

  17. Ty says

    Palin is an uninformed twat. We have a marriage ammendment in Arizona and it is funded by Focus on the Family, and other out of state Christian organizations, so it is not “the people of Alaska” It is the churches against the gays. All churches should be taxed from now on since they have chosen to start this war.

  18. scientitian says

    Right…making babies is important right now, why? If you haven’t noticed, the human population has become so insanely huge we now threaten our own existance. The world needs to start thanking those people who can’t/won’t have children or choose to adopt, cuz if there’s one thing we have an oversupply of, it’s people.
    That’s said – why the hell are you here? You certainly aren’t displaying any deep knowledge of the issues and you’re just making a horrible embarassment of yourself.

  19. Joel says

    I’m all for letting people have their say in blog comments, but do we really need this troll? He’s not adding anything to the discussion.

  20. Ty says

    MenSar- Go find a dick for your shitter, and while your at it, shit inside of your mouth and add some whipped cream (Chocolate Sundae)

  21. anon says

    Nothing new here. Is anyone shocked by this? There is a sense of exaggeration in her argument (and by all FMA supporters) that traditional marriage is going to suffer from gay marriage. The exaggeration is for effect, as they are trying to defend the privileged position of marriage in society relative to being single rather than prevent it from going away altogether. It’s debatable that traditional marriage will lose its luster (divorce and remarriage doesn’t help either), but they should be more honest when they are essentially making selfish arguments.

  22. brainwashedfag says

    mensar is a kooky little trip, isn’t he?

    what’s wrong buddy? the double-wide getting you down? Fox News the only channel they play down at county lock-up?

    come on, fess up … something’s got your panties twisted-up

  23. nic says

    if MEN-SAR is indeed gay, he should put a bullet through his head. if he is a straight guy posting idiotic comments on a gay blog, he should put a bullet through his head. it’s a win-win.

  24. Darren says

    Now, this.. is truly pathetic.

    Let’s go there. Let’s discuss all the issues, shall we?

    We’ve had 8 years of Republican rule, and McCain has voted for the majority of Bush, jr’s reign alongside his party lines and president, so the self-labeled maverick title is misleading.

    What have we had over the last 8 years?

    A squandering of our image as a world power. The rest of the world hates the US now, and I lay that square at W’s policies.

    A lost war in Afghanistan that we’ve all forgotten so much that the Taliban are making a comeback. They should be gone, but we’ve sent our troops elsewhere to protect oil.

    While we found Sadaam, we have still not located Osama bin Laden, you know, the man whose organization is responsible for 9/11 as far as we all know.

    Gay conservative, “call boys” infiltrating the White House press corps to lob softball questions to Bush.

    Two Republicans (Foley and Craig) caught in sex scandals, one no longer in office, one still in.

    The absolute and inexpliciable ineptitude of the Federal government in reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the basic loss of New Orleans. FEMA should be staffed by professionals in crisis management, not cronies who have no clue what they are doing.

    Halliburton’s profits soared.

    Cheney shot a man, in the face.

    The housing bubble has been set to burst for years now, and when it does thanks to banking greed the GOP, the party of fiscal conservancy, acts surprised.

    We are spending a ton of $ in Iraq, yet we can’t spend money here on our own infrastructure, schools, job programs.

    When our current president speaks, it as if I am watching a high school sophomore speak at his first oral report. Gaffes are expected, no one is perfect. Incompetency at the highest levels should not be tolerated. I should not feel as if I am smarter than my President.

    The economics of deregulation do not work. Greed takes over. CEOs are leaving companies with their golden parachutes and their working grunts are left with paltry unemployment benefits that my taxes are helping to pay.

    Gas is still outrageous and oil companies are making record profits. RECORD. Price gouging is still legal apparently.

    Now, based on all of that has occurred above, I as a gay man can look myself in the mirror and vote Democrat this year because 4 more years of 90% of the above is not acceptable to me.

    Please note, that’s without bringing the gay aspect into it.

    But I will say this..

    Men-Sar.. we have had it with self-hating gay men if that’s what you are. I have a feeling you are just another straight man dealing with your internal homophobia because what you really want is to have a trucker hold you up by the ankles and give you are really damn good time.

    And we are equal. The law just hasn’t caught up to that fact yet. But it will. I have faith in that.

    But, you just sit there and stew in your own juices, because you sir, are a relic of a dying age, and the sooner you either adapt to new times or shuffle off the mortal coil, the better we all will be.

  25. Chris says

    “think about it…we cant produce any children so how are we as valuable as straights? you lot make me so fucking angry its not funny”

    Says everything. And why should anybody be taken seriously who claims everybody else is brainwashed? Probably homeschooled.

  26. says

    Men-sar, you’re pretty funny! When do you open at The Improv in Branson? Are you gonna be on the “Gawd Hates Fags” Phelps tour? I am really looking forward to your rips on self hatred.

    Funniest thing is, if you’re gay, you really hate the fact that you love dick (I bet you have a special thing for black cock, no?).

    And if you’re straight, you somehow managed to find a pretty hard to find GAY site (Towleroad doesn’t exactly pop up first when you put in “Black GangBang 14″)which tells me you’re a self hating straight guy.

    Wow, either way, you’re fucked. But, totally not in a guilt ridden wipe your face with that kleenex in your pocket and get out of the booth sort of way.


  27. KFLO says

    MEN-SAR should drown himself in his own ignorance. The world would be a much better place.

    As for “gays are not meant for marriage, get over it” – what exactly are the states of Mass, Conn, and Cali doing? and the numerous countries around the world? You’re pathetic.

  28. noah says

    Jeez, “Men-sar” says that “gays will never be equal to straights” and that “we should get used to it.” Dude also says that we are “brainwashed” “faggots.”

    Where to begin! This guy is THE poster child for self-hating homosexuals. Talk about being “brainwashed”! Hello, gay folks are not by their nature second class nor is it impossible for them to have children. That said, plenty of straight people are infertile and marry. They adopt. They use surrogate parents. Gee, just like gay people!

    Newsflash: when you look at gay people from a scientific standpoint, we fit quite nicely! If that were not the case, “Men-sar” then gay people would not be here! Evolution would have weeded us out. Instead, gay people are born day after day.

    WE, THE GAY, LESBIANS, BI, AND TRANS ARE WRITTEN INTO THE DNA OF HUMANITY! Whether there is a gene or in utero trigger, we are here because nature wants us to be here.

    What everyone should learn from “Men-sar” is just how pathetic many gay Republicans are in their hatred and ignorance.

    This idiot has no understanding that we live in a republican, liberal democracy. That means are Constitution and government were designed with checks and balances to prevent a tyranny of the majority. Thus, the overwhelming sentiments of the majority, when in mob mindset, have checks in place: Representational democracy!

    The scary thing about “Men-sar” is wondering what kind of abusive childhood he might have had to beat him into such self-hatred and hatred of others that he would expect gays to believe themselves inherently unequal.


    As for Sarah Palin, hello? Did we really expect anything else? Look, I’ve said this before, for the most part, Republicans are the enemy. There may be a few who aren’t homophobic or racist, but as a party, their platform is either explicitly or implicitly anti-gay or anti-brown folks.

    When the timing is right, as with Obama, they pull out subtle or directly racist attack strategies. Now the timing is right to start tossing out anti-gay hate to get the fundies, mormons, and evangelicals, and other bigots to the polls.

    If you are a gay Republican, my words should offend you because you deserve to be offended. You align yourself with people who want to permanently make GLBT Americans third class citizens! You want to pretend that you are welcome at the table. Sure, you’re welcome at the GOP table as servants.

    Quick can you name any openly gay people who serve in an honored, high-level position in the GOP who are active in major elections? The star of the GOP, Sarah Palin, believes you are deserving of forever being second rate.

    Yeah, you can spin it that Obama and Biden are not for gay marriage. But reality check, neither is for such an amendment and both are for FULL EQUALITY of marriage rights assigned to civil unions. That also means killing DOMA.

    And, behind the curtain, it’s pretty sure that Obama would appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn any prohibitions.

  29. Strepsi says

    to MEN-SAR re: “gays will never be equal! think about it…we cant produce any children so how are we as valuable as straights?”

    We do reproduce. We use heterosexuals as womb-shells to produce the next generation of our species.

    Our propaganda efforts have convinced many religious straight people not to use contraceptives, thus ensuring the next generation of homosexuals to further our agenda. We have also convinced many religions to be against abortion, thus helping us be born. As long as we have human beings as our breeder-sheep, it is not long now before we infiltrate all levels of your planet for the final takeover.

    Earth will soon be ours – we already have Uranus.

  30. Derrick from Philly says

    Sarah Palin was a joke seven weeks ago, and she is a joke today.

    MEN-SAR, what are you going to do on November 5th when they start using “President Elect Obama”? Better prepare for it ’cause it’s coming.

  31. says

    Strepsi is funny! I bet somewhere there’s a right wing kook who who now has a new talking point! Brava! LOL!

    Ok, whether or not you care about homos getting married, the simple fact is this, marriage is a legal contract. Always has been. Once that contract is recognized as legal certain benefits come with it. Lower taxes, spousal rights, inheritance issues, health care benefits, etc..

    Somewhere along the line marriage was highjacked by religious institutions. It became an ceremony where the two legal partners were blessed by the religious figure of their choice. No problem there. The problem is that the legal and the religious have nothing to do with one another.

    In Russia, as an example, couples get legally married at the court house. If they want they then go over to a church to have their union blessed. Pretty simple. This is the method all over a good portion of the world. If a couple wants to have their union blessed, hoorah! If not, let’s hit a Cantina and down some body shots!

    This marriage thing is not about your morals vs mine. It’s about being treated equally in the eyes of the law. If I can’t marry my boyfriend then I can’t avail myself to any of those benefits that married couples enjoy. That would be unfair. The America of the republican party is supposed to be all about fairness. Isn’t it?

  32. Tom K. says

    “I’m not gonna be up there judging individuals, sitting in the seat of judgment telling them what they can and can’t do, should or shouldn’t do.”

    Which of course is exactly what she is saying she would like to do. If politicians are going to contradict themselves, they should be a little more sly about it and not do it within 30 seconds.

    This is the point about Republicans that sticks in my craw: they say they want a smaller government with fewer regulations (“we want to keep government out of your lives,” they say), but then try to regulate personal matters. Why can’t they understand that civil marriage, or even marriage in an accepting religious congregation, does not threaten their marriages and their belief systems whatsoever. People all over the world who are not conservative Christians, who are not Christian at all, get married all the time. Why don’t those marriages threaten “traditional” marriages, i.e., conservative Christian marriages? Why can’t politicians just let this go.

    I may have been critical of Barack Obama throughout this campaign, which is certainly my right, but I do hope if he makes it to the White House that he take immediate steps with the House and Senate to end discrimination against gay, lesbian, and trans people. If he does it early enough in his administration, it will have less chance of hurting him in a re-election bid, and he will always be remembered as a civil rights champion. Marriage might have to wait for a second term, but I want that on the federal level, too.

    If you haven’t given money to NO on 8 (even if you don’t live in California), give today. I’m going to. I heard some scary stories from a friend who had been visiting family in the central valley recently. Apparently, every other commercial is a Yes on 8 spot. Does anyone here have pull with the California Dem/Obama office? I don’t imagine they have a huge operation going on, since CA is so strongly blue, but I imagine they’ve got phone banks set up to call people in swing states. Are they focusing at least part of their time on the No on 8 drive?

  33. says

    McCain is more of a joke now. If you run for president you get a VP that is consistent with your views.

    My McCain sign is in the trash. McCain is not going to win California, if we were going by popular vote instead of electoral college, I would of voted for someone else.

  34. says

    Could the GOP be ANY more clear?

    Gays are SUB-Americans; but they’ll still take your taxes.

    Are we going to whine about this 30 more years, or will the LGBTI Community FINALLY develop a modicum of self-respect and stand up for what we deserve as human beings? Or is SUB-American “OK”?

  35. Tom K. says

    Derek Washington is absolutely correct. Despite the incessant historical revisionism surrounding marriage, for civilized people it had been primarily a contractual arrangement until very recent times.

    According to Wikipedia this changed when in “the early modern period, John Calvin and his Protestant colleagues reformulated Christian marriage by enacting the Marriage Ordinance of Geneva, which imposed “The dual requirements of state registration and church consecration to constitute marriage” for recognition.”

    Perhaps there’s an argument here that founding our current civil marriage laws on these centuries-old, religious European laws is a violation of the separation of Church and State.

  36. noah says

    Look, it’s perfectly find to be critical of Obama and hold him to his promises. That’s what the folks at Daily Kos and do all the time. We should be no different.

    However, the truth is that Palin & McCain folks have no place for gays other than as Uncle Toms and mammies. We aren’t real human beings to them. We here it directly from Palin, freaks like Men-sar, and the supposedly reputable Log Cabin Republicans.

    I object to the Republicans because not only are they representative of racism, homophobia but also the sleaziest worst elements of American society. They are for greed, selfishness, and hypocrisy. They wrap themselves in the flag but when soldiers come home from wars they cut their benefits. When Americans suffer economic or health issues, the Republicans talk a game of personal responsibility but as soon as things get tough for them, they have their hands out for state and federal welfare for billions of dollars of tax cuts and tax credits:

    Hey, little town! Do you want a new factory? Give us tax breaks! We’ll move in. Oh, the tax breaks are over? Time for us to move to the next city. This is what Nissan did in California.

    Look at the talk about “identity politics” and “the politics of victimhood.” Uh, what about this crap about “people of faith” suffering at the hands of gays, or the statistically false demonization of Affirmative Action. For the GOP and its followers, there’s always someone else to blame.

    Teen pregnancy? It’s the fault of the evil liberals teaching contraceptives? What? The rates of teen pregnancy are higher in areas that teach abstinence only?

    Bristol Palin is a pregnant teen? Celebrate the pro-life decision! Some brown kid is pregnant, and she’s an irresponsible slut who should have her tubes died.

    Rules exist for us but not for us.

  37. Jimmyboyo says

    Andy must have deleted men-sar because on my screen i see all of you guys responding to a non existent men-sar whatever. Damn, I missed out on seeing a real live neanderthal. :-(

    Derrick from Philly

    “president elect Obama” is already reality dude!!!!! it isn’t even a question about him winning anymore, it is by how much. Just a win or a landslide win with coat tails dragging in a filibuster proof majority in the senate.

  38. says

    Noah, KUDOS!
    JimmyBoyo, don’t get “COCKY” we aint there yet. I think it will be a landslide too but we need to go into this thinking we might lose so no one gets complacent

    If you’re in Vegas go see Bette Midler tonite at 6pm! She’s at Krave. I can’t wait!

  39. Bobby says

    I hope the goddamned Log Cabin Republicans support her and this campaign and end up supporting themselves out of existence. It seems that’s what they want anyway.