1. latebrosus says

    Man, am I getting tired of these stupid “slippery slope” defenses. “…pressure nations which do not recognize same-sex unions to do so…” my butt. People will continue to figure out ways to discriminate against us, executions or not. What, they don’t want to think harder about it?

  2. Ty says

    The Vatican is fine with man-boy love(eew), but when 2 adult men or women fall in love they are shocked.
    Newsflash Vatican, if you don’t recognise our unions, you must all cut off your penises and balls so we are sure there is no double standard.

  3. says

    “Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi argued that such a resolution ‘could clearly become a way to pressure or discriminate against those who … consider marriage between a man and a woman to be the basic and original form of social life.'”

    Oh, I love the logic: Supporting a UN resolution condemning discrimination against gay people will lead to discrimination against the heterosexual majority and their fragile, exclusive institution of marriage. Discrimination against gay people–not a problem. Discrimination against straight people–need to avoid that at all costs, the poor, innocent, helpless creatures. Typical. As if the Vatican knows anything real about “the basic and original form of social life.”

  4. RB says

    Ok, so most here know that I am a conservative person and that I am the son of a Southern preacher. However, what I do not understand is how religeous people can stand in my face and say that there is no difference in sin, that all sin is the same regardless and at the same time deny me the right to make my own decisions on how to live my life!!! From the stand point of “Christians”, why can they just let it go like the way they sit next to the three times divorced newly married couple sitting next to them in church?! I clearly could quote more bible verses that speak more directly against divorce than being gay! And yet we have “civil” divorce and no one is running around screaming about the sin of the offender! If they want to continue with this whole sin is sin and that we are wrong how about revoking the civil rights of the next couple that get a divorce? I am all for it. If gays cannot marry then straights should not be able to get a divorce! Afterall, wouldn’t that strengthen the family?

    Having said that, I am growing more angry with each time that someone gets in my face and screams that I should not have equal rights because I am gay! I just do not understand the thought process! But you can only kick a dog so many times before it bites and I think we have just about been kicked enough!!!

  5. Godfrey says

    Not to worry guys and gals, I give this institution less that ten years before they are snuffed out.

    All these pronouncements are the dying shrieks of a fading star!

  6. says

    Well, RB, I disagreed with you many times during the election cycle, and I’m sure we’ll disagree again, but I’m totally on the same page with you on this and some other similar posts. There is common cause, something to keep in mind during those times when we get sidetracked by eating our own.

  7. Superan says

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE UNITED STATES IS REFUSING TO SIGN THIS ALSO? And what is being done to put pressure on our government to change its stance? After Prop 8, I thought we’d learned not to wait until after it’s too late to act on an issue of such incredible significance for our community!

  8. Superman says

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY THE UNITED STATES IS REFUSING TO SIGN THIS ALSO? And what is being done to put pressure on our government to change its stance? After Prop 8, I thought we’d learned not to wait until after it’s too late to act on an issue of such incredible significance for our community!

    PS: Sorry for the spam, but I was so upset that I mistyped my alias!

  9. Tom in Lazybrook says

    Boy..that didn’t take long.

    So the Vatican now says that it absolutely doesn’t support the criminalization of being Gay, while opposing the UN Resolution because it was poorly worded. But then, LESS than 3 weeks later we find the following gem from Ethiopia. I’m wondering if the Catholic Church is going to PUBLICALLY CONDEMN AND DISCIPLINE those Catholic leaders responsible for THIS:

    from On Top Magazine

    Ethiopian religious leaders gathered Monday in the country’s capital of Addis Ababa to press lawmakers to constitutionally ban being gay, the Europe-based AFP news service reports.

    Representing several denominations, including Ethiopian Christian Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant, nearly a dozen clerics said outlawing being gay was insufficient. Current Ethiopian law forbids gay sex and prescribes a six month jail sentence as punishment, but the constitution remains silent on the issue.

    In making their case, the religious leaders called being gay “the pinnacle of immorality” and blamed it for an increase in sexual attacks on boys and young men.

    “This is something very strange in Ethiopia, the land of the Bible that condemns this very strongly,” said Abune Paolos, the head of Ethiopia’s Christian Orthodox Church, which dates back to the first century.

    “For people to act in this manner they have to be dumb, stupid like animals,” he told reporters. “We strongly condemn this behavior. They [gays and lesbians] have to be disciplined and their acts discriminated, they have to be given a lesson.”

    The most recent available data shows Christians make up a majority (61.6%) of Ethiopia’s population.

    A United Nations resolution calling for the universal decriminalization of being gay was introduced in the General Assembly on December 18 and gathered 66 member signatures. Backers said anti-gay laws are used to “harass civil society, restrict free expression, discredit enemies, and destroy lives.”

    “Sodomy laws add to the spread of HIV/AIDS by criminalizing outreach to affected groups,” said Scott Long, director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights program at Human Rights Watch.

    As a United Nations member, Ethiopian leaders rejected the resolution.

    Monday’s resolution called on Ethiopian lawmakers to act forcefully against gays and lesbians in the country: “We urge parliamentarians to … endorse a ban on homosexuality in the constitution,” the resolution read.

    “Here we don’t believe that it is [a human rights issue] and we don’t believe that is related to creation – it has no biological base,” Sium Antonios, head of the NGO United for Life Ethiopia, told the AFP.

    “It is unacceptable, it is immoral. Every single leader said in one voice that is the pinnacle of immorality,” he said.

    Being gay remains illegal in 80 countries throughout the world, according to the U.N. Nine countries prescribe death as a punishment.

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