1. Steven says

    What point is missing, but is overstated is how the news overblown this; however, WHAT civil rights movement has EVER been progressed WITHOUT descent? I say STOMP that F*C*ing cross or shove it up that old fossil’s legally protected A-hole! Now is the time for ACT UP action to move our community forward. The days of “begging” and “pleading” for our rights are behind us. Hearts and minds have shown through the minority and elderly vote that they are NOT with us but AGAINST us, so a little Descent from exhausted activist tired of cross weilding self-righteous religious bitches is OKAY!

  2. Leland Frances says

    Don’t know about other cities, but DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME on the “Impact” event “planned” for San Francisco Saturday. You’d be better off staying at home and reading some accounts of how REAL agents of change, such as the Montgomery bus boycott, and the interstate bus riders, and those who sat in at lunch counters, all to eliminate Jim Crow laws, and ACT UP which totally changed the way the government and drug companies were responding to AIDS.

    All that the kids [and they are kids in the worst way] are impacting in SF Saturday are bowels.

    I wrote the organizers, suggesting they protest at the home of the homohating SF Archbishop who conspired with Mormons to pass H8TE rather than another giant circle jerk in front of City Hall where EVERYONE supports us. Her[?] response:

    “… it’s about coming together as a community. We’re holding the rally at City Hall because
    (a) it’s the center of civic life/power in SF and organizing there has immense symbolic value. It shows that GLBTQI people are active citizens engaged in their communities, there are a lot of us, and we will support legislators and politicians that support us.
    (b) on a more pedestrian note, it’s a huge open plaza and flat, so it’s easier for handicapped access and holding a big gathering.”

    In other words: it IS a giant circle jerk…but with handicapped access.

    Take it to the Archbishop’s house, take it to Mormon meeting places, take it to the businesses easily identified of YES donors. But STOP DOING NOTHING MORE THAN JERKING EACH OTHER OFF FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    The “Fuck Mormons” sign on the house is called Standing up against the bigotry of the Radical Religious Extremists. Why should Religion be free of challenges to their behavior?

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    The scene of the Cross being stomped REMINDS me of the days when GAY people were STOMPED and then BURNED ALIVE AT THE STAKE by “Christian” Mobs. It’s time to stand up against the Radical Religious Extremists with the same zeal that Bush dropped bombs on the Taliban in Afghanistan.

  5. Matt says

    Look, I’m all for acting up & shoving crosses up old guys’ assholes or whatever, but I just wanted to point out that for the NYC protest tomorrow (Wed), the sidewalk in front of the church on Columbus Ave has been mostly blocked off due to construction for quite some time. Just hope people took that into consideration. And it’s at that weird triangular intersection where being “across the street” still isn’t directly in front of the building. So where are people gonna go? Where will they position themselves?

  6. dez says

    Great that El Coyote is running scared. But Scott Eckern and the California Musical Theatre have totally told the gay community to go f@#% itself by their silence. They are making no statements because they don’t give a sh(* about us. Absolutely unbelievable when you consider how much money we’ve given them. BOYCOTT TIME!

  7. The Gay Numbers says

    a) Nate Silver has an article up on Prop 8. He points out that the real demographic breakdown is not race, but age. That in fact the new voters did not vote in favor of Prop 8. It was older voters. The reality is that if everyone below 50 had voted, but no one above 50 had voted, Prop 8 would have failed. He says that this demographic shift is true of African Americans as well.

    b) I think the greatest thing that is coming out of Prop 8 is a growing awareness that both the black and gay communities need to work together to address the issues between us.

  8. Brix says

    Until gays are a majority and don’t need the vote of those non-gay, we’re going to need the support of those not gay. Snatching a religious symbol out of an old lady’s hands and stomping it set us back from that goal many years. That video clip will be used by our detractors to raise millions of dollars to be used against us. That was very short sighted. This torch wielding mob incident is in no way parallel to the wonderful work Act-Up did.

  9. Caleb says

    I don’t care what Nate Silver says…giving black people a pass on voting for inequality simply because we don’t go talk to them is a ridiculous excuse. Somehow it is okay to say we should march on the Mormons who supported this, but not part our lips with one disparaging word about the 70% of blacks who voted for it (whether the total number was enough to change the outcome or not, it certainly didn’t help) as if it is somehow OUR fault they vote that way? The one group who should be the most sensitive to inequality by our government in this country? Please. You will never convince me that it isn’t because they see homosexuality as a white thing and a weak thing and that is why so many on are the “DL” about it and why should they stand up for a bunch of white gays and lesbians, as if their community isn’t as impacted by this as any other? The idea they get a pass only means we think they are too stupid to know that it is wrong. Which is RACIST and IGNORANT. They don’t get a pass, sorry.

  10. Brix says

    I’ve been going to El Coyote for years and know Marjorie and her family. They are the most pro-gay, supportive and friendly group of people you would want to meet. Marjorie is not very savy (picture stepford wife) but she is so sweet. I suspect her church told her to do something and she did it. While that’s not an excuse, I want to talk to her and find out what the hell was she thinking. She and her family are so supportive of gay employees and their gay families. Majorie even sponsored several employees to do the AIDS ride. You always see Marjorie sitting down with the gay customers. She sits down with my husband and me all the time. That donation was so stupid of her. She’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

  11. RJP3 says

    OH NO not EL COYOTE !

    Stupid lady – she calls people her friends yet takes orders from her religion to take away their rights and enforce that they be made citizens in a lower caste than she.

    I loved the Margaritas there – and the Hollywood ghosts.

    Sharon Tate had her last meal there before being slaughtered by Manson’s cult — hmmm seems like dangerous brainwashed cult members seem to be the common thread.

    Until I see she has donated at least $200 to repeal Prop 8 she can shove that free lunch.

    Need a stress break ?
    FREE xxx all male dirty pics for all …

  12. Tp, says

    Two questions…where and when can I get a bumpersticker which says FUCK MORMONS?

    Second, I have gone to el Coyote for many years, and known Margie for as long. My sons know her, my nephews do to. El Coyote is filled with families, gay and straight. I’m surprised at Margie’s donation to Yes on 8. It surprises me that with so many gay patrons, she did not think about what this meant to people who support HER life.

    Rather than turning this into shame, lets all go to the lunch she is offering, and maybe that will make her see, and the rest of her people see us for whom we are and for the rights we deserve.

    She, and the rest of her people should begin to see this not as an issue about religion, or a challenge to THEIR values, but rather as an extension of basic human rights, to everyone. This is about hearts, love and not relagion.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to find that bumper sticker, and if things dont change, I’m putting one on the car.

  13. Mike says

    When I was a teenager growing up in conservative enclave, Irvine, CA, I read several essays by Larry Kramer, who I thought, at the time, was an hysterical krank. Today, I think of him as a profit–he never pulls a punch, and though much of what he writes seems extreem, sadly it is also rooted in truth. While I do not in any way advocate tearing a doddering old woman’s cross from her hands, I certainly understand it, and it is hard to walk that fine line in the early stages of a movement–which is where we now stand. I’m just so happy that the community is showing signs of waking up and caring again. May we all wake up and stay awake, change is coming.

  14. Michael says

    Why is religion given the special privilege to not be scrutinized by society? What is the reverence given to this group? I don’t get it. They can lynch people, literally and metaphorically, in the name of something that cannot and shall not ever be proven by science to be anything but a delusion, yet we as gay people and people of color are constantly having to endure their supposed “morally superior” bullshit all the time. Why do we allow them to do this?

    I live in New York, and I don’t have it as hard here in the way of social abuse as the rest of the country and I feel very lucky for that. But I do still have to ignore a lot of it on a pretty regular basis now that NYU has taken over everything. The fact that I can’t hold my boyfriends hand in public in Brooklyn is because I would have to put up with a lot of stupid, over-privileged assholes whose parents set them up with a trust fund staring at us and making comments. I do it anyway, but I have to say that at times I fear for our continued safety.

    I’m tired of being afraid. I moved here to this wonderful city so I could be free from the tyranny of the rest of the country. And I’m still afraid. And I’m tired of people telling me to “be the adult”, “play it safe”, “don’t stoop to their level”, “violence is not the answer”. You know what? I love that “FUCK MORMONS” sign posted above, and it displays my sentiments exactly. (What, I’m being told that I can’t have my rights by a group of people who believe in magic underwear?) I think we ought to be more aggressive with our tactics instead of being nice all the time. Why do they deserve out patience and tolerance? I have run OUT at this point People need to fear us so they’ll stop picking on us. I’m tired of people having an opinion of my sexuality, but if they have to have one, I’d rather they be afraid to say it to my face instead of spitting it on me.

    Religion is destroying the world, not us. They need to learn that they can no longer have the power to destroy us and everything else with it.

  15. Cameron Johnson says

    As a token black person, I’m going to go ahead and stand up for Caleb. Black people voted, in huge numbers, to pass Prop 8, and those that did should be held accountable for their votes and actions.

    I’m also going to boycott El Coyote, because being pro-gay when it comes to AIDS rides and sociability is quite different than donating money and subsequently voting to deny us rights. To say “but she’s so pro-gay!” reminds me of Mrs. Millie’s exhortation during “The Color Purple”: “I’ve always been nice to coloreds!!!”

  16. AED says

    This post by Andrew Sullivan is far more enlightening as to why many Mormons may have donated to Yes on Prop 8. (Summary: Church HQ holds the right to excommunicate if you dissent.)

    I do think that the Rev. Monroe has the right idea. Andy, thank you for denouncing the f’ mormons sign and the cross desecration.

    We need to take the higher ground, and show positive examples of gay relationships. AFAIK there are no laws saying we can’t buy ad-time during non-political seasons. Buy a bunch of 60 second spots highlighting positive relationships and what marriage would mean to them/us.

  17. Get Jazz says

    I totally get where you are coming from Michael.I am so sick and tired of some gays saying lets play nice,lets be the adult,yada yada yada,bull-ssssshit!You think that kind of approach got us anything during the stonewall riots?Get the Fuck outta here wit that bullshit.Im also sick and tired of bitter homos who are so unhappy and insecure with themselves that they gotta talk shit and start drama with their other gay peers.How about take that bitterness and direct it toward the real problem (the homophobic,anti-gay heteros) who have been oppressing gays & lesbians for many many many years.Further more reading some of the ignorant comments on this blog,Ive noticed some of you tend to believe that gay people only come as white.Talk about being a racist HOMO.Get a fuckin clue you self-loathing racist bitches.Gay people come in all forms,we are black,we are white,we are latino,we are asian,we are christian,we are jewish,we are short,we are tall,fat,skinny,long hair,short hair,bald,we are scattered all over the country and all over the world.Most of all we are all GAY and we are ALL on the same boat.So I suggest you stop being a bunch of BIGOTS and accept that fact that we all are in this together.What I see is part of the reason why we have not got that far in the civil rights department is partially because my gay peers have yet to learn to stick together and it sickens me.Truth be told,if we are gonna get anywhere with claiming our rights,some of us really need to change our attitudes.The envious and jealous attitude that Im seeing in some gays is really pissing me off.All this so-called resentment we have toward one another should be put to good use and directed toward those who oppress us.Wake the fuck up.ALL OF U.Jesus Christ,Mary and Joseph.

  18. Diogenes says

    OK, I the first time I ate at El Coyote was in 1975 when I was a freshman at USC. The last time was this past Monday afternoon. I have eaten there regularly for 33 years. I have met Marjorie several times and she was at the restaurant meeting with someone while I was there on Monday.

    I am shocked by this post, but I took the time to call El Coyote and tell them I will never eat there again. For someone who is so religious she pours an incredibly strong Margarita, and the staff always try to talk you into a double.

    Doesn’t sound very Moromon to me…

  19. RJP3 says

    CALEB — I 100 Percent agree with you.
    NO PASS for African Americans who are anti-gay. As you said – they more than anyone – should know the history of religion being used to keep people second class citizens.

    Of course they are stuck in the mindset that their only diffrence is skin color and hair texture – while we are perverts.

    They find the comparison offensive – I get it. Still NO PASS.

  20. Luddite says

    This about the manager of El Coyote. Isn’t it just typical. She said, in effect, “I really like my pervert friends. I only supported bigotry because I was asked to.” If she’s smart enough to run a restaurant, she’s smart enough to look at the election issues herself. She just wants to have it both ways. Typical!

  21. LightningLord says

    Ugh. I’m Jewish and if someone tore a Star of David out of my hands and threw it on the ground and stomped on it, that asshole would be dead before he could take another breath.

  22. Fernando says

    The article of Time says the case for same-sex marriage is hurting other gay rights:

    Longtime gay rights advocate Dean Trantalis of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and others on the conference call expressed concern that the gay rights movement had become too focused on marriage, and is now paying the price in other more critical areas. “Marriage was never our issue,” Trantalis said. “It was thrust upon us by the other side, and they’ve done a very good job of beating us up over it.”

    The concern is that conservatives will use those same tactics — statewide referendums aimed at overruling court decisions or rebuffing reluctant legislators — to restrict other rights. In Arkansas, for example, voters easily passed an initiative that did what state legislators had refused to do: ban adoptions and even foster-parent roles for unmarried couples, including gays. Now the state joins Utah, Florida and Mississippi as a place where gay couples cannot adopt. Trantalis and others are worried that even as the gay rights movement continues to win court victories, those very victories may prompt stronger and stronger backlashes, jeopardizing hard-won rights from local governments and the workplace, including adoption and antidiscrimination measures.

  23. Brandon says

    How do we distinguish between the black people who don’t get a pass versus those that do?

    Or, does the entire community not get a pass because some black people in California didn’t vote no?

    I’d like to understand how this works.

  24. John says

    Is the “Fuck Mormons” sign helpful? Fuck, yes!

    Should we play the blame game, whether it’s aimed at churches, companies, or individuals? Fuck yes!

    Should the owner of El Coyote suffer the consequences of her actions? Fuck yes!

    Should you accept her apology and continue to eat her canned food? Fuck no!

    Should the LGBT shine the same light on the bigoted African American churches as it does on others? Fuck yes!

    Should the LGBT community take the blame for the African American support of Prop 8 because we didn’t spend time telling them that discrimination was wrong? Fuck no!

    Do you think that any minority that was once legally discriminated against but now enjoys full equal protection under the law wants its civil rights struggle identified with the LGBT’s? Fuck no!

    If anyone thinks that anger, bridled or not, has no place in the fight for equality, then you are a newbie to life and history.

  25. MammaB says

    That Time article is depressing the sh*t out of me if a) it’s in any way representative of the truth or b) if anyone reads and believes it.

    It’s seemed clear that there is strong momentum for justice everywhere for gay people.

    The article flat out says it wasn’t close, even in CA, where gazillions of dollars were spend to defeat prop 8.

    Who wrote that thing? Rush Limbaugh?

  26. Q says

    Wow, RJP3 agrees with Caleb 100%. What a shock.

    @ Cameron Johnson, Can you read Caleb’s comment and tell me that you really agree with everything he is saying?
    Also what do you mean “as a token Black person”??

    @Caleb since you seem to be an authority on “DL” then explain to me all the “DL” white people who go to truck stops, bathroom stalls, movie theaters, bathhouses, and male hustlers/masseuses. Do they see homosexuality as a “Black thing”? No? Then what could possibly be the common thread between the DL Blacks and whites? Hmm…could it be religion?

    If you believe all that shit about Blacks, then how the hell could you POSSIBLY believe that it is not important to reach out to them? How stupid is it to believe that they would miraculously become sensitive if you are convinced that they insensitive? Were the Mormons supposed to denounce their religion at the polls, too? African American blogger Ernest Hardy put it this way:

    “The No On 8 groups did a shitty job getting their message out to various minority groups whose votes hung in the balance and who collectively might have swung the vote a different way if they’d been approached in the first place. By contrast, the Yes On 8 folks rolled out well beyond their natural constituencies, networking with all sorts of folks, being sure to create imagery and to reference cultural signifiers in multiple languages that would play with Black, Latino and Asian voters. Yeah, they lied their lying asses off… but they also did the ground work that No On 8 simply did not.”

    Even Gloria Nieto, a lead organizer for No on Prop 8 had problems with getting support for community outreach:

    “When Nieto, a lead organizer for the No on Proposition 8 campaign in San Jose, wanted to distribute campaign signs in Spanish and Vietnamese this fall, she had to get them made herself because the statewide campaign only had signs in English.”

    She had to make the signs herself?! Really? How is that productive?

    This isn’t about issuing “passes” to Blacks; this is about you using race to place blame on Blacks for the failure of Prop 8. There is nothing even remotely evenhanded about your rant.

    Everyone has as part of the blame. Not just Blacks. Not just whites. Not just gays. Not just Mormons. EVERYBODY!

  27. Brandon says

    Lightninglord: U r crazy. Funny though. I do have to ask myself what would have happened if MLK & the boyz had started acting this crazy. They’d NEVER have won. Does anybody think those guys weren’t angry? However, they had enough sense to understand how to play it when they were hopelessly outnumbered.

    In terms of resources to make your case, gays are better off than black people were in the 50’s and 60’s. There are lots of gay people with power in the media. Gays don’t have to worry about not being allowed to vote. So, the “anger” needs to be channeled effectively. F Mormon signs? If that’s the picture you want in a PR War, great. I’m not sure how that’s going to help you win over a majority of voters. You can be sure that those images are going to be used in the next right-wing ballot measure.

    Oh, and let’s not talk to the Mormon woman at El Coyote that knows gays but donated because her church told her to. If she isn’t going to reach out to her Mormon bretheren, who is? Maybe talking to her won’t get her to see why gay marriage is important, but maybe it will. At least we can learn why she didn’t make the discrimination connection so that we come up with more effective ways of making the case for gay marriage.

    There is a reason why MLK has a national holiday and Malcolm X, even post Mecca, doesn’t.

    Think about it.

  28. says


  29. Oscar says

    The problem is that blacks got their civil rights and do not want anybody else to have any.Blacks deem themselves to be very christians but they are so dumb as not to know the Gospels where Jesus do not condemn anybody.If one follows Christ and calls oneself christian, to follow Paul is to be a paulist not a christian.Paul is not Christ but blacks cannot understand the difference.Also if they follow the Old Testament they are following jewish laws but they are not jews. They are blacks, but I guess people without roots will following anything.By the way,Barack Obama has no link to american blacks.Absentee african father,white mother,white grandparents that raised him and white education both gramar and high education.He looks black, but does he feels and thinks black?.American blacks are in for quite an awakening and unexpected surprice.Maybe Michelle will help but to what extent.We’ll see…

  30. John in CA says

    Appeasement is only good if you suppose that you can convert enough people to make up for the depressed turnout on your side (which public displays of weakness tends to encourage). It is a strategic move and a trade off.

    So, to those who say the protestors should just go home, I can’t say if that’s the right move or not. And neither can you. We simply don’t have enough information to know definitively what the consequences of suspending this protest campaign would be.

    If everyone went away and act as if nothing has happened, it might be less “offensive” to the religious. And it might create a new sense of calm and civility that’s conducive to renewed dialogue. But then again, can you really convince those folks to vote for us? Or are you just wasting time better spent registering voters who are already on our side (and gathering signatures for another election)? That’s a big question mark.

    And what’s the affect of purposefully dampening what’s clearly an energized and angry group of potential voters? The gays and straight allies protesting today might sit out the next election because you lowered their morale to the point where they don’t care anymore. Ask Tom Daschle and Richard Gephardt about that!

  31. John says

    Brandon, the reason MLK has a national holiday and Malcom X does not, doesn’t take any “thinking about it”. Old white men make these decisons for the rest of us. Malcom scared ’em. MLK didn’t. Both were soldiers on the side of right.

    It takes all efforts to gain rights. There’s no Peace if there’s no Violence. There’s no Order if there’s no Anarchy.

    Lambda and ActUp both achieved success for you and me.

  32. Geo says

    A Mormon making money by selling booze to gays. Now that’s Hypocritical! Maybe her church will help support her now. BOYCOTT El Coyote!!!! It has always been way over rated anyway!!!
    It will not be missed!!!
    See you at Marix!!!

  33. Philip Wester says

    Wow, that Margie idiot isn’t doing herself any favors with her “apology”.

    “Oh, I feel so bad that I have offended people. I have friends and family who mean the world to me who are gay.” – Well, then, why the hell did you donate money to and vote (I assume) to revoke their right to marry, you idiot?!

    It’s one thing to just be ignorant and bigoted if one doesn’t have much exposure to a world and hasn’t learned that it’s normal and, etc., etc. It’s a whole other thing altogether to actually have that exposure, to claim to have beloved and cherished gay friends and family members and still be a bigot!

    I hope her friends and family disown her.

  34. New 2nd Class Citizen says

    CHICAGO: Speak out against Propostiion 8 which has stripped the California LGBT Community of their recently granted right to marry.

    Where? Federal Plaza, Chicago (Dearborn + Adams)

    When? Saturday, November 15th @ 12:30pm

  35. And says

    Thanks “Reverend” Irene for your total bullshit. Now, back to reality, where lots of african americans are racist, bogged down with a sense of entitlement, and pushing the solitary “me” agenda.

  36. Cameron says

    Reverse discrimination is just as ugly. It is NOT ok to grab someone elses props and trample them. It is NOT ok to just say “Fuck Mormons.” it’s IMMATURE and as a few level headed people pointed out these sorts of petty displays set us back, they don’t move us forward. So many of you are missing the key ingredient that made Ghandi and MLK so successful – Peace and Love. So many of you guys have alot of work to do with yourselves before you’ll be capable of bringing about true change.
    I was raised Mormon and have family members that are very active in the church and I can tell you right now that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS IN OTHER PEOPOLE’S HEARTS. Just because people belong to this religion doesn’t mean they buy every aspect of it wholesale.
    I’m going to the protest in NYC tonight at the Mormon Temple. I’m expecting it to be a peacefull, mature, productive event. That means no yelling at Mormons, no “FUCK MORMON” signs, etc. We wont achieve real equality through nasty rhetoric, threats and bitching on blogs. Think about it.

  37. ML says

    Demonizing entire races and religions won’t accomplish anything. We are a MINORITY. We must build coalitions and build bridges — not tear them down. The behavior of a few will set us back many years. Get a grip!

  38. says

    don’t blame blacks for religious voting… blame religion!

    perhaps the greatest and most pertinent civil rights struggle is the attainment of rights to those that don’t choose to have religious beliefs.

  39. Gary says

    Stop the racist rants and generalizations. Please march peacefully. Be careful of Pro-Prop 8 agitators that will try to manipulate our message of inclusion and equality into a hate-filled tirade that Faux News will show to others. That will do us no good.

    I do not have a voice and do not know if I can attend because I of balance issues (Dystonia) but please speak for me in my honest disgust of what happened in California. The LDS, KOC and others need to know that they are accountable.

  40. says

    Our white religious opponents are likely overjoyed to see us focusing on attacking another minority. Choosing not to get distracted by inflammatory racial rhetoric is not giving black Prop 8 supporters “a pass.” Black Yes voters were as wrong as white Yes voters. If we want to keep retreading the same 70% territory instead of moving on, the old white guys with the $ will thank us for doing their job. Even the Colbert Report picked up on the racial rift last night (along with interviewing Dan Savage), highlighting the tactical absurdity of continuing down this path.

    I hope people like Marjorie, who actually have contact with gay people and whose businesses depend on us, will be given a wake-up call. (A silver lining of Prop 8?) Unlike some religious bigots, who have no association with us (just an obsession with us), she may be able to learn that inflicting her beliefs on others thru donations comes with real life consequences.

  41. Bill Perdue says

    These demos are the opening shot of new era of activism. They’ve moved beyond the three states where Obama’s “god’s in the mix” bigotry galvanized the bigot vote and defeated same sex marriage, They’ve spread nationally and even internationally.

    Marked by rapid growth and political intransigence, these demonstrations are the opening salvoes of a renewed youth radicalization, which, unlike the 1960’s, will feature the GLBT equality struggle as one of its chief components.

    The antiwar and union movements will follow as the general radicalization deepens under the impact of Obama’s unwinnable string of wars from Palestine to Pakistan and his economic policies that are turning a bad recession into an even worse depression.

    In terms of our struggle we have move beyond same sex marriage and include the struggles for an inclusive tough ENDA and hate crimes bills. Maybe the momentum gained from this opening shot will force the bigots who run the Democrat party to give us quick concessions.

    Overall, the spontaneity of these demos is a big plus.

    As they spread I’m pretty sure the new kids on the block will know, or quickly learn, how to incorporate organization, defensive tactics and the new technology. I don’t know if it’ll work for large bicoastal or national marches but I don’t see why not. One of the best advantages of this is that it’ll piss off thee cops and the FBI. They’ll have to scramble to get photographers, spotters and provocateurs in place.

    I can’t wait to see how it impacts antiwar and antirecession actions.

  42. gag me says

    stop making excuses for this el coyote woman. she is NOT sweet. we’re good enough to pay her bills with our money, but not good enough to get her respect.

  43. MCnNYC says

    I am not in favor of using race to divide us…but I am not in favor of using SPIN to obscure the truth.

    This Nate Silver Article that you are using the word IF and it is insulting cause he and his blog is supposed to be dealing with hard numbers. IF no one over 65 voted it would’n have passed!! IF more than 50% of SF voters voted…well you know what? that’s not the reality.

    So OK Andy I agree that let’s not turn this into a race war or a class war but to deny that it happened in the manner it did in wrong.

  44. Indy Steve says

    Evidently the folks at subscribe to the notion that distortion is news — “They did so after a long campaign dominated by heavy spending from gay rights advocates.”
    Where do they get their information?
    NAMAB: “Who wrote that thing? Rush Limbaugh?” Hmmm. There are plenty of people in the “news media” with similar credibility. I sent a letter to the editors at TIME asking them to cite some numbers to back up this statement.

  45. Brix says

    I went to hear what Marjorie had to say at El Coyote this morning. She was very, very emotional. She was so distraught she had to be propped up by two of her children. She sincerely apologized for the hurt she caused. She took full responsibility for her actions and asked that we not take it out on the 69 families (many gay) that work there. While she apologized for the hurt she caused, her remarks omitted an apology for her actions. That was all the torch wielding mob needed. Several stormed out screaming through the restaurant to the sidewalk and hoisted pre-made picket signs.

    There were some eloquent, articulate expressions from GLB guests, some advocating for boycott some against.

    The emotionalism the GLB community is feeling in the wake of Prop 8 requires someone’s head on a stick. Marjorie has become the face (and head) that the villagers are going after. While she is guilty, I would like to see her sentence proportionate to the crime. I would like to see her church remain taking the brunt full force, and she receive her one-hundred dollar portion.

    While it may not matter to many of us, there are other owners of El Coyote but she is the only mormon

  46. says

    I heard back from friends who went to the open lunch with Marjoie with El Coyote.

    Basically they said it just made things worse. The boycott is on:


    Thursday, November 13th @ 7:00pm
    El Coyote Cafe
    7312 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Bring signs & friends!

  47. says


    There’s a lot of anger surrounding this last election and proposition 8. Something I noticed while talking to my friends is that I really didn’t know why people would vote for it. I just felt really angry at them and the outcome.

    I spoke with people counties that voted in favor of prop 8 so that I could try to understand why people voted for it. I posted them to

  48. Mb says

    Go STEVEN!! I’m right there with you. Appealing to these pathetic jesus-freaks through humanity obviously doesn’t work. Maybe it’s time we try a little force.

  49. mcQLA says

    In the heat of the moment, what everyone citing MLK seems to forget is the role that non-violence played in forcing America’s hand. MLK never lost his cool. It wasn’t the size of the marches so much as it was the spectacle of those peaceful black marchers being attacked by hate-crazed whites, Bull Connor’s dogs, and fire hoses that revealed the true ugliness and brutality of America’s racist system. It shamed American whites to ourselves and revealed to the world that for black Americans, the so-called American Dream was a sham. We had to face exactly what we were, and in too many instances, still are.

    The specter of a 250 lb. man pulling a cross out of the hands of some frail old bat and shrieking at her or posting “Fuck Mormons” signs in front of one’s home make us look like a bunch of trivial, pissed-off adolescents, not adults resolved to have our Human Rights. Additionally, all the vitriol aimed the Mormons has completely ignored the seminal role the Catholic Church has played in this little drama.

    Screaming bloody murder at the manager of El Coyote accomplishes nothing. It’s highly unlikely that she comprehended how destructive her actions were and how her donation would be perceived by her gay “friends.” Calmly explaining to her that what she did was a hurtful slap in the face to her gay customers is what is called for. That, and a boycott of the establishment – nothing personal – but certainly she can understand that her former customers wouldn’t want to see even a penny of their money going to a cause that threatens their families puts it in easily-grasped perspective.

    Am I angry? Hell yeah. I’m disgusted with petty, hypocritical religious “leaders” being allowed to dictate the parameters of my personal freedom. I’m tired of people I wouldn’t want my dog sharing a bowl with telling me I’m not as good as they are. And I’m all for calling them and the institutions they lead out on that – en masse. But completely losing our shit just makes us look stupid on TV.

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