1. Rad says

    I officially do not like Rachel Maddow.

    Still wanting to celebrate in the Obama victory, I mistakenly tuned her in last night to hear how Sarah Palin COULD remain a player in this new political landscape. How she could maneuver herself to replace Senator Ted Stevens if he were urged to resign.

    And the thought of Sarah Palin being able to sour Congress, and not only that, but to arrive there BEFORE Barack Obama just really depressed me something fierce.

    Thank you, Ms. Passive-Agressive Maddow, for single-handedly destroying the moment I’ve waited 8 years to enjoy.

  2. Mark (another one) says

    Geez, who in the Palin household helps the kids with their homework? Apparently, not Caribou Barbie. She’s too busy watching for Putin’s plane to fly over Alaska.

  3. darbnyc says

    OMG, republicans are ubelievable. They ADMIT that she wasn’t ready to be president, but defend the choice because, “hey, look at what happened to our poll numbers after we picked her. We only lost because of Lehman.”

    Sheesh, they are willing to rise EVERYTHING for power. Even if it means putting a total incompetent in charge of our government. Makes me sick.

  4. patrick nyc says

    I find it interesting that Faux News is the one who is playing up the Palin dirt. I hope the GOP does pick her, what are the chances this vain, vapid fool learns anything in the next three years?

    She’ll be too busy shopping and ignoring her kids screwing around,while hubby is out playing in the snow.

  5. Nick says

    They’re going to try and destroy her now. I saw her actually apologizing, saying she was “sorry if she cost [McCain] one vote.” It actually makes me feel bad for her. Then I remember everything she said and believes and I snap out of it. Mostly. Ugh.

  6. says

    What kind of sorry education did she get? And what kind of sorry excuse for an education are her children getting (going to get?)??

    What a sad state of affairs if the right-wing wackos of this nation were willing to pick someone like her. Disgraceful.

    Well, considering how ignorant repukes are in world affairs, she will probably fit right in with those bubble living idiots.

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    Romney’s campaign workers who went to work for mccain admit that they are the ones behind the “trash palin” movement. They are trying to make sure she can’t run against Romney 2012 repub primaries. More power to them, but Romney is just as scary though for different reasons.

  8. Dean says

    DARBNYC is right on. Is there no way to further punish McCain (e.g., treason) for risking the country is such a stupid folly?

    Someone should have to pay with time behind bars for such a heinous act of disrespect toward the voters.

    While I have high hopes for Obama’s administration and national-healing, the revelations coming from McCain’s side belie the complete contempt the republican machinery has for the electorate.

  9. rudy says

    Heads up, my brethren! The Mormons are thinking longer term political strategy. All their efforts are inter-related. Hence, the LDS “religion” made a pact with the evangelicals to fund the fight to approve Prop 8 in California (~45-70% of total monies raised) in exchange for the evals backing Romney, instead of Palin, in 2012. Their efforts to trash Palin (by exposing the truth of her ineptitude) are part of their goal to get Romney elected. The millions paid to fight marriage equality (I will NOT use their term ‘same-sex marriage’) is blood money to achieve their larger political goal.

    That the Black churches were foolish enough to align themselves with a “religion” that did not even consider admitting them until the mid-1970s (following a “vision” that also permitted imbibing Pepsi and Hawaiian Punch after significant investment in these companies by the Mormon “church”) will be to their ever-lasting shame but has concocted a potent political alliance.

    The failure of No on 8 to organize an effective ground game, coupled with the apathy and naivitee of the WeHo “bois,” played into the Mormon tactic to continue to use gays as a wedge issue. The resulting wedge has been emboldened by the overwhelming support of Black churches. We must devise a strategy to break this wedge if we are to be successful in attaining basic human rights for gays.

    Be outraged and get even by being smart and strategic.

  10. Mark says

    My favourites were the Obama voters who thought Palin was his running mate. One thing’s for sure, Todd Palin would have been much nicer to look at for the next four years than Michelle “James Brown” Obama will be.

  11. Reggie says

    I have heard some talking heads ask if Sarah Palin is the new face of the republican party. How deliciously ironic, yes. Incompetent, Fear mongering, Hate mongering, Illiterate, Arrogant, Strident. Yes, she should be there at 2012 as their leader. Not knowing Africa is a continent? The GW bush spirit lives!!!

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “My favourites were the Obama voters who thought Palin was his running mate.”

    You liked ’em because they turned to McCain?

    They were stupid…or scared of Palin’s stupidity.

  13. nic says

    the repugs have painted themselves into a corner. the-us-versus them philosophy will continue to turn them into a regional party. it is only a matter of time, especially if they think that sarah palin is their joan of arc(h) conservative. then bring on mitt romney and the mormon cult, and see how well that works for them.

  14. david in iowa says

    ENUF already. Sarah Palin is just the continuation of the same shit thrown at Hillary Clinton. The extreme hate and ugliness that occured toward both women makes me wonder what other woman would ever want to run for high office.

    Both women were often refered to as c%%ts. I will not spell the vile word. Both had the clothes they wore become more important than the words they spoke. Both were destined to be the scape-goat should the “man” loose. I disagree agree with Ms Palins positions but am disgusted by both parties sexist rants and raves.

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