Spain’s Gays and Lesbians Irked by Queen’s Remarks on Marriage

Remarks about gays and lesbians from a new biography of Queen Sofia of Spain, leaked to the newspaper El País, have angered gay groups, baffled by the sudden and “unprecedented” commentary from the palace on social issues.

SofiaOf Gay Pride, the Queen says: “I can understand, accept and respect that there are people of other sexual tendencies, but should they be proud to be gay? Should they ride on a parade float and come out in protests? If all of those who aren’t gay came out to protest we would halt traffic.”

On marriage equality, she adds: “If those people want to live together, dress up like bride and groom and marry, they could have a right to do so, or not, depending on the law of their country, but they should not call this matrimony, because it isn’t. There are many possible names: social contract, social union.”

Said Antonio Poveda, head of FELGTB (the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals of Spain): “It is unprecedented that the palace, which usually never comments on social issues, now has to vent about one group of citizens who have been discriminated against in the past.”

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Spain in 2005.


  1. says

    Someone was not doing thier job properly. Regardless of the Queen point of view, she and the King are figure heads who represnt all Spanards. As such they have forfited any right to actually have an opinion, at least in public.

    In Europe royalty either gave up the right to interfere in politics, or they gave up thier lives.

  2. dave says

    Of course, I’m sure “Her Majesty” also believes other fairy tales such as God having made her and her family royalty.

    She seems extraordinarily poorly informed for a person of her probable educational background: “but should they be proud to be gay?”.

    We are not proud to simply be gay; lots of people are gay. We are proud to publicly say we are gay and celebrate that fact.

  3. Leland Frances says

    Remarkably similar comments from another who would LIKE to have been Queen:

    “It is appalling to see parades in San Francisco and elsewhere claiming ‘gay pride’ and all that. What in the world do they have to be proud of?” – Nancy Reagan, Boston Globe, 1981.

  4. Mark in NYC says

    Oooh, not a good idea to piss off hairdressers and make-up artists when you’re a Spanish royal. They’re not the prettiest gene pool in the EU.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    Correction: “Same-Sex Marriage” was not legalized in Spain in 2005, Civil Marriage equality was. The Law of Spain does not have a “Same-Sex Marriage” nor a “Gay-Marriage” law. It has a marriage law. (I’ll change this debate to marriage if it’s the last thing I do!)

  6. Juanito says

    Leland Francis’ got THAT right. Queen Sofia and her bug-eyed husband have managed to produce the two ugliest princesses in Europe (one of whom married a gay guy too!). I’d love to see her two daughters try to apply all that spackle to their faces themselves.

  7. BCM says

    Dona Sofia and Don Juan Carlos all but got into bed with Genearl Franco, so you can hardly expect anyone, much less someone whose Mother was in the Hitler Youth of having modern views. She most likely also believes in the divine right of kings.
    All of her maternal uncles, who were German princes were Nazi officers. Sargon and Leland are both right, the only good thing is that she is not Queen of our country

  8. Joseph says

    It astonishes me that there are some nations that still have royalty, even as just a figurehead, in 2008. I mean, that’s just totally crazy to me. I don’t expect you to take them out and chop their heads off, but can’t the legislatures pass a law saying, in effect, the royalty is no more…?

  9. Mike says

    Considering that her son, The Prince of Asturias, has been rumoured to, um, shall we say “swing”, it is remarkable the Her Majesty would make such idiotic comments. But, she IS a devout Catholic and rumoured to be a “Maiden” in Opus Dei so it should not come as any surprise. Pero creo que su Majestia Real se debe callar!

  10. Mike says

    Considering that her son, The Prince of Asturias, has been rumoured to, um, shall we say “swing”, it is remarkable the Her Majesty would make such idiotic comments. But, she IS a devout Catholic and rumoured to be a “Maiden” in Opus Dei so it should not come as any surprise. Pero creo que su Majestia Real se debe callar!

  11. Neil Eddinger says

    What’s wrong with chopping her head off? The guillotine was invented precisely for people like Queen Sofia. Make it a day off from work and pack a picnic.

  12. RA_Dallas says

    I presume that Queen Sofia is lashing out at the Duke of Asturias, her son-in-law. The Duke recently separated from the Queen’s daughter la Infanta Elena Maria. The Duke suffered a stroke and supposedly his personality changed drastically. There have been longtime rumors that he is homosexual. After his stroke the Duke apparently decided to completely concentrate on the fashion world and lives for fashion shows and designers. Perhaps that’s why the Queen is now spouting out about gay marriage.

  13. says


    Royalty in places like Spain and Britain serves more as a uniting social contract that binds a divided country under a recognizable national symbol. In Spain’s case, the many regions (which have distinct histories and, in most cases, languages and cultures) are in theory, united by the sovereign. Even though some of those regions would rather not be.

    The important thing to remember about Sofia is that she is not Spanish, she’s Greek. She married the heir to the Spanish throne. So her views probably mean precious little to the average Spaniard.

  14. BCM says

    Joseph’s comments were interesting. I watched an english interview of him in 1992 and he definitely pinged gay for me.

  15. greg says

    this woman is a great person what she has had to defend it was not easy for them to come back to the throne of spain. And i respect what she has had to deal with to defend a family that stays to gether

  16. anon says

    They can’t end royalty soon enough in Europe, but Juan Carlos did the right thing way-way back when he put an end to fascism and allowed Spain to become the modern country it is today. It’s been a remarkable turn-around. However, they are rather old-school and from another era themselves. Being symbols themselves, I’m shocked they take the term “gay pride” literally. Someone needs to whisper in their ears that the term is a catch-all for a lot of issues.

  17. Caligula says

    Sofia is the our queen first. Being Greek and coming from a royalist family, I have grown to love and adore her. I have known her as a child growing up in Athens and have never heard her say anything like this before. She says things that anyone of her age group would say, as well as someone who is royal. Coming from such a family myself, its all about class for her and others. A gay pride parade is just not classy in her circles and I would have to agree with her. Bashing her helps nobodys cause, especially in the US. You lost the prop 8 in California and two other states. Sofia had nothing to do with that. Pay attention to your own country and put as much passion into your issues and perhaps you could win such elections next time. Gia sas, ZHTO H ELLAS KE TIN VASILIKI HORA.

  18. Neil Eddinger says

    Royalty and religion have no place in the modern world. As for a bigoted parasite like Queen Sofia, she should be offered a choice between getting an honest job or putting her ugly head on the block!