How Brandon Routh Decided to Go Gay


Director Kevin Smith talks to the L.A. Times about how it came about that the actor who played Superman agreed to play the “hen-pecked” lover to Justin Long’s flamboyant gay porn star in Smith’s new film Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Brandon_justinSays Smith: “On paper, it’s a thankless role. He’s the straight man, the set-up guy…He’s a straight man playing a gay guy who’s pretending to be a straight guy in that weird ‘Victor Victoria’ way. But Brandon found a way to play him like a hen-pecked husband in a gay marriage who’s still not quite living out loud. He’s so funny. He found a way to make it more comedic than it was on the page without changing a word.”

According to the L.A. Times, Smith surmised that Routh used the role to upend his public persona –- and also take a poke at all those rumors about his sexual orientation that apparently came from having worked with Singer, who is openly gay.”

Adds Smith: “I think he saw this as the chance to make fun of the fact that people assume he must be gay because he worked with Bryan Singer or something like that. He embraced it. He ran with it.”

Smith recently told Newsweek about Routh’s reaction to the request: “I asked him, ‘Do you have some sort of morals clause in your contract, being that you play Superman?’ And he said, ‘What is this, 1940?'”

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  1. says

    He played gay in an episode of Cold Case called “A Time to Hate” it is the most moving hour of TV i’ve ever seen.

    I also think the rumors came because there are men in LA who swear to have hooked up with him pre-Superman, not because Bryan Singer is gay. Bryan has worked with tons of actors and not all of them have gay rumors. How preposterous is that logic?

  2. rich says

    Am I the only one who thinks that these two would never really make a couple? I’ve just never seen guys who look like Superman go after guys who look like Jason. and then to play the tall good looking one as henpecked? (which for gay men, btw is called “dick-slapped”)

    I dunno, maybe just believable enough for this kind of comedy aimed at straights?

  3. noah says


    You’re wrong. The rumors were about his getting the job of Superman/Clark Kent via the casting couch.

    Sadly, a LOT of gay media decided to sh@t all over Singer and Routh by reporting on the rumors and then bringing up ridiculous questions about whether “Superman is gay.”

    The whole thing showed how pathetic the gay media can be. Instead of supporting the fact that Singer had been selected as an openly gay man to direct a $200 million movie about an American icon, the gay press had to make it about sex.

    That whole episode demonstrated how much stupidity and self-hate masking as “gay culture” exists. The best comparison to Singer’s achievement would be if an African-American male director got the chance to direct a huge picture about Wonder Woman for the first time and African-American media decided to question if the white actress playing Wonder Woman got her role by sleeping with the guy.

    It wouldn’t happen. The emphasis in the African-American community would be about the success, the firsts, and avoiding something that might damage the director’s career or the chance for others to follow.

    Unfortunately, the idiots in the gay media, magazines and blogs, were too stupid to think. While the movie itself was just okay, it’s box office was hurt by the gay sex rumors. Singer’s career was hurt.

  4. banjiboi says

    Don’t know what the big deal is. Check this out:

    “Still, (Christopher) Reeve spent years trying to avoid being typecast in the film industry and took on roles far outside the superhero realm. In 1980, he played a gay, crippled Vietnam veteran in the Broadway play “Fifth of July.” He also portrayed a gay aspiring playwright in the 1982 thriller flick “Deathtrap.”

    – MTV News

    Interesting, no?

  5. Ty says

    Noah- Who cares? The teens don’t care about gay or straight anymore, when a guy is good looking he is always assumed gay, because that’s why men screw each other, due to overwhelming hotness, it’s no big woop.
    Where is this “gay media” you are talking about?
    Not everyone is repulsed by gay roumers like you !!!

  6. Matty says

    I agree with Noah, how are we to be taken serious when so many in the gay media approach everything with a stereotypical, bitchy, catty, synical, gossip queen mentality.

    Whether or not Routh and Singer had a fling is their business, casting couches have been around since the first camera rolled and that type of news is hardly interesting or shocking anymore.

    Instead of focusing on sex, gossip and trying to out everyone like they usually do, the gay media should’ve showcased one of their own in a positive light and pointed out how Singer beat out many well known and respected straight Hollywood directors and was given a much sought-after, multi-million dollar, mainstream project which he made his own. Instead, they turned it into a bitchy gossip fest, proving that in many ways, we as a community, still have a long way to go.

  7. says


    I do not agree with you. First, your statements make it sound like Bryan Singer being picked to direct Superman was a huge break in his career – something it was not. He was already one of Hollywood’s highest paid directors working on the highest profile projects.

    The trouble that Chris Reeve had getting work after Superman is that because unlike any other superhero character that has been played yet, Superman is the only one in their super costume with his face still showing. You never actually see Tobey Maguire as Spiderman or Christian Bale as Batman. Their costumes have masks. That is why Josh Harnett was the first actor to turn the role down. Then he turned it down again for an even larger sum of money. Then Paul Walker turned down the role and they determined they would need an obscure actor to actually accept the role.

    I know Singer, and I know his work and he is no stranger to employing his friends and his flings. His boyfriend at the time of shooting has a little role in X2. It is completely possible that he and Routh had a thing, even though more likely that he ust wanted to have a fling with Routh.

    I also know people who personally claim to have had sex with Routh (I havent so who knows if it is true or not…) but I am certain that in Holywood circles this is where the rumor began.

    and GAVIN – that was a good epidsode but this one was about a baseball player at a Philly college who went to a gay bar and was beaten to death by crooked cops during a raid. Routh played the lead’s boyfriend.

  8. nic says

    one question: does Routh go south on the Mac guy?

    i don’t know why, but i prefer jason over brandon. and i would make a snarky comment about how white those names are, but i have nephews named jason, brandon, erick, jake, and sam.

  9. mike says

    Roumers, rumers, roomers. Actually, it’s rumors. Unless you’re Brit, then it’s rumours. And, actually, who cares or should care if Actor X is “gay” or not? When do we move beyond the labels? And I agree with Matty. It seems that the “gay media” needs to check itself and get real. Its tired, Boys in the Band bitchiness is tiresome and gets on that one last nerve I still have left.

  10. Jake Marshall says

    Jews run Hollywood. Jews love being gay. Jews think gay is cool, not the disgusting abomination that it really is. Anyone in Hollywood will sleep with ANYONE else in Hollywood to get ahead. There is no gay or straight in Hollywood. It’s just about sex. Gays want everyone else to be gay, and luckily, in Hollywood, maybe they can have that for a night, or for a role in a film. Why the controversy? Everyone fucks everyone else in Hollywood, gay or straight. Big deal. They either repent and find Jesus, or they go to hell. End of story. C’est la vie. It’s a choice. Gay sex is a personal choice, and all choices have consequences. Deal with it.

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