1. says

    Very astute of you to catch that. It’s a clear hommage to Hockney. Be sure to check out Jack Hazan’s great doumentary about the Gay God, “A Bigger Splash” — which deals with the end of Hockney’s affair with Peter Schlesinger (the standing figure in the painting.)

  2. sushi says

    I’m so fucking sick of hetereo-curious actors fucking kissing men so they can get the gay money. Fuck them. As long as they can line their fucking pockets they will kiss a gay man. Otherwise, they couldn’t give a fuck. I hope they all fucking never get a job again those dumb ass mother fucking fucking ass pigs.

  3. The Gay Numbers says

    I would be more impressive if this were some obscure Norwegian painter with a following of 10 people. But as it is, it’s not like the paintings aren’t known by every other gay man in Gayville. Let’s pat ourselves on the back for recognizing the influence of a well known gay artist on the imagery in a gay movie on a gay blog.

    Oh, and what I am tired of is people bitching about the sexual orientation of the actors involved in these projects. The reality is that I don’t care what the actor’s orientation is. Yes, it would be nice a) if there were more out actors with real talent (there aren’t) and b) they wanted to play gay parts (most of them don’t) for fear of being “the gay actor.”

    Actors want to act. They don’t want to just be known for being their sexual orientation. Thus, on the one hand , it’s wrong. On the other, it will change only when the audience stops caring. When will that happen? Maybe it’s an egg versus chicken issue. I don’t know. I also don’t think its a simple question.

    Finally, I think Franco has been very good about his answers. It’s not like he chooses the questions people ask him. This is more about again the audience and media coverage.

  4. The Gay Numbers says

    Oh- and I made a mistake. I should have said ‘out actors with talent with star power to get movies greenlighted.” How many of those do we know?

  5. says

    “I’m so fucking sick of hetereo-curious actors fucking kissing men so they can get the gay money. Fuck them.”

    I naively thought the actors took the roles because they were fantastic parts, silly me. I finally saw Milk last night and thought the performances were uniformly terrific. (There were several gay actors in the cast, just not in the lead roles.) The pool scene was one of the many great touches and one that probably wouldn’t have been there if Milk had ended up in a straight director’s hands. Gus was perfect for this film. And the straight interviewer fixation on the kiss is beyond ridiculous–a kiss is a kiss. Hets can be so squeamishly delicate.

  6. Paul says

    Hey I saw the Movie it is Great…Sean Penn was wonderful as usual…As far as him being the Apple of the Gay Eye and connecting all the broken hollywood pieces for every gay person “which is doubtfull” remains unseen…No single movie is ever going to mop up the spoils of Hollywoodome. Movies are’nt made the way they’re pertrayed on film…Sean Penn has stated at the premiere that he understands the significants of poli-movements in the land of the so called free…His hope was genuine that it would raise awareness towards the movement and attitude…The reality is this… we are lucky they did’nt shelve this production the timeing of the release could not have been better…

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