1. scar2 says

    It’s a promising storyline, but u missed a better episode on ‘Ugly Betty’ a couple weeks back. Betty’s effeminate 14-year-old nephew lost a friend due to peer pressure. His Mom comforted him by telling him to never change the way he is. I know the show has lost its water-cooler appeal but they’re still doing some groundbreaking episode regarding this kid so I’d like to see some coverage here. Thx.

  2. Right On says

    Finally!!!! They gave Andrew a storyline. The minute the Doctor told BREE he just moved in with someone,the whole scene with Andrew buying end tables made sense. So when a few seconds later he calls Andrew I yelled out with delightful glee. Hopefully this gay storyline will be more fleshed out than the gay neighbors.

  3. Strepsi says

    YAY – gay Andrew is back! And if he again becomes EVIL Gay Andrew, it’ll be heaven. Andrew sleeping with his mother’s fiance purely out of SPITE — and making sure she caught them! — was the series’ high point.

    While the story of the Doctor realizing that the crazy couple are his in-laws will be cute, hoping for an evil twist… without, of course, the minstrel-like writing for the criminally under-used Bob and Lee.

  4. qjersey says

    I thought there was a plot point I missed from an episode that my DVR fucked up that either Bob or Lee had done porn.

    Regardless, Andrew was a hustler, doubtful his BF in porn is an issue. But sure will zoink Bree.

  5. Leland Frances says

    Gay DH creator Marc Cherry’s total donations to fight Prop H8TE as reported by the “SF Chronicle”:


  6. Marc's Cherry says

    But of course as a Gay Republican, I am quite comfortable and accepting of my second-class status. As long as I have my own hard-earned money, things are good.