1. Mark in NYC says

    Why continue to mess with a classic? Enough with the cheap caricatures of the Beales. What more could you add to the Maysles’ documentaries? It’s like Pam Anderson remaking Casablanca…oh wait, she did: Barbwire. Nevermind.

  2. J says

    If Luke Wilson’s good looks eventually bored her, Tom Green’s wacky antics wore off, Justin Long eventually(after a year) stopped making her so happy her cheeks hurt, does Jason Segal have what it takes to keep Drew’s wandering clit zoned in for the long haul?

  3. Monte says

    Jessica Lange is about the only thing that might save this. The gays are going to hate that it’s being remade. Now Drew Barrymore out with a bullhorn at the Prop 8 demonstrations makes a lot more sense.

  4. peterparker says

    Drew was out with a bullhorn at the Prop 8 demonstrations because she has LOADS of gay friends. She deserves the same respect from our community that she gives to us on a daily basis. It saddens me to see people here making such cruel comments about a friend of our community.

    As for the film…I can’t wait to see it.

  5. Mark says

    Listen to yourselves. Reading the comments posted on towleroad gives me very little hope for the gays. Is it true that we are all just a bunch of bitchy, negative queens?

    Life is short. Get happy guys. You don’t have to hate EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

  6. says

    Henry, ITA. Even the music sounds intriguing. The fact that it’s a time-shifting period piece (like the musical) is also encouraging. I was led to believe it was just a Barrymore vanity project.

    Looks like quite a lot of effort was afforded in the production. I’m stoked!

  7. Clifford says

    I’m very disappointed they didn’t get the fabulous Christine Ebersole to play the role of Little Edie. I love Drew and think she’s very sweet, but she never seems to be able to shore up enough acting chops to pull off anything other than a one note performance.

  8. David B. says

    peterparker and j

    I’ve heard it is unlikely that one man can satisfy la Barrymore — since she likes them in multiples (2 or 3 – I and her neighbors have heard).

  9. Paul says

    For those complaining that we don’t need a remake of the documentary, this is NOT a remake of the documentary. It tells the story from the 30s through, and after, the documentary to Little Edie’s life and cabaret act in NYC.

  10. says

    @ Tweety: it’s called the internet, you’re using it right now. try – enter grey gardens in that little rectangle box above the little grey button labeled “Google Search” you should be good from there. maybe.

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