Towleroad Guide to the Tube #383

PROMISE: Elizabeth Dole’s disgusting attack ad on Democrat Kay Hagan.

WOLF BLITZER: Does McCain need an assist from bin Laden to win the election?

HILARY ROSEN: Frames the ‘Prop 8′ debate on CNN.

MILK: Castro in the Streets covers the Milk premiere.

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  1. Osama from a cave I won't tell you where says

    I just want you know I’m voting with the Hussein Guy not with the Friend of Georg guy.

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh, that Dole ad is outrageous… people should vote against her just because of that trash (if they didn’t need another reason to vote against her).

  3. Leland Frances says

    Hillary Rosen made a significant point, but if she cares so much about it, why hasn’t she seen that HRC contribute more to the fight against Prop 8 [and marriage fights in AZ and FL]?

    Yes, they’ve given a few hundred thousand, and sent staff members to CA to work, but, ladies and germs, they have a $35 MILLION a year budget! At last count, they spend $6 MILLION a year just on salaries!

    Yes, technically, she’s just on their foundation board, but she still wields HUGE influence there after having been the partner and coconspirator for 10 years of former director Elisabeth Birch. The same fool who turned HRC from a potentially effective organization to a money sucking machine preaching only to the choir.

    We would not be faced with Prop 8 if it weren’t for their having been the “leaders” in ripping the uses of nonviolent civil disobedience out of the movement, and, more importantly, abandoning the effort to educate the public rather than just hoping their ignorance and homophobia wouldn’t be exploited again and again.

    Some of you might have an HRC T-shirt but what we really have to show for their decades of existence is 29 out of 30 losses regarding marriage equality [and passage of DOMA and DADT and the failure of ENDA and the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill] and perhaps the biggest one yet to happen at a ballot box Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, that arrogant “Who, me?” stink filling your nostrils is Hillary Shit That Floats Rosen.

  4. Marky Mark says

    Dear Leland (and other interested parties) –
    Hilary is Elizabeth Birch’s (former HRC ED) partner and is on the HRC Board of Directors. Several times HRC has offered a dollar for dollar matching/bundling fundraiser against Prop. 8. As such, $$ collected through any organizations’ matching/bundling programs, individuals’ names are not passed through. That is why you don’t see my name (and many others) who did contribute to the cause. xoxoxo

  5. Leland Frances says

    Mr. Mark:

    I was not, in any way, criticizing HRC rank-and-file members [though I would suggest you reconsider the benefits].

    Are you saying:

    1. …Ms. Rosen & Ms. Birch have reconciled after they announced their separation a couple of years ago?
    2. …HRC’s directory is wrong which only lists Ms. Rosen currently on the foundation’s board?
    3. …you donated [thank you] through HRC [unfortunate] which then spent money, however negligible, processing it for transfer to NoOnProp8 when that expense could have been saved had the donation gone directly to No? I realize many groups do this, e.g, NCLR, but it is a self-aggrandizing process [with no easy way of verifying that all of the donations tagged for No actually go to same] that should be stopped in future campaigns.

  6. Cindy McCain is ugly! says

    Watched the propaganda video on the Milk premier. I had no idea Cindy McCain was running for congress. The Harvey Milk Mickey Mouse club BS on prop H was riveting. As in like, a rivet gun stuck in my head. Cindy’s campaign HQ was attacked in the middle of the night last night. Which conveniently plays into her raving paranoia that the world is against her. So for those of you who weren’t there, it went something like this: fun night, some cute boys, way too many pre-Halloween drag test costumes, cold weather, protesters preaching to the converted in the Castro to vote no on 8. And enough nut jobs to sink a ship. And the film? Decidedly mixed reviews.