Hugh Jackman Not Gay, Just the ‘Worst’ Kind of Straight Guy


Hugh Jackman, whose wife is tired of fighting off rumors that he’s gay from the privacy of her bathroom stall, tells MTV that he’s not gay but, as some call it, a stag hag.

In his own words:

MTV: You were pretty forthright with People magazine when they asked you about the three biggest rumors about you.

Jackman: Gay, gay and gay.

MTV: You said in that article that the rumors while you were playing Peter Allen in “The Boy From Oz” [on Broadway] bothered your wife. Did they ever bother you?

Jackman: Come on. No, it’s ridiculous. I just think the whole idea of judging someone based on their sexuality is ridiculous. In Australia, we’re much easier on all those fronts. I was playing a gay guy. I actually took it as a compliment. I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I remember when I was about 19, me and my mate used to go to these dance parties which were 80 percent gay guys, 18 percent girls who were sick of heterosexual guys hitting on them, and then vultures like me and my mate. We would go there until 2 in the morning, when the girls were really drunk and wishing they weren’t with 80 percent gay guys.

MTV: So you’re basically the worst kind of straight guy?

Jackman: The worst! The leech! The vulture!

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Down under on the “down low”.

    Probably anally versatile too…you can tell from his facial expressions, you know. He really wants to be relaxed–really baaaad.

  2. Jerry says

    Well, somebody’s gotta take the girls home at the end of the night…

    And as Margaret Cho will tell ya, we gays are too busy hooking up with each other not to ditch them.

  3. says

    That’s why he is “THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE” 2008. Whatever. Dude is 40 so if he was going to 80% gay parties 21 years ago I don’t think it was to pick up chicks. Only faghags were going to those parties back then.

  4. says

    Were you going to gay clubs in Australia in 1978, KEITH?

    It astounds me that we have a handsome celebrity who speaks out for homosexuality saying that it is no big deal to him and some of these queens are attacking him for it?


    He isn’t gay. he isn’t “anally versatile.” If he outright just denied being gay these same queens would be bitching that he is implying there is something wrong with being gay.

    I would prefer to align myself with the straight people who are true allies to the gay community than the gays who dare attack them for it.

  5. Anally from Philly says

    DAN B,

    Relax. It’s the day before a holiday–some of us can’t take anything seriously today. We don’t want to take anything seriously–not even gay-friendly Australians…or testy North Carolianians.

    Enjoy your holiday, DAN.

    BTW, one can be anally versatile without being gay. How many hetero women buy strap-ons. Hey, maybe that’s what this Australian guy’s wife oughtta’ do–then we’ll all be happy! :-)

  6. says

    Mr. Jackman would fit right in with the crowd at Berlin here in Chicago.

    Plenty of straight guy “vultures” who peruse the females and eventually get taken home by a tranny.

  7. says

    Happy Thanksgiving, DERRICK!

    I appreciate your remarks, but I think we both know the comments would be the same regardless of the date. See other Jackman posts if you don’t believe me.

    No one on here has any experience with Jackman that is evidence that anything he says is untrue. So why do we have to be so nasty and not take him at his word and appreciate a straight ally.

    a Tony-winning straight ally.

  8. tegs says

    Tread, it isn’t only the trannies that take home the “straight” dudes that frequent Berlin. I’ve bagged a few myself and I’m definitely no trannie!

  9. Drew says

    I’m Australian, and frankly, I don’t care if he’s straight or gay. He and his wife are well-known here for being gracious and considerate, which is more than you can say about other self-important celebrities.

  10. James says

    I’ve spoken to his wardrobe dresser on a show he was in. Dresser is gay. Confirmed Jackman is straight. “But everyone working on the show, man, woman and dog fell in love with him.” This is going back many years before his Hollywood discovery when he was young and handsome.

  11. Mags says

    Heaps of straight guys (and girls) went to those parties in Sydney in the 80’s (and still do to Mardi Gras and Sleeze Ball after parties), doesn’t mean they’re gay or fag hags.

    I don’t care if Hugh’s straight or gay. He’s damn hot!

  12. TylerAnthony says

    Gays need to stop harassing every good looking man who isn’t gay with gay rumors, it’s tacky classless and pathetic.

    Stop living in fantasy land and get a real life.

  13. TylerAnthony says

    Anally from Philly,

    A man who takes a strap on is bisexual or in the closet gay. Sorry, for a man to want to be penetrated is homo. Women don’t have dicks, period. So for a man to want to role play or be penetrated means he has a degree of attraction to men, AND DICKS..

  14. Nina says

    If you actually listened to the MTV interview, you would have heard the tone of Jackman’s voice when he spoke about being a leach and vulture. It was pure comedy, and I’m really sorry that the story is being circulated as something ugly.

  15. J. says

    Oh for the day when we’ve achevied equality so we can stop pining for straight actors and look at the openly gay ones. Hugh is awesome and I just don’t care who he fucks. If it ain’t me, I’m jealous.

  16. uh3furehi says

    That’s what’s wrong with you people. Whenever a straight man (or woman even) shows the smallest bit of tolerance or acceptance towards homosexuals you automatically jump to the conclusion that he must be a gay himself, hence straight men’s reluctance to exhibit this for fear of being billed as a closeted gay man. Brad Pitt gives money to fight Prop 8…oh he must be some kind of bisexual who secretly yearns to start a B&B. Oprah’s has a gay decorator on her show and does exposes on black men on the “DL”…oh, she must secretly be fingering Gayle King. Can’t you just be happy with the fact that people are nice to us without read more than that into it?

  17. ben says

    You know what? Why don’t gay men stop behaving like women and “butch up” a bit. Then we could fantasize about other gay men instead of falling in love with straight men all the time. Gay men looking and acting like men. What a concept.

  18. EM says

    I love it when a bunch of apologists for actors bad PR invade any gay site and start preaching at other gays for daring to make comments or stating an opinion on a gay website. What is really funny is if Jackman turns out to be closeted, nice as he is, then all this silly preachiness has been for nought.

  19. EM says

    Also, “Ben”/”Uh3furehi” it’s pretty obvious from your spam e-mail addies you’re the same person. Quit trying so hard.

  20. Michael says

    I am always polite and have great manners but, when I had the misfortune of running into Hugh Jackman, even though I was my usual friendly and nice self, he was very nasty and awful and bitter. What a queen.

  21. Miss Cankles McCellulite says

    It doesn’t matter to me if he’s gay or straight…because either way i know i will never see his sweet britches laying on my bedroom…kitchen/bathroom/dining room/garage floor…and that makes me sad…makes me real sad.

  22. RhythmB says

    He is NOT gay at all. He is just very confident. Something that barely any straight guys are because they are scared people will make fun of them. But Jackman is a different straight guy. HE’S BETTER!