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Thousands March in San Diego Opposing Hateful Prop 8 Passage


New Yorkers take note: mass peaceful demonstration Wednesday at Manhattan Mormon Temple.

In addition to our earlier reports on L.A. and San Francisco, here's one from further south. Towleroad reader Tanner took these photos Saturday, when approximately 10,000 people took to the streets of San Diego to protest Prop 8:

"An estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people marched from Hillcrest to North Park behind a giant rainbow flag in protest of Proposition 8. The measure, approved Tuesday by 52 percent of voters, overturns the state Supreme Court ruling in May that legalized gay marriage. 'I don't want anyone to take away my right to marry,' said Ken Hagen, a University City newlywed who marched down University Avenue alongside his partner, John Young. Chants for equality were sometimes drowned out by drivers honking their horns in support of the passing crowd. Signs waved and bobbed in the air with slogans such as 'We Shall Overcome' and 'Not Gay, Love You Anyway.'"

Saturday's march was folded in with a planned demonstration which was canceled Friday night just hours before it was supposed to take place. Hundreds if not thousands turned up anyway.

Rex Wockner has a great report with a bunch more photos on his blog.


Wockner notes: "Gay street actions of this size are unheard-of in San Diego, apart from Pride, which draws around 150,000 people to Hillcrest each July."



NBC San Diego reports: "Participants began their march around noon from Third and University in Hillcrest. The group marched to North Park and then attended a post-march rally in Balboa Park. 'I am so proud to be a part of this in San Diego, said Jennifer Schumaker, a self-proclaimed 'lesbian soccer mom'. 'I think Prop. 8 is our Rosa Parks and I think there is no way that gay people and their friends or families are going to sit down for discrimination again,' said Schumaker. Police said there were no arrests and no problems."

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A video news report from NECN, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Why are we only going after the Mormans? Shouldn't we also picket Baptist, Catholic and Muslim churches. Why pick on only the Mormans - seems like this will backfire even though they gave to much to pass H8.

    70% of African Americans voted to pass Prop 8 and they are mostly Baptists with no money. Should they be excluded from pickets because they also elected Obama?

    Posted by: Danny | Nov 9, 2008 4:10:14 PM

  2. This is all so exciting -- seeing people come out, come together, taking action. And "gay, straight, black, white," as they chant.

    Danny: for the umpteenth time, we're going after the Mormons because they gave close to 50% of the money for Prop 8, WAY out of proportion to any other population.

    85% of Conservatives (read Republicans) supported it. WAY more than African Americans, even if that statistic were correct, which it likely is not, being based on ONE sample and representing about 150 voters.

    Stop buying the right-wing trolls' race baiting!

    Posted by: Kevinvt | Nov 9, 2008 4:24:55 PM

  3. The place to picket isn't the individual Baptist churches - it's the religious broadcasters. THAT's the real source of all this hate and they're the ones that should be targeted.

    There's more than enough big Baptist and Evangelical Christian churches in SoCal worthy of being targeted that the small black churches shouldn't be the focus of the protests.

    Posted by: craig | Nov 9, 2008 9:39:44 PM

  4. Also, we should really go after the Knights of Columbus - every one of their places!

    Posted by: Craig | Nov 9, 2008 9:41:03 PM

  5. There are those who are blaming the Black and Hispanic communities, while exit polls justify their displeasure, it needs calmer heads. The Black and Hispanic communities are extremely religious, especially the women. Week after week the church preached against gay marriage, being the word of God. So, while both those communities were heavily against gay marriage, it was actually the women who voted the most in favor of Prop 8. It was a spiritual thing to them, not discrimination. Organized religion, in some aspects is a cult. Women seem to be more subjective, especially in some cultures, due to the environment they live in. Many look to the church for guidance. To get to women, you have to tug at their apron strings. If a commercial showed a mother, with her child, laughing and playing, then showed them years later with her adult child being denied marriage or discriminated against, it might have changed attitudes. They may have looked at it as a mother and not as a religious zealot. If you have seen my YouTube video (by clicking on my nomen below) at the end I have a baby Matthew Shepard looking up (I had to reverse the image to do that) to the adult Matthew Shepard, it touches the heart. That's what those ads needed to touch.

    NO!! Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, etc. churches should not be exempt from PEACEFUL protests.

    This year, give to GAY charities and avoid faith-based charities. Shop at gay owned/gay friendly businesses. Hit them in their pocket book. These demonstrations are great and it is bringing the gay community together, but they will end and we need other ways to continue the 'movement'.

    Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony called the victory an ''unprecedented coalition of many faith communities and other citizens who understood the importance of maintaining the bedrock institution of marriage as has been lived out since recorded history.''

    Bishop William Weigand, head of the Diocese in Sacramento and former Bishop of Salt Lake City said in a statement: "Catholics stand in solidarity with our Mormon brothers and sisters in support of traditional marriage -- the union of one man and one woman -- that has been the major building block of Western Civilization for millennia.''

    WAY TO GO SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: CB | Nov 9, 2008 10:48:12 PM

  6. It's nice to see that despite the gravity of the issue, we still have some semblance of humor left:"Not gay love you anyway"

    Oh god I love avenue Q.

    Damn I'm so gay.

    Posted by: Joel | Nov 10, 2008 3:51:24 AM

  7. Interesting numbers: 8,000-10,000 show up to protest. 150,000 showed up to Pride.

    Posted by: dc8stretch | Nov 10, 2008 1:34:47 PM

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