News: NY Dems, Jesse Metcalfe, India, David Archuleta, Soulforce

road.jpg New Jersey gay marriage political debate looms.

road.jpg NY Governor David Paterson blasts rebel Democrats. I posted about this yesterday.

Out100road.jpg OUT 100 cover revealed.

road.jpg Jesse Metcalfe drinks, plunges 40 feet off nightclub balcony.

road.jpg Lansing, Michigan church target of protest by gay “anarchists”: “The disruption came from a group which calls itself Bash Back, and involved demonstrations outside the church and inside the sanctuary while services were under way, said Mt. Hope Church communications director David Williams. Members of the group inside the church shouted pro-gay slogans, threw leaflets, unfurled a banner and pulled a fire alarm, then hastily departed, Williams said. There were no injuries, he said. Williams said the episode was over in just a few minutes. Eaton County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived quickly, Williams said, but no arrests were made. No one from the police agency was available today.”

road.jpg “Extreme” fan’s body found near home of Paula Abdul.

road.jpg No thanks, Fred: Major networks to air stealth Focus on the Family ad.

road.jpg Arguments conclude, Delhi high court set to rule on decriminalizing homosexuality.

Clooneyroad.jpg George Clooney on marriage equality: “At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won’t be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black.”

road.jpg Sotheby’s contemporary art auction jumps recession: ” The sale, at which the majority of successful bidders were American, took in $125 million, including commission, against a low estimate of $200 million, a benchmark established before the September onset of the crisis gripping world financial markets. Records were set for Philip Guston, John Currin and Richard Serra as 68 percent of the 63 lots on offer found buyers — to the relief of Sotheby’s officials.”

road.jpg David Archuleta brings “Crush” to TRL.

Raheemroad.jpg Killers of gay British man have sentences cut by eight years: ” Igor Irinel, 22, and Sorin Abuculesci, 34, tied up Sri Lankan Mohamed Raheem and left him to suffocate to death at his flat in Sardeson House on the Holderness Estate on June 2 last year. After spending the night with Mr Raheem after meeting him in a gay bar, Irinel ransacked his flat with the help of his brother before badly beating and finally murdering Mr Raheem. After being found guilty by a jury in April this year, Irinel and Abuculesci were respectively sentenced at the Old Bailey to a mimimum of 30 and 28 years in prison.”

road.jpg Death toll in Congo violence nears six million.

road.jpg Soulforce equality riders arrested at Union University in Jackson Tennessee: “The arrests occurred during the next-to-last stop on the 2008 Equality Ride, an outreach bus tour of 15 religious schools across the South by Soulforce Q. The organization is the young-adult division of a group that fights discrimination against gays with nonviolent protest. Police arrested 21-year-old Zak Rittenhouse of Frankfort, Ohio; 22-year-old Manny Lampon of New York City; and 22-year-old Jarrett Lucas of Minneapolis, Minn., a co-director of the 2008 Equality Ride, on trespassing charges. The arrests came after campus security warned them to leave an area declared off-limits to the riders.”


  1. wetcnt says

    Why is OUT celebrating Katty Perry, who in not a lesbian, and has built her fame on a wink-wink, drunk girl on girl, straight male fantasy song. I realize that they are trying to sell magazines, but are there no actual lesbians that they can feature on the cover?

  2. JohnInManhattan says

    Focus on the Anus airing commercials on major networks during prime time? Not good… not good at all.

  3. Ken C says

    We’re all frustrated and angry, but actions like those taken by Bash Back against Mt. Hope Church are not helpful. Peaceful, principled protest sends a message: we demand equal rights and we’re not backing down. Actions like those taken by Bash Back simply serve to make the churches and their congregations feel and look like martyrs.

  4. Ray says

    I agree with Ken C about Bash Back and Mt. Hope Church. In fact this approach seems about the best way I could think of to reinforce fears and prejudice. The people at Mt. Hope Church will remember this incident, and bring it up any time someone wants to talk about gay dignity and equality. Bash Back needs to take a few lessons from Soul Force.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    Where do we write to the networks to let them know we won’t stand for them supporting hate with the Focus on the Family ads?

  6. Gary says

    David Archuleta has great voice, is as cute as hell, and he’s pinging the gaydar big time. If he is gay, he’s got a tough road ahead since he’s just 17 years old and a good Mormon boy. Coming out took me 8 more years than that. I was barely willing to admit to myself that I might be gay at 17 given the depth and breadth of the brainwashing.

  7. Myackie says


    and the world and the UN will continue to overlook this horror because of their enduring obsession with imaginary human rights violations committed by the US and Israel while neglecting actual human rights violations elsewhere.

    what a world.

  8. says

    That’s no illusion, A.J., there are quite a few photographs that betray the size of David’s, um, talent.

    Gary – As someone who has found themselves in the midst of a very diverse and devoted fan community around David, I can tell you that there are plenty of us who are very concerned about that, but of course there’s nothing we can do but wait and watch.

  9. David T says

    archuleta is mormon. i know he’s a baby, but if i buy his cd, where is exactly is my money going?

  10. says

    With the changing geopolitical scene, it’s very, very important that at least one of the emerging world powers grow to defend the value of civil liberties and the right to privacy. And it ain’t going to be China.

    The vote in India is pretty damned important.

  11. Tom says

    Sorry, Cheyenne Jackson “seems” in no way to be embarrassed to be gay — he _is_ constantly singing and performing at GLBT charity benefits and is out and proud with a long term partner (whose privacy he protects, which says nothing about embarrassment). You couldn’t be more wrong Alan Brickman.

  12. says

    What George Clooney said. I’ve been saying that for years! Inevitability, baby. History won’t be kind to these folks.

  13. jason says

    OUT magazine has lost the plot, as have many other elements of the gay media mafia. They’ve become dysfunctional, celebrating girl-girl even if it’s in the context of the sleazy male fantasy. In fact, they only seem to celebrate girl-girl if it’s framed this way. Message to the gay media mafia in America: get your act together or stop pretending to represent the American gay community.

    As for Clooney, where was this man BEFORE the vote was taken on Prop 8? Dallying on the Isle of Capri, perhaps.

  14. Freddie says

    Is it just me or is Katy Perry a bit of an odd pick for Out’s 100 cover? I mean, yeah, she kisses girls and everything, but it “felt so wrong, it felt so right”? And also, her other, less famous song “You’re so gay” (“You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys”) makes it a bit difficult to worship her as a pro-gay symbol. Or am I being a bit hypersensitive?

  15. Keith says

    Bravo George Clooney!

    If you want to have a bigger impact, put the advertisers that are sandwiched in between the “Thanks Fred” ad campagin on notice. Boycott them instead of the networks. You’ll have a MUCH larger impact and send a message across the board.

  16. says

    The election is over, but the insidious bisexual double standard lives on! Just like old times . . . I’m getting a little teary.

  17. dezboy says

    Joan Sanderson “educator” Palm Springs Art Museum donated $500 to keep the gay people who pay her salary from having the same rights as her bigoted ass has.


  18. Disgusted American says

    Man would I love to see that Asshole Tony Perkins given that “Homophobic University Test”..where they strap you to a chair, wire your penis…and monitor your Penile stimuli..while they play GAY PORN…I Bet that Man would have a RAGING HARD-ON!