Did Grey’s Anatomy Go a Gay Too Far for ABC Execs?

The Guardian continues: “Doctors Hahn and Torres have been tiptoeing around their relationship since the end of the previous series, when the two shared a passionate kiss. Apparently Torres had come to terms with her feelings for another woman. The opening episodes of the show’s fifth season, however, showed her hastily backtracking. The two barely shared screen time, and the scenes that were written were full of awkward silences and chaste, tentative kisses. Viewers were left not just realizing that Torres had never dated a woman before, but wondering if she’d even talked to one…But finally, at the beginning of last Thursday’s episode, everything came, as it were, together. Following a night of what one can only assume was passion (despite the ugly nightdresses the two were seen wearing in bed), Hahn had a tearfully ecstatic, road-to-Damascus revelation: ‘I am so gay. I am so, so, so gay. I am extremely gay! Clearly, that was a ‘gay’ too far for network execs, who insisted that Smith’s character should leave after the following episode.”


  1. says

    this outrage is absurd. ABC is the network that airs “Brothers & Sisters” which featured a gay kiss and relationship with a priest and a gay wedding before it was (so briefly) legal in California.

    Grey’s Anatomy fired Isaiah Washington over anti-gay remarks.

    People are getting their panties in a wad over nothing here.

    Bottom line is that Brooke Smith was on the show as a guest star in the episode where they were fighting over a heart for Denny or a heart for her patient. So naturally, when Washington’s character was released from the show, they brought in a character they had already introduced as a world class heart surgeon. Unfortunately, the character depth wasn’t there, and Smith’s “star-power” lacks as well in my opinion. That’s why she is gone.

  2. scar2 says

    I know they’re adding a new bisexual character. Why can’t they be brave enough to make the new character a lesbian? Even better, make her a black lesbian?

  3. Michael M. says

    I agree with ANON, above. I was a fan of season 1, patient through season 2, and gave up mid-way through season 3. At some point all the characters started sounding the same, and all became undifferentiated from each other. Too bad — I like Sandra Lo and Katherine Heigl, but I got tired of them wasting their talent on this drivel.

  4. Reese says

    Dan B, I have to disagree with you about ABC being gay friendly. Brothers and Sisters airs at 10 (during Safe Habor), so they can do and show more than Grey’s Anatomy can at their 8 o’clock time slot. Not to mention, Kevin walker never talks about his sex life at length, as Callie and Erica frequently did on Grey’s Anatomy.

    And as for the Isaiah Washington thing… he was fired because the network was losing sponsors, not because ABC was reacting negatively to his derogatory comments. If they were upset about what he said, he would have been gone sooner, don’t you think?

    I think it’s fair to accuse ABC of being homophobic. It’s a Disney company, after all.

  5. says


    Grey’s anatomy is not on at 8pm, it is on at 9. Initially it was on at 10 following Desperate Housewives on Sunday in the spot now occupied by Brothers and Sisters.

    Even though I too agree with ANON that the show is no longer fun to watch – and this season of Desperate Housewives is finally getting back to the goodness of season 1. Shonda Rhimes’ spin-off, Private Practice, is particularly awful.

  6. JJ says

    I thought this whole storyline was stupid. Both of the characters admitted to being straight when the were first introduced, then all of a sudden they had same-sex feeling for each other? Then all of a sudden they didn’t, and were just messing around and seeing where things go (huh?!) and then on the last episode they were going to be a couple again because they were not lesbians? How offensive to the gay community.

    However, I will say I am not sure why they got rid of the Hahn character, as I find her more interesting then McDreamy and McSteamy combined.

    Also kinda sad that she was, from what I’ve read, fired a few days after filming her last scene and she will not have an on-screen goodbye. Kind of a slap in the face to fans.

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