1. scar2 says

    It’s a promising storyline, but u missed a better episode on ‘Ugly Betty’ a couple weeks back. Betty’s effeminate 14-year-old nephew lost a friend due to peer pressure. His Mom comforted him by telling him to never change the way he is. I know the show has lost its water-cooler appeal but they’re still doing some groundbreaking episode regarding this kid so I’d like to see some coverage here. Thx.

  2. Right On says

    Finally!!!! They gave Andrew a storyline. The minute the Doctor told BREE he just moved in with someone,the whole scene with Andrew buying end tables made sense. So when a few seconds later he calls Andrew I yelled out with delightful glee. Hopefully this gay storyline will be more fleshed out than the gay neighbors.

  3. Strepsi says

    YAY – gay Andrew is back! And if he again becomes EVIL Gay Andrew, it’ll be heaven. Andrew sleeping with his mother’s fiance purely out of SPITE — and making sure she caught them! — was the series’ high point.

    While the story of the Doctor realizing that the crazy couple are his in-laws will be cute, hoping for an evil twist… without, of course, the minstrel-like writing for the criminally under-used Bob and Lee.

  4. qjersey says

    I thought there was a plot point I missed from an episode that my DVR fucked up that either Bob or Lee had done porn.

    Regardless, Andrew was a hustler, doubtful his BF in porn is an issue. But sure will zoink Bree.

  5. Marc's Cherry says

    But of course as a Gay Republican, I am quite comfortable and accepting of my second-class status. As long as I have my own hard-earned money, things are good.

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