1. Rikard says

    What a manipulative self centered douche. It brings me a twinge of guilt for the way he brings back all my teenage fantasies of HIS DAD! Ugh!

  2. Josh says

    You wonder why the rest of the world thinks that Americans are soooooo stupid…..well….this is the main reason…this is what the new genereation of American Kids are striving for….pretty sad and pathetic at the same time….

  3. g_whiz says

    Is it wrong that I don’t have the slightest intrerest in caring about this guy (bromance, “hot girlfriend” ,comfortable so called sexuality and all)? Surely there’s more important things to do than watch some so called reality show play up “homoeroticism” for jokes.

  4. says

    what in gay hell?
    Man, I thought Hollywood was creatively bankrupt, but this is a new level of suckitude. I bet they think all the gays are going to be pitching tents and glued to the screen. I bet not even lonely horny chicks are going to like this show.

  5. Marc says

    Who is Brody Jenner and why do I have any interest in what looks to be yet another pathetic reality show?

  6. Ed says

    I watched the trailer and all of the guys end up crying in it. I kept thinking “wow they sure don’t make straight guys like when I was in high school.” lol

  7. Island Girly says

    Brody Jenner? Is that Bruce’s kid? Good Gawd. I read an article in my local paper about this new generation of str8ness. Bromance, and I’m paraphrasing, is male to male intimacy but non sexual. Well, I say throw a few beers into those “intimate, non sexual” moments and see what develops.

  8. resurrect says

    how about a reality show where the guys just hook up with no aspersions to friendship – a.k.a. the bromance (male to male intimacy but non sexual)? oh wait – that’s already REALITY.

    bromance is for wimps.

  9. Keith says

    This looks like the funniest train wreck ever. i am going to have to watch one episode, anyway, just to see how awful this is. Brody can’t find a real friend any other way than to put them through a bunch of stupid shit? Once you win, Brody will move you to LA to “hang out” with him…. that’s your job, that’s your life, hang out with Brody? Well, he is cute. maybe i should have auditioned. It wouldn’t be too bad to be a “kept” man of a hottie in LA.

  10. says

    I guess I am one of those horny gay dudes with my eyes glued to the set for this series! I love it! The dudes are for the most part smokin’ hot as is Jenner and it’s fun to watch them just be guys and do anything they can to impress Brody into being their “friend.” With all the stress and hard work most of us put in day-in and day-out, it’s fun to have some trash to just relax and laugh at when we come home from our careers, running-around trying to find “Mr. Right,” hitting the gym, and staying socially active. It’s all fun and games–lighten-up peeps!

  11. Bill Michael says

    Ass-kissing shows like this make me want to puke. I got some news. I wouldn’t pull it out to piss on Brody Jenner. Who does he think he is?

  12. Donald says

    Josh, when complaining about how stupid Americans look to others, you might want to spellcheck yourself (generation), learn to use a comma, and not spell the word “so” with 13 o’s.