A Big Gay Hockney – Van Sant Milk Mash-Up


So I came across some stills online today of James Franco's naked swimming scene in Gus van Sant's Milk and it struck me that Van Sant must have been inspired by David Hockney's "Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" and, lo and behold, Franco got the stroke, and Van Sant the angle, just right.

So, above is a mash-up I put together of Hockney's 1971 painting with a still from Milk. I pasted the swimsuit over from the painting so as to keep it SFW. Click to enlarge.

As far as I know, the painting is owned by David Geffen.

I've posted a link to the still and the original painting, AFTER THE JUMP...


The original painting. View the still HERE (NSFW).