1. says

    The just trifling. However, I glad Akon has gotten a handle on his anger management issues, which convinced him to toss a kid from the stage and slap a woman in South America, or this may have been cause for another incident.

  2. Josh says

    Slow news today???? What about ……Venezuela’s President decided to cancelled Cyndi Lauper’s concert in Caracas last week because she supports Gay Rights! That’s more like interesting news….AKON?????? Not So Much!!! We will never learn…..talking about people that are not supporters of our Community isn’t cool!!!!!

  3. Barry says

    Homosexuals should never talk about anyone who doesn’t support our community? Are you kidding me Filipe? What world do freaking live in?

    Whether Cyndi Lauper performs in Venezuela or not does not have any affect on my life or my well-being. Stop with the hysterics and grow a pair of balls.

    And one more thing, if we’re not supposed to talk about anyone not in goose step with the gay community, then you can shut the hell up about president-elect Obama. Where’s the will to stop the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy? Huh?

    And while you’re busy creating excuses for the Illinois messiah, what about legal rights to marry for everyone? Don’t hear any condemnation of the 44th president of the USA on that issue. Wonder why?

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