1. Josh says

    The Family Research Council has issued an “action alert” via e-mail for people to e-mail Governor Schwarzenegger and request that he NOT support an over turning of Prop 8.

    We need to counter this by e-mailing, writing, and calling his office asking him to continue to support Marriage Equality.

  2. lou says

    O’Reilly is disgusting, Miller hasn’t made a movie in a while, eh? But just think how miserable they’ll be for the next 4 years, and when gays finally get to marry.

    Poetic Justice for O’Reilly …he’ll have to retire knowing he lost his precious “culture war”?

  3. says

    When did Dennis Miller start sounding like Bob Knight? I wasn’t aware he knew how to coach basketball.

    It was a lame, totally un-funny attempt at a jab at Barney Frank, followed by way too much uncomfortable laughing.

    Remember when Miller used to be funny? Now he’s just turned into a cranky boomer prick.

  4. JohnInManhattan says

    Skepticism followed by a fag joke? This is nothing new for Towleroad comment readers as long as posts from Republican troll THE QUEEN are permitted.

  5. Bryan Harrison says

    The only thing more pathetic than watching Dennis Miller laugh at his own lame joke is listening to your piteous whining about it.

    Were you insufficiently bullied as a child? Did you not catch on that whimpering “They’re not _nice_ to me!” guarantees more of the same?

    “Because gays disgust them…” So _read_ the bitches, bitch.

    It’s a sad day when queers can’t outwit the witless.

  6. Jason says

    That was almost funny. It would have been better if it were something like, “Barney wouldn’t mind a stint in the poky” or something like that.

    Could you please stop wasting everyone’s time with your idiotic thought-police posts about how we should be outraged at jokes? My only concern right now is equal rights, and acting as a comedy Nazi is not going to win us any further support.

    To all other Towleroad readers: Dennis Miller is funnier than you.

  7. Sean says

    When did Dennis Miller start ‘tawkin’ like Vinnie Boombatz Tough Guy? I thought his shtick always leaned to the more ‘intellectual’. Or at least attempted to. I take it he’s trying to carve out a strident conservative pundit niche industry of his own?

  8. Patrick B. says

    I don’t get the defenses of Miller here, and have suspicions about their authenticity.

    The joke was: Gay person = pervert.

    Not OK.

    Totally not OK.

    I think Dennis Miller — who does support equal marriage — has enough of a brain to reflect a little on this comment, and realize, himself, that it was not cool.

  9. Patrick B. says

    PS: Re Miller’s “joke”:

    Treating gays as pervs helped Prop. 8 pass (“teachers will have to talk about homosexuality in schools!!”).

    Miller’s “joke” is, to me, not a laughing matter. His slander here is a dead serious matter.

  10. critifur says

    For once I disagree. First off I totally agree with Dennis’ assessment of AIG. I am sick to hear about the conduct of the company. Secondly, I totally laughed. It was funny if un-PC. I hate PC.

  11. Jason says

    “The joke was: Gay person = pervert.”

    “Take my wife…please!”

    The joke is that he is selling his wife into white slavery.

    Can everyone please read this?

    Its headline has become my stock response to anyone arguing against a JOKE.

    Dennis is a comic by trade and training. The guy spent decades in the clubs. It’s a reflex. And he SUPPORTS GAY MARRIAGE.

  12. Daya says

    It took a while, but I finally found a very poignant Doonesbury (Gary Trudeau) Sunday news comic panel. I don’t have a direct link to the cartoon panel; you can find it on (Joe McCarthy) then scroll down or do a “find” on “Conservativism, Liberalism and Independence.”

    In the strip the two characters have the following conversation (I’m going to quote directly from the Joe McCarthy’s November 02, 2008 Gumption blog )


    In the first strip, two Doonesbury characters who play the role of commentators on the public radio show All Things Reconsidered, liberal Mark Slackmeyer and conservative Chase Talbot III (who also happen to be homosexual lovers, and eventually became a married couple), discuss the differences between liberals and conservatives. The strip starts out with Mark watching Fox News, where an announcer trumpets “Fox News: we report, you decide!”, to which Mark muses “That has to be the most cynical slogan in the history of journalism” [personally, I find their other slogan, “Fair and Balanced” to be far more cynical].

    In the main portion of the strip, Chase sums up the differences between liberals and conservatives: “[Y]ou liberals are hung up on fairness! You actually try to respect all points of view! But conservatives feel no need whatsoever to consider other views. We know we’re right, so why bother? Because we have no tradition of tolerance, we’re unencumbered by doubt! So we roll you guys every time!” When Mark replies “Actually, you make a good point…”, Chase responds, “See! Only a loser would admit that!”


    And that, my brethren, is really the problem. We have been willing to listen to the other side — but I think the time to be reasonable is over. It is now time to understand that we can’t reason with buffalos; that demons of kicks don’t understand compassion.

    P.S. I do have the cartoon saved if any one can’t get to Joe McCarthy’s blog.

  13. Alan D says

    There was a similar joke on Kids in the Hall a long time ago. “Our relationship is based on fantasy… I dream that he rapes me, and he rapes me!” That was some funny shit.

    Found it:

  14. HateRepublicanWhores says

    You self-hating fags who are defending the gaybashers are pathetic. Time to smarten up, jackasses. Making gay jokes, black jokes, anti-women jokes, minority-jokes AIN”T FUNNY, assholes.

  15. RainbowPhoenix says

    Not only am I disgusted by this “joke”, I’m severely creeped out that O’Reilly appears to be having an orgasm. There’s an image I could have gone my whole life without.

  16. Jason says

    Thanks for novelizing that Doonesbury cartoon I missed.

    Gentlemen. Brothers. I’m asking you to breathe and realize that Dennis Miller is ANTI-Prop 8, PRO-gay marriage, and hosted Weekend Update for a few years. Put this all together in your hot heads and re-direct your general rage. I’m as mad as you are, but I’m directing my fury at religion and the brainwashed who voted for the proposition, and not a lame quip from a Friar’s Roast.

  17. resurrect says

    completely flat. delivery sounded like they were both reading their lines at a rehersal – fake, inauthentic and dialed in. two has-beens trolling for a couple of bucks on a network who’s better days are now behind it. and to jason, put a lid in it. get your own friggin’ blog if you want to pontificate about how righteous Miller’s politics are but Andy runs this one and is entitled to whatever content he chooses to post.

  18. anon says

    I happened to watch this by chance and my take is different. They were completely on another topic when Miller tried to make his lame joke. O’Reilly reaction suggested that he thought it was way over the top and then Miller laughed in complete embarrassment. O’Reilly was talking about the mortgage crisis, and blaming Barney Frank specifically (not gays) asked Miller “Don’t you think someone should haul him off to jail?” to which Miller responds (too quickly) “Oh, I think he’d like to be hauled off to jail.” The joke being I think that jails are all-male environments and therefore a fantasy for Frank, not gays in general. However, it was waaaay over the top and even O’Reilly threw his hands up like “why me?” The segment quickly ended after that.

    Frankly (ha!), as the bailout is of the rich by the poor, I wouldn’t be too upset if someone ended up in jail. Just because the reverse Robin Hoods happen to include a gay Democrat hardly matters to me.

  19. Mike says

    Dennis Miller is one of the biggest disappointments of my generation. From talking to some people that knew him, I get the feeling that at some point in his career after the heady days at SNL he worried about supporting his family. Perhaps since it was about this time that Rush Limbaugh was all the rage he decided that was the path to take to regain popularity? I don’t know, but it sure is disappointing the way he’s whored himself out with wild abandon.

  20. says

    I’ve never been a fan of Miller’s, but to be fair, I don’t think the joke meant that gays or Barry Frank are perverts. The Miller joke said, “Barney might want to be arrested”.
    To me that meant he would like to go to prison because in prison men have sex with other men. I don’t believe that suggests he’s a pervert or was the intention of the joke. I don’t particularly find it funny, but that’s never been my kind of humor.

  21. Steven says

    Where is it posted in a factual mannor that Dennis Miller supports full equality for the GLBT community? I’ve heard nothing but slanderous and insulting jokes against the gay community from this man. He revolts me with his Republican cynicism and “better than thou” views. Also, Barney Frank is a role model for our gay community and his efforts to prevent, curtail, and stop this financial mess were pushed under the rug by Republicans. Why is it always a gay man that repugs want to blame for a serious mistake? Barney’s my guy—Dennis Miller can go F*** off!

  22. gemini88jrb says

    Everyone’s talking about the second half of the clip.
    Homophobia on Fox is old news…I was more interested in the first half when Miller said that thinking you can be President is its own form of madness.
    I distinctly remember a quote from Obama saying the exact same thing about himself (That thinking you can be President is a form of madness.) However, I can’t find it…ring a bell to anyone else? If so, please email to =)

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