1. Frank says

    Boston Legal is a great show- a quirky combination of The Practice and Ally McBeal but with a lot to say on social issues. I thought the episode, and those leading up to this were very well done.

  2. says

    I watched the show and thought they handled the topic well. For those bible-thumpers out there, it should really give pause as it portrayed, poignantly, another benefit of same-sex marriage. Well done! I will miss the show.


  3. Jonathan says

    I haven’t seen it, but from the information I have, I would say it didn’t veer into Chuck and Larry territory.

    It didn’t because Chuck and Larry was about lying about the root of the Union, while this was all open and above board.

    Which points out the other reason marriage is superior to other arrangements and necessary in our society.

    No one gets to question a wedding. Every state, every company, every organization gets to put its own rules on a domestic partnership. The company I work for grants identical benefits for partners in domestic partnerships as they do for married couples. It’s just that DPs have to live together for a year and provide documentation of commingling of assets. Whereas married people can disappear to Vegas for a weekend and just show up with a marriage license.

  4. Chris says

    The relationship between Denny and Alan has always been very close and treated very seroiusly even though they are straight. I think the producer did this very well, and the show ended on real high note.

  5. Zeke says

    Even if it was a “marriage of convenience” between two straight men, WHO CARES? It’s certainly not as if there aren’t thousands and thousands of opposite-sex marriages of convenience performed every year that have absolutely nothing to do with love but are rather financial, security, immigration or other non-love based arrangements. People of the same sex should have the same options even if they aren’t gay. As far as the State is concerned Civil marriage does not, and should not, require love. It should only require consent and committment to the contract.

  6. says

    Boston Legal was one of the best shows on television in recent years. There’s nothing worse than a great show going out on a crappy or contrived finale, but this episode was a beautaful homage to the relationship between Denny and Allan.

    They have always been open about their love for eachother and are probably more intimate than most gay couples depicted on tv, minus only the sex. The marriage plot was beautifully done and well written in a way that was a subtle but powerful argument for gay marriage generally.

    What a wonderful show, I will miss it greatly!

  7. says

    It was all about LOVE and it was quite well done, in my opinion. It also came after a wonderful argument by “Alan Shore” in front of the Supreme Court of The United States which out the “marriage” into better context.

    Two people who care for each other deeply and are willing to be there for each other through everything are attributes that this espisode spoke to most clearly and by the transivity property should be allowed to consumate that love in commitment of the highest level – marriage.

    Chip Arndt

  8. JR says

    I didn’t really watch the show, but this clip was very sweet and funny but not in that lame ass sandler way. It seemed the two characters genuinely loved each other despite being straight. Note to the LDS Church: Love exists regardless of gender.

  9. Banne says

    I have been an avid fan of Boston Legal for years and there has always been an undertone of a relationship between the two characters that mirrors what any straight or gay couple would have with their lover. Minus the sex of course because neither character is gay. The show almost always ends with the two of them having a cigar and scotch and discussing how their relationship is more normal and fulfilling than any other one they have with anyone else on the show.

    And if you have ever watched Boston Legal, you would know the writers are not of the type to mock or belittle same-sex marriage.

    I’m going to miss the show a great deal!

  10. Rick says

    I can’t say it any better then what has already been said. I will truly miss this show. It was the best show for handling hot button social issues with a very deft hand.

  11. says

    It was well done, will miss the show as well. The icing on the cake, however, was the irony of SCOTUS judge Scalia performing the same sex marriage, with decent grace and respect as well.

    Brilliant show. Not sure what ABC is thinking taking this and other keepers off the air.

  12. mitch lawrence says


    “It’s just that DPs have to live together for a year and provide documentation of commingling of assets. Whereas married people can disappear to Vegas for a weekend and just show up with a marriage license.”

  13. chris says

    david chase got it all right, as is his custom. sweet, warm, funny, insightful. not an ounce of sandlerian smarminess tainted this marvelous finale. one of the truly great shows ever on television. monday nights just won’t be the same.

  14. Marie says

    You really missed out by not watching this show more often. This year in particular there was a lot of political debate (and argument) and, boy, was it hysterical and incredibly cathartic! The idea of these two getting married was really cute and clever. I didn’t expect it at all. So sad it’s over – I’d love to see the married couple post-wedding. Hee!

  15. QueenOfTrashin says

    YES!!! It was a fitting end for those two. I said the same thing at work today and another fan an I discussed the madness. I will miss them SO much.

    I was just medial power of attorney. Denny also wanted his vast wealth to go to someone other than Uncle Sam and the Iraq war.

  16. robertmalcolm says

    I have always been a fan of David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Legal, etc.) and it’s sad that another of his fine shows has ended. I also loved all the inside jokes poking fun (or worse) at ABC this season for never really giving this show the promotion it could have used to keep going. It will be interesting if any kind of spin off emerges at another network (often alluded to in the episodes) with some or all of the main characters. And I will agree that the same-sex marriage between Denny and Alan was quite touching and honorable. They will all be missed.

  17. Snoodle says

    One of my favourite shows on television, I absolutely loved last night’s episode and am so far in denial of it being over it’s not even funny.
    A finale fitting of the show and its characters…I really wouldn’t have had it any other way. Five seasons of loyalty beautifully rewarded :)

  18. Celeste B. says

    I wanted to dislike this last episode. I really did. There were a few episodes leading up to the end that seemed to be grasping and a bit desperate. I fully expected to think they really over did it…but instead, like so many other people who posted..I loved the ending. Not everyone can stomach the Denny Crane character but Alan Shore truly loves the big galoot. James Spader seems to love William Shatner in real life…that is honestly what it seemed like. The ending was poignant and Candace Bergen looked like a million bucks. I will miss this show. I am glad you all loved the ending as much as I did.

  19. EDFU says

    Probably the last of the truly “adult” shows on commercial TV. Five years of great writing from David E. Kelley and superb performances from its cast. Spader’s closing arguments in court always left me spellbound.

    ABC should be ashamed of itself for cancelling this–if it had any shame left. Its replacement, “True Beauty,” from Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks, is another reality beauty-show pageant. ABC should be triply ashamed. The depths to which we have sunk….