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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #370

JOE BIDEN: The good news is, he's back on the campaign trail. The bad news is he's being introduced as John McCain.

SARAH PALIN: Palling around with Secessionists.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS: Say No to Prop 8. She wants to stay married to Wanda Sykes.

NASHVILLE DEBATE: With emcee Tom Brokaw.

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  1. That last one is kinda catchy!

    Posted by: Aman Chaudhary | Oct 8, 2008 6:08:20 PM

  2. I wish Ellen would have pointed out to Julia that just because her character marries Wanda Syke's character that doesn't mean she gets to stay in the country. That's a federal right of marriage not extended yet to the two states that allow marriage. But I suppose our harsh reality would negate an entire season of plot lines for her show...

    Posted by: Josh | Oct 8, 2008 6:22:57 PM

  3. Even though this campaign should not descend into irrelevant attacks on the candidates' character, at face value Palin's association are by far more damning than Obama's "association" with Ayers.

    An organisation wanting to tear the USA's most natural-resource rich state away from the union and threatening the nation's energy independence. Palin's pallin' is set on threatening national security, you know, seeing as they like to keep reminding us of how much energy is linked to security.

    PS I love JLD and Wanda Sykes! That coupling is HOT!

    Posted by: PAULIE IN SYD | Oct 8, 2008 7:21:05 PM

  4. Every day I read blogs, I watch the news, BBC, RPN, CNN, MSBNC, The Standard, New York Times, and even Fox, and I see people treat one another with such disdain. People who have never met face to face call each other names based on whether they are Republican or Democrat. On Youtube I see videos with comments, many racist in the campaign, many using the N- word, many using f*g this b*&ch that, all based on fear. We have let our politicians dictate to us what our beliefs should and should not be. In California, there is a ballot on November 4th, Proposition 8. Prop. 8 is an anti-gay marriage ballot that is being passed to counter California's gay marriage act. Currently, more than 55% of Californian's are voting in favor of Prop 8, to ban gay marriage. Supporters of Prop. 8 have raised millions more in campaigning their hate, and right now they are winning, winning on air, in churches, in homes. More people have been wed since California began recognizing gay marriage, more in the past few months than in the past few years since Massachusetts based the same measure. Their love and their rights will be taken away in the name of hate, fear and loathing. If Prop. 8 is passed, many states will follow, officially putting into effect the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. This is hatred shrouded in Religious morality. This is legalized hate.

    Everyday, I read in blogs what the main stream media will not report. Throughout the country, lives are altered through hate crimes against homosexuals and minorities. Every day, another Matthew Shepphard is born, but NO ONE cares. I have to hear about three men beating and killing another human being in hate and fear on blogs because our media WILL NOT report it. This is NOT humane, this is NOT American.

    Right now we have two individuals running for Presidency. One came from a single family home, worked his way into Columbia and then Harvard Law School, where he met his future wife, graduated Manga Cum Laude, become a respectable Senator, picked a solid running mate from Maryland, owns ONE home, ONE car. Another man went to five colleges, came form money, married a woman, cheated on her, married his mistress when his wife was sick in the hospital, became involved with the Saving's and Loans scandals, voted on many occasions to allow wealthy colleagues tax breaks and worked with Keating and Phil Graham in deregulating our economy, owns 13 HOMES and numerous cars, has currently become involved with a campaign that allows labeling an individual as a "terrorist" and does NOTHING to reprimand his audience when they shout "kill him", and has chosen an unqualified running mate who charged women in Alaska for their rape kits and lied about a "bridge to no where".

    At this time I'm sure most of you have heard the claims from McCain and Palin that because Barack Obama was at a fundraiser who was once part of an Anti-Vietnam protest group "The Weatherman" when Obama was 8 that he must therefore be a "terrorist". What is not being addressed in the media is the very obvious part Sarah Palin has played in her husbands role in the Alaskan Independence Party since Todd Palin's enrollment in 1994. In this video below you will see Sarah Palin on record as recently as March of this year stating "Good luck to the Alaskan Independence Group", a group whose member Joe Vogler is on record stating "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government, and I won't be buried under their damn flag".

    Someone please tell me how McCain and Palin have allowed Obama to be labeled a "terrorist" with indirect ties to a man, Ayers, when Sarah Palin is directly linked to a group whose activities DENOUNCE and HATE America? How can people stand by when audience members are ON RECORD in VIDEO for shouting "terrorist", "kill him", "treason" at the speeches of McCain and Palin who HAVE INCITED VIOLENCE TOWARDS AN INDIVIDUAL with through MUD-SLINGING campaign? A mud-slinging campaign with tactics John McCain DENOUNCED in 2000 when McCain campaigned against Bush! A campaign based on fear and ignorance, a campaign that twists and panders to the lowest denominator, a campaign that does not answer questions but wishes, as a McCain spokeperson stated, to "turn the page on the economy" when most American's can't afford to fuel their cares or keep their homes. During a time when a 90 year old Chicago woman SHOOTS herself when the police come to evict from her home cause she missed TWO PAYMENTS on her mortgage. When AIG just this week holds a party costing over $400,000. When our politicians think American people are DUMB enough to allow someone to use fear tactics and racism to influence their votes.

    My point in all my efforts and rants is that I will not and can not sit by and not do something, anything, to help make things better. I know some of you will not agree with my current stance, I can not hide that I am voting for Obama (shocking). However, I can not sit by and let this country fall further into despair. I read an article in The New York Times online in which a reporter went to Iowa and Idaho. In this article a woman near a small town army base was asked about who she is voting for. Her response made me angry and sad. She stated she won't vote for Obama because he "is the Anti-Christ" and a "terrorist". I know Main St America is the heart and backbone of this country. However most of the individuals in this part of the U.S.A. have not traveled outside their out state. Most have never been to Canada let alone Europe, and most don't know any better. They get their news on T.V. and don't challenge themselves outside of their friends and family. That is because most can't AFFORD to physically travel, meet other people and cultures and LISTEN and EXPERIENCE other worlds. I do not mean to be offensive when I state that this is how ignorance is bread. However, their votes count, and their opinions count. We are at a time when the Dow Jones has been the lowest in 7 years. People are losing their homes. People are losing their lives. Last week in a small town outside L.A. a man shot and killed his three children, wife and mother in law because he could not find any work since January first when Price Water House laid him off. A man with an MBA from Warton School of Business. A man who friends said was stable, hard working, and loved his family. A man who, under the pressures of losing his career, home, lost his sanity and KILLED his entire immediate family and then himself. CEO's are getting golden parachute packages, the CEO of HP left with $45 million. The CEO of Exxon/Mobile, Lee Raymond, retired a few years ago with a parachute package over $400 MILLION. Families are losing EVERYTHING while Washington and Big Business has been having a party with OUR LIVES. Passivity is not an option right now. It is NOT excusable.

    I hope in all our busy lives and busy social activities that my rants have at least motivated some of you to GET UP, GET OUT, and ACT UP. Please, if not for yourself, for the love of your family, friends, neighbors. We are walking on the same planet, do something.

    All my love,

    Posted by: CJ | Oct 8, 2008 9:17:03 PM

  5. Yeah-
    I'll second that misnomer that a gay marriage in California begets ones partner from another country citizenship. ***That's quite incorrect**. It's a bummer and bull. I hope it changes. DONATE to the NO on 8 campaign. It's ours to loose.

    Posted by: pickles | Oct 8, 2008 10:01:59 PM

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