Towleroad Guide to the Tube #382

ARKANSAS GAY ADOPTION BAN: Bill Clinton has been speaking out against Arkansas Initiated Act 1, the ban on unmarried couple adoption and foster parenting, while on the campaign trail. This is Arkansas Families First‘s commercial encouraging voters to vote no on Act 1.

EDUARDO VERASTEGUI: The Mexican-American film star has been campaigning for the anti-gay bigots of Yes on 8.

GRACE JONES: The legend appeared on the UK’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week. Part two is here.

I WILL: Faces of the Democratic National Convention.

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  1. Silverskreen says

    Hijo de su puta madre!!

    That psa in Spanish is worse than the ones in English! The mother f#$&@*!


    ” Hi, I’m (piece of shit) and I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to vote for proposition 8. As a Latino man, who’s very proud of his community, I feel a calling to stand up for traditional marriage between one man and one woman. I don’t think there’s a bigger gift for our children than to provide them with a home that is full of love, next to their mother and father. Vote yes on proposition 8″

    Womans Voice: ” Protect our children and marriage…” be a bigot.

  2. peterparker says

    I believe MAX said. Verastegui’s profile at says “After rediscovering his faith, he decided to practice abstinence until he is married.”

  3. rudy says

    Claro que si! Eduardito is a self-loathing gay man who is desperately trying to pray the gay away. Unfortunately, the cholas would never believe he is a maricon so they will believe his bigoted statements. The the good thing, however, is that few of the cholas will get off their asses to vote.

  4. the countess de cooch says

    ah la jones is queen momma baby… as for eduardo… i don’t want to marry you baby, but i’ll take him with an extra order of salsa please… yummy ain’t he?

  5. Ventura79 says

    wow!!! I can’t believe Eduardo’s PSA! This after he portrays a man who raises by himself a little girl who isn’t his on his last movie Bella!!!! Hypocrit!!! as a Hispanic man, I’m ashamed of people in my own community that work in the gayest industry and who have benefited from the adoration of the gay community in one form or another, have such stupid ideas !
    This man without his looks would be nothing, might as well be a white straight republican for all I know!!! Shame on him!!!!

  6. Cristián says

    Eduardito, qué vergüenza y qué deshonra para la comunidad latina. Ni siquiera te escribieron un script con argumentos sólidos, inteligentes, y convincentes para sostener esa posición, y encima te salió con menos credibilidad actoral que la de un integrante de elenco de reparto de “RBD”.
    Lamentable que siendo un supuesto artista, te pongas en envidencia con una mentalidad tan obtusa, poco progresista y quedada en el tiempo.

  7. noah says


    I think you missed the point of “Bella,” it’s an anti-abortion movie. Get it? This is all part of the same Right-wing political agenda that the actor has.

  8. ventura79 says

    I guess was referring to the fact that in the movie he is raising a child on his own, and on the PSA he is preaching the sanctity of having a child being raised by one father AND one mother, but ur right it’s all part of the same hating small minded right winged agenda.
    And now that I remember , I fell asleep during parts of “bella” snore! I hope Eduardo gets caught in a public restroom in a lewd act like so many other closeted Republicans!!!!

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