1. says

    he is working (out) hard to try to show that he can crossover to mainstream adult-targeted films. And it shows. His body is hot, but his face still doesn’t do it for me.

  2. Matty says

    He’s so overrated, mainly do to the media hyping him up like he’s something special…which he’s not. Far better looking and talented guys out there.

  3. jerzeeMike says

    Hmm, I think I’ll hold off judgement until his HSM days are over. I want to see if he makes the same daring career moves that Johnny Depp, and more recently Daniel Radcliffe have made. This kid could blow up into a surprising star once he’s paid his dues and works off the fluff. Then again, he might just be the next Cory Haim!

  4. Fortunato says

    Hey Guys, cut him some slack. We live in a world where thin, hairless, and white is in. If you disagree hit on some dudes who don’t fit the profile when you go on manhunt or to a club.

  5. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    I prefer men, not boiz, but the fact is — whether you like him or not he’s a success in a business that’s hard as hell to get ahead in, even if you are young and pretty. I hope he does keep doing well.

  6. RS says

    I, too, would like him to do a “Daniel Radcliffe” and do a risky — I mean, risque — nude scene to help transition to adult roles. Otherwise he’ll play a teenager for the next decade.

  7. donsnyc says

    I really don’t get his appeal. He looks like a girl to me. He has such a girly face. To each his own I guess.

  8. robert says

    Please tell me where I can find a gym with a shower like that!
    As sexy as Zac is, the thought of using a shower like that with
    four random guys from the gym is far hotter. My Sports Club
    gym has boring private shower stalls. I want a gym with a
    shower stalk like the one in the photos.

  9. Soraia "Miss Efron" says

    Ai que fofo ele esta a tomar banho *.*
    Posso ir ter contigo??? LoooL
    I’m kidding :) xoxo
    Já agora eu sou Portuguesa :)