1. Andre says

    I love me some Kathy Griffin.

    I won’t be watching the CNN celebrations live, but you can be sure I’ll DVR it. And that top Cooper-Griffin video is priceless — and his laugh is too cute.

  2. davefromtampa says

    “Me and Tom Cruise?”. Ha, he probably got a boner just thinking about it. It is also great that she mentioned Don Lemon, another CNN closet case. The wallet thing is right, you should never keep it in your back pocket, bad for the spine.

    Happy New Year to all!

  3. Billy says

    Kathy’s mind is so incredibly quick.

    As for Anderson being out, he definitely toes the line. He’s probably encouraged to keep his sexuality private, which sucks, sure. But then he hangs out with Kathy Griffin? I doubt he’s as scared to be out as some of you think.

  4. Glenn says

    She said she’d “drunk call” his boyfriend… she named him and she called him on it… that would be brilliant if she actually called the guy… and forced those tools out of the closet… go Kathy!

  5. aly says

    @Billy: Kathy said she would drunk call who’s boyfriend? Guess I missed that part. She certainly didn’t mean Anderson and Julio Cesar.

  6. says

    Great chemistry and it’s fun to watch Anderson squirm. And his giggle is so Dalton dweeby. You know, he and I are about the same age and I took driver’s ed at Dalton (from a frumpy former taxi driver who loved to talk about Ed Koch and Bess Meyerson being gay AND being lovers). Maybe Coops was in my class? I can only dream.

  7. Red says

    Anderson and Kathy were lots of fun last year so I’m definitely watching them again. Kathy always causes him to go into uncontrollable giggle fits and I really love his giggle.

  8. Kelley says

    I hope that maybe Cooper isn’t gay and that he and Kathy would get together. They’re so cute together!

  9. Roderick/USA says

    Regardless of Mr. Cooper’s personal life and it’s none of our business. As the Bible states, he without sin cast the first stone. Usually people who make nasty statements about other people, have alot of secrets themselves. It was immature and inappropriate for Ms. Griffin to make a ignorant statement about Mr. Cooper. Mr. Cooper can cough and ruin Ms. Griffin career and nothing would be said. I am very displeased with Ms. Griffin. Mr. Cooper has done and spoken for we citizens for the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina and he showed taste for not slapping her or suing her (which is Classy, something Ms. Griffin doesn’t have nor was born into). Now, how many bloggers will really tell their personal secrets? And, can say they have an account well over, let’s say Millions$$$ Mr. Cooper is a professional, something that the USA culture is missing nowadays as well as refinement. Remember, there is a difference between Nouveau’Riche and Old Money. Mr. Cooper keep up the Good Work and remember, some people are out of your league.