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Prop 8 Update: Protest Information and News Items

road.jpg PROTESTS - this WEEKEND. I've UPDATED the list of demonstrations taking place this weekend. There are now events in San Francisco, Mission Viejo, Palm Springs, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Laguna Beach, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. I've added an event for tonight in San Jose, and updated the San Diego protest information. This will be the first non-pride gay rights march in San Jose history.

Halfmastroad.jpg Rainbow flag at half mast in Harvey Milk Plaza in SF's Castro district. DailyKos diarist: "I was heading over Twin Peaks down into the Castro this morning. And I looked, as I always do, for my first glimpse of the huge Pride flag that flies over Harvey Milk Plaza. And it was there, in the morning sunshine, against the blue sky, at half mast, a black banner streaming out above it. I burst into uncontrollable tears, and had to pull off the road to cry." Remember, Milk would say, don't cry, fight!

road.jpg Prop 8 opponents concede.

road.jpg Boycott of Sundance Film Festival urged: "Utah's growing tourism industry and the star-studded Sundance Film Festival are being targeted for a boycott by bloggers, gay rights activists and others seeking to punish the Mormon church for its aggressive promotion of California's ban on gay marriage. It could be a heavy price to pay. Tourism brings in $6 billion a year to Utah, with world-class skiing, the spectacular red rock country and the film festival founded by Robert Redford among the state's popular tourist draws."

road.jpg NYT: Equality's Winding Path.

road.jpg Some disturbing reports from inside the "No on 8" campaign: "I worked for both the No on 8 campaign and the Obama campaign this year and cannot tell you how far apart those two were in style and substance. One was top down, the other bottom up. Ironically, it was the presidential campaign that was the grassroots model, not the state-level proposition campaign. As soon as I started working for the No on 8 campaign I was amazed at the level of scripting: 'don't say 'civil rights,' don't say 'constitution,' don't say 'gay.'' I couldn't believe it."

H8_2road.jpg This image is making the rounds. It was designed by Nicholas Leggett.

road.jpg HuffPost's Shaun Jacob Halper: Why Some Americans Don't Have Reason to Celebrate. "Sorry to be the buzz-kill at the liberal victory-party, but this election has been a historic nightmare for millions of gay Americans. In Florida, Arizona, and California propositions have been passed to amend state constitutions, permanently enshrining second-class citizenship into law. America has taken a tremendous step backward -- actively revoking rights granted to citizens by state constitutions -- though you'd never know it from most of the punditry and pontificating."

road.jpg A report on the Mormon Temple march from Patrick McDonald at the L.A. Weekly.

road.jpg Is Prop 8 an amendment or a revision?: "Prop 8 added only 14 words to the state constitution, adds only one provision, and deals only with the discrete issue of defining marriage. In their view, it does not deal with a host of constitutional rights or alter the basic structure of state government or the role of the state judiciary in it. This argument may be accepted by the California courts. If forced to bet, I'd bet it will prevail."

road.jpg T.R. Knight talks about campaigning for "No on 8".

road.jpg Jon Stewart talks about the election and Prop 8, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. We as LGBT members Need to Hit the streets in Protest. Not ONLY voally and organized but him them where it willdo the most hurt. thier Pocket books.
    If Every LGBT member BOYCOTTS EVERY non LGBT Store, Restruarants, etc and NOT give them any of our Monies, If EVERY LGBT Memeber NOT show up for work for two or more Days this would hurt them just as Much.

    WE need to get off of our ASSES and Organize like the AA's did in the 50's-60's. We need to tell our politicians that they WONT get our votes HANDED to them on a SILVER Platter like we have done every year. NO MORE until our voices are heard adn promises Kept we need to Put our foot down even more put our feet up ther asses to get things done for us.
    We can NO longer sit back and wait for everyone else to do our dirty work, We need to take care of it our self.
    Anyone who knows of ANYone in the CLOSET no matter of thier Social status we need to OUT them the more voices the better

    Posted by: allen | Nov 7, 2008 6:06:32 PM

  2. Um RJP3, thats huge and false brush you seek to spew hate with towards blacks, maybe a google search of the way the whole state voted against prop 8 would be wise and who put up the money for it and why so few gays actually got out and tried to get the vote to go our way. There are not enough black voters in California to make that much of an impact as this was not a tight race, maybe you should meet some and try and see why they feel the way they do and show them, not all gays are hate filled like the ones seen at the rallies spewing the n-word in LA.

    The glbt community needs allies, not more bigots.

    Posted by: Luke | Nov 7, 2008 6:16:19 PM

  3. Just wanted to give credit to the guy who designed the image you posted.
    His name is Nicholas Leggett.
    I have his information if anyone wants to get a hold of him.
    He's a good guy...

    Posted by: Chris St. Hilaire | Nov 7, 2008 6:20:50 PM

  4. Are there any actions in the environs of New York City that anyone knows of? I know now that just donating $ is not enough. If anyone knows of anything planned in or around NYC, PLEASE, share it here. THANK YOU!

    Posted by: Bading | Nov 7, 2008 6:23:39 PM

  5. I want to go and burn some buses, overturn cars and break some storefronts. Not that I will, but I feel like it!

    Posted by: Bading | Nov 7, 2008 6:33:06 PM

  6. How does boycotting the Sundance Film Festival hurt the LDS church in any way? It wasn't the state of Utah that promoted prop 8, it was the church. Don't get me wrong - I hate the LDS church more than I used to (which I didn't think was possible) but the Sundance Film Festival brings tourism to Summit County, a place that voted for Obama 57% to 41%. Don't punish the wrong people here for the damn church's actions. By attending and supporting Sundance (and the tourism industry in Utah) you're supporting the people who put money back into action against the LDS Church.

    Posted by: Matt Blank | Nov 7, 2008 6:34:14 PM

  7. 2.7 million mail in and provisional ballot votes still unprocessed in CA comprissing LA, SD, and orange county areas

    We are down what now? Still around 400,000??

    All thins are possible in an infinite Universe just not probable.

    Grasping at straws but wouldn't it be just a shit kicker if we pulled ahead and won by 1%


    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Nov 7, 2008 6:35:44 PM

  8. I strongly urge the entertainment industry to boycott Sundance.

    I especially urge the Queer Lounge to boycott Sundance.

    I personally will not be supporting any films or sponsors at Sundance. I know that seems minor, but it is important to me.

    Perhaps swag and gift bags are more important to some people than equal rights.

    Posted by: henry | Nov 7, 2008 6:40:55 PM

  9. STFU vi

    1,000,000+ CA gays aren't even registered to vote and up to 1/3 of our CA gays didn't vote.

    Shove reality up your racist ass and STFU

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Nov 7, 2008 6:46:28 PM

  10. Boycotting the Sundance Film Festival hurts the Democratic, liberal, gay-friendly area of Park City.

    Utah is not the Mormon church.

    Those that are organizing these boycotts would do well to focus their efforts more directly. Blanket boycotts make me think of the crazy right-wingers.

    Posted by: David | Nov 7, 2008 7:00:41 PM

  11. Andy.

    Blacks are being harrassed, being called niggers, and told not to go into certain (gay) neighborhoods during these rallies and protests.

    Where is the coverage on that? Why must the ethnic LBGT remain in the shadows?

    Posted by: DamonCM | Nov 7, 2008 7:14:48 PM

  12. To my CA brothers & sisters, if you're going to the demonstrations this weekend, please be safe. Read this:

    Posted by: Jim | Nov 7, 2008 7:19:40 PM

  13. I am as ecstatic about the election of Barack Obama as anyone, but if the first post is an indication that we are going to have 8-yrs of the ridiculous messianism and hagiagraphy with which some supporters stained his campaign, I'm going to let the dogs out.

    NO this is NOT the first time "sexual orientation" has been a protected class for federal employees. TEN YEARS AGO, President Bill Clinton amended existing Executive Order No. 11,478 to include protection for gay federal employees. And that followed a reaffirmation in 1994 of a 1980 statement by the Office of Personal Management that protections in the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 should be interpreted such that, "applicants and employees are to be protected against inquiries into, or actions based upon, non-job-related conduct, such as religious, community, or social affiliations, or sexual orientation."

    The problem has been that the Bush Administration, while paying lip service to these, allowed one of their officials to declare that he didn't recognize them.

    Kudos to Obama, Inc., for reaffirming the policy [and adding gender identity, but a little knowledge is both and dangerous and infuriating thing, even when it comes from the exalted NPR [the poster's source].

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Nov 7, 2008 7:25:20 PM

  14. They did discourage us(the volunteers) to say 'civil right',or 'gay' etc... The moment we've given this direction I know something's up. However, it does not mean I have complied!

    Posted by: dani h | Nov 7, 2008 7:44:12 PM

  15. The links to stories about Mormons (Sundance and LA Weekly) are not working, maybe it's just overload...but thanks for all the important information. I'll be there tomorrow in Silver Lake with my husband. The fight is long and hard, but we will win in the end, by our show of strength, unity, savvy, and refusal to back down.

    Posted by: Ray Ray | Nov 7, 2008 7:48:29 PM

  16. You linked to the same "disturbing reports from inside the No on 8 campaign" as Andrew Sullivan. They were bullshit when he posted them and they are bullshit when you link to them.

    For starters, I volunteered in the San Fernando area of LA on election day and of the fourteen polling sites we were at that day, twelve of them were churches or schools. I would be happy to post the entire list, should anyone be interested.

    As for the campaign script, it changed constantly, sometimes from day to day. While we were encouraged not to use the words 'hate' and 'discrimination', since they tended to make opponents angry and more motivated against us, the words the emailer quotes were in all of the scripts in the four months that I volunteered. The campaign encouraged volunteers to stick to the script while also encouraging them to engage with receptive voters on their own terms once the opening message was conveyed.

    Don't forget that a script helps people who are nervous about phone-banking (the majority of them, in my experience) and gives them something to fall back on when they get tongue-tied, which was often.

    I have no love for the HRC style of management, but you really do a disservice to the people who came out and volunteered for the campaign by linking to such nonsense.

    Posted by: Invariant Memory | Nov 7, 2008 7:58:17 PM

  17. So as I'm typing this...there's a "YES on 8" protest (after they have already won) occuring in South Central Los Angeles by black leaders and residents who are angered by gays protesting the Mormon church. They all militantly came on camera and said "If gays come to our side of the city, it will not be a healthy safe choice for them!" and everyone cheered. Then a lady hogs in front of the camera and says "A man having sex with another man is not the same as me being a black woman, and I'm disgusted the two are compared!"

    Of course..the gay community has absolutely NO courage to tackle this big elephant in the room. Instead, we have to go after the whites because we know they won't do anything. The 78% of folks who voted against us, we can't dare even mention on our blogs because it's not politically correct.

    While talking about the issue in my Political Science class today, EVERY person in the class had encouraging words for the gay community (asian, old, white, Latino, young) the three people who were very thrilled 8 passed were all African Americans and said "it's sick. sorry, that's just messed up" regarding our lifestyle.

    Why do gay men have it convinced in our heads that the African American community (especially black woman)are our allies and best friends?

    When are we going to stop being PC?

    Posted by: K | Nov 7, 2008 8:26:39 PM

  18. "Sorry to be the buzz-kill at the liberal victory-party, but this election has been a historic nightmare for millions of gay Americans. In Florida, Arizona, and California propositions have been passed to amend state constitutions, permanently enshrining second-class citizenship into law. America has taken a tremendous step backward -- actively revoking rights granted to citizens by state constitutions -- though you'd never know it from most of the punditry and pontificating."

    Ya know what, I've been incredibly supportive of you all, but this is getting to be a bit much. You've forgotten that more than twenty states have already been through what you're going through. In 2006, Wisconsin was listed amongst a list of other states that it got passed in. We were a list, a "hick state" amongst many others. "Why live there, if they don't support you?" was a common sentiment. We've done our crying, we've done our marching, and we've been through it. Now, finally, you all are up in arms out in California. Was it because you never though it would happen to you? That you were safe in your "liberal haven" on the west coast? Tell me, "Why live there if they don't support you?" How dare you try to tell me and the gay citizens of every other state who, for the past fifteen years, as each one of these amendments passed, has had to relive the moment we lost our own rights, that we shouldn't celebrate the work we did to get Barack Obama elected. We fought within ourselves to enjoy election night, despite the results of Prop 8 because we had already suffered such a devastating blow on what was a monumental night in 2006, here in Wisconsin.

    This post made me want to erupt with anger. With every state that passes these, once you experience what it feels like to lose your rights, we relive where we were, the loved ones we were with, and the partners we embraced when we found out that we'd lost our civil liberties.

    We're suffering with you, and we're supporting those of you in CA, FL, AR, and AZ. But don't any of you dare tell those of us in other states to not celebrate the few joys we come upon.

    Posted by: Derek in Madison | Nov 7, 2008 8:48:58 PM

  19. Why aren't we gay people of color protesting in the streets...for being ignored, treated with complete apathy and being singled out for this mess? Why aren't we in the streets with our signs and stopping West Hollywood/ Key West/ Montrose/ Boystown/ Chelsea traffic in anger because of the way we're presently being treated?

    People! WE need to get into the streets!

    Posted by: DamonCM | Nov 7, 2008 8:54:52 PM


    Why do you stand for this racism?

    K said...

    "Why do gay men have it convinced in our heads that the African American community (especially black woman)are our allies and best friends?"

    Posted by: DamonCM | Nov 7, 2008 8:57:55 PM


    I want to be perfectly clear here I am as mad as anyone at the role the black church and its less than 6 perecent of the electorate has played in this fiasco (as angry as I am at the mormons and the white evangelicals and the silly queens who did not vote) but if any one calls me or anyone I know a nigger in West Hollywood this weekend you will get punched. I would do the same to anyone who called me a faggot. How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not your enemy.

    Los Angeles continues to be a mess and if you ask any gay man of color that lives here he will tell you why. This will not happen in NYC.

    Posted by: Giovanni | Nov 7, 2008 8:59:15 PM

  22. I'm sending in a tip to Andy as well but there is a Dallas protest on Sunday against that church that put that disgusting "Why gay is not O.K." sign up. I will be there and urge anyone else in the D/FW area to be there as well, the repercussions of Prop 8 are being felt all around the world and if we can make one gay child (And there will be at least one) that is forced to listen to this disgusting hate speech on Sunday feel that he is not alone and there is a whole world out there willing to accept him for who he or she is we will have done our job.

    Signs are highly encouraged, I know I will be bringing a few pointing some of the "Slaves are OK, disobedient kids should be stoned to death, etc" that they like to ignore that are right next to homosexual thing. 10AM, we will be gathering across the street from the entrance on San Jacinto in Downtown Dallas. We need lots of people, gay, straight, bi, transexual to show up and send a clear message that we will not be told that who we are is not OK.

    Posted by: John M | Nov 7, 2008 9:12:41 PM

  23. Andy I loved that you have been enthused and supportive of Barack's campaign as an American. I too worked on the campaign and the language to fight Prop 8 was very carefully selectedd and as a gay black man I know why. Black civils rights proacticed pragmatism as we knew yelling logic wouldn;t work for those that don't like you. I fear many in the gay white community allow their privlege to overlook that lesson. The only reason it was obvious blacks wanted right is cuz our skin united us. Gays divide themselves by race, class and even neighborhoods. Look to all the gays that chose not to vote that day and ALL our brothers and sisters who chose to vote against their kin. This is about religion, not race; this about church out of state!

    No people ever give rights to others - only the court has after long and hard fighting.

    It pains me to see how the news media is using scapegoating to say blacks passed this law and say "see? see how ungrateful they are?" and these understandably angry whites are following suit as if they voted for Barack to get a black man in the White House - BULLSHIT! - that fact is we are not a monolith, any more than whites who happen to be white like the Mormons who funded this whole fiasco. Blame is futile. Once you start comparing black issues to "gay issues" you lose b/c white gay mainstream has never allowed room for black and latino and asian gays in any real way - there are many out black gays who stand up alone without the funding or the general approval of the gay community - so what now?

    The fact that many Black members of the community KNEW this was coming is a sad fact.

    We in the struggle for Equality need to realize 3 practical things:

    1) Blacks alone did not pass Prop 8 - 6% OF THE POPULATION DOESN'T MAKE UP SPIT OF THE PRO PROP 8 51% OF MISINFORMED VOTERS.
    To use racial epithets based on some one's appearance, to judge by someone's skin to access their political views only furthers the hateful scapegoating that both people of color & the queer community know too well. We lose visible members and allies. Aren't we the same community?
    2) The political answer right now is NO - To dismiss the existence of black LGBT people who built much of the queer culture, to identify gay as only white, by calling others with names of hate is no solution.
    3) WE HAVE WORK TO DO - IMAGINE if No On Prop 8 took the many queer groups of color on their offer and request for funds to take this fight to their streets?

    Seems like many Americans have 1 thing in common: We blame those we EXCLUDE.

    Here's to righting the wrongs that come home to roost - we need each other.

    Posted by: Supporter of NO H8TE | Nov 7, 2008 9:45:34 PM

  24. Hey Andy,

    There is a sound of a hurt puppy on your site. It comes on as soon as the page opens. It doesn't seem like your idea of humor, but in light of Prop 8 seems to be some sort of comment.

    Posted by: Louis | Nov 7, 2008 10:07:40 PM

  25. To black gays...and I say this with respect and not a sharp tongue...but why is it you are turning the tables and blamming us (gays) for the black vote against us? Not once have we heard gay blacks know what? it's wrong that our own people who know what it feels like to be hurt and singled out did the same in return to another enslaved group of society. ALL we're hearing from gay black individuals is
    "You all had it coming."
    "It's your faults"
    "Blacks were sick of the racism in the gay community"
    "You didn't do enough"

    well, sh*t...with friends like you...

    Posted by: K | Nov 7, 2008 10:08:07 PM

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