About the Banner #34

I shot this photo in early October on a trip to visit my friends John and Paul in the Catskills, upstate New York. Paul is totally into leaf-peeping so we did a bit of that. This was just a random house we were passing across a large field. I cropped and flipped the photo, darkened it a bit, and added a tilt-shift effect to make it feel miniature. In a final bit of editorializing which was ultimately unreadable, I dropped an Obama campaign sign in the front yard.


About the Banner #28-33, and Our Five Year Anniversary [tr]


  1. Zeke says

    I wonder if Elton (EVERYONE should be satisfied with being second class like me) John is proud of himself now that he has become the poster-boy for the homophobes that shamefully lied and intentionally mislead voters in their campaign to strip away the rights of tax paying, law abiding, loving and committed gay and lesbian couples?

    Something tells me that he is too self absorbed and detached to really give a sh*t about what happens to the little people.

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