Urgent: Help Get Out the Vote Against Prop 8 in California

The “No on Prop 8″ campaign urgently needs 10,000 volunteers on the ground to staff the final “No on Prop 8″ push. They’ve been signing many up but they need more.

The majority of volunteer work falls into two categories: (1) On Election Day, staffing polling place visibility events (100 feet away, of course) by passing out campaign lit and making sure voters know which way to vote, and (2) Visibility events in supportive areas: waving signs, passing out stickers and talking to interested voters.

If you’re trying to figure out another way to help, please SIGN UP HERE.

Rex Wockner attended the anti-gay Christian right wing “The Call” prayer and fast rally to pass Proposition 8 on saturday. He has some frightening pictures.


Rex writes: “It’s too strong to say that attending this national Christian event in support of Proposition 8 today at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium made me feel raped or like a Jew touring a camp. But I did have those thoughts. It was certainly painful…The crowd prayed, sang, spoke in tongues, prostrated themselves, sobbed (for California, for marriage, for the homosexuals) and, on numerous occasions, whipped themselves into a true frenzy.”

Jeremy at Good As You has some audio clips from the event.

Rex also attended the counter-rally in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood. The crowd was estimated at between 7,000 and 10,000.


If you’re trying to figure out another way to help, please VOLUNTEER in these last few days. SIGN UP HERE.

The national implications of this ballot measure could not be greater. DONATE HERE.

Here’s a new ad from the “No on Prop 8″ campaign:


  1. akaison says

    The Call was expecting a large crowd. This is why they used the stadium.

    The account of one person from the Courage Campaign about the numbers follows in the link below.


    He guessed it was more like 7,000 rather than the expected 71,000 for the Pro on 8 group as was expected.

    There is also the question of whether this sort of evangelism appeals to most people who watched it as per Pastor Dan of the Street Prophet:


    I m not in CA so I can’t volunteered. I donated more money. I try to provide information.

    People should not feel discouraged that we will lose this. We are winning if we keep up pressure. Here are the last three polls on Prop 8. It’s losing in all three polls:

    a) SUSA

    50 No
    47 Yes

    The trendline on this is very good. Previously, it was 47 in favor and the prop was winning.


    There is also an almost even split with Latinos. The trendlines there are also excellent. I doubt this will end the race baiting, but I thought that people here should know this.

    LINK: http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=1c4ececc-7c3c-490c-8f35-13341be85e1e

    b) PPIC

    52 No/44 Yes

    c) Field


    Trendlines aren’t great, but they aren’t horrible either. It’s a tight battle, but it seems our side is winning that battle.

    Here’s another bit of encouraging personal story from Daily Kos:


    This person lives in a conservative part of the state from his account of a No on 8 rally in the conservative area:

    “Imagine my shock, then, when I attended a No on 8 rally today at one of the busiest intersections in town. So many people honked their horns, gave us thumbs-up signs, blew kisses at us and yelled words of appreciation and encouragement as they drove by us that I could have sworn I was standing on a corner in West Hollywood or San Francisco. Our supporters included young couples with kids, teens and college-age students, elderly couples and lots of burly men in pickups. Sure, we had some people give us a thumbs-down, flash their Yes on 8 signs at us, and even flip us the finger every now and again, but these were definitely in the minority. Instead, the almost non-stop honking made it sound – quite appropriately I think – like a 3-hour-long wedding procession rolling through town.”

    Hope this helps.

  2. says

    Jerry Sanders (Republican Mayor of San Diego) gave his strong support to the Hillcrest counter-rally: “The next three days are the most important days of this entire campaign. Those are days you go and you call people, you call strangers, you talk with people, you talk with families, you talk with coworkers and you tell them you want the same rights that their children have. Tonight we let California know that everybody deserves the same rights and nobody can take those fundamental rights away.”

  3. max penny says

    that short video at the top of the post is hilarious. hope that gets out in the latino community!

  4. Tina Turners Battle Midget says

    Why isn’t anyone taking down license plate numbers? On another blog they said most of them were from Utah. If they are coming from out of state to vote in California they are commiting election fraud. Somebody needs to go ACORN on their asses.

  5. Leland Frances says

    UPDATE: The MorTards clearly got to Brigham Young descendent & SF 49er legend Steve Young & his wife as she’s had to release a second statement saying that she was only speaking for herself when saying that “her family” did not support discrimination and so “our family” was going to vote against Prop 8, and that Steve never takes a public position on any political issue.

    Still, bless her and her $50,000 donation to NO. Note that “The Advocate’s” “Greatest Gay Hero of the Last 40 Years” Ellen only gave $100,000 from her millions. “Grey’s Anatomy” TR Knight has given just as much and Ellen probably pays more taxes than he grosses. Her commercial is nowhere to be seen on TV, and Rosie hasn’t given a dime.

    We are being politically burned at the stake and our most powerful community members are doing little or nothing at all.

    Thanks again to Andy for do all he has, and all of those in so many places outside of California who’ve sent donations to fight 8. Trust me, the stakes are already being cut and the “faggots” piled up for your rights whereever you are if 8 passes.