1. Zeke says

    Good! He was a smarmy, sleazy crook has no place in the new and improved Democratic Party. He has been, for a long while, the shoe that’s been waiting to drop. I say good riddance.

    I don’t know much about the Lt. Gov. who will take over but I do know that he is a lifelong Democrat so Obama’s replacement should be safe.

  2. says

    I am reading a copy of the indictment and the FBI is elaborating on the arrest right now on live TV. If he is found guilty of all the charges against him, he will end up sharing a cell with his predecessor, former Illinois Gov. Ryan. It’s really BAD.

  3. BC says

    I just read a lot of the quotes from the investigation. I can’t see any way for him to wiggle out of this (although with Chicago politics as it is, who knows). He basically demanded that he either be paid well to place someone in the seat or he would take it himself. WOW! My hope would be that the democratic party will fully condemn his actions and make it clear that this is not what the democratic party is about.

  4. says

    Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn is a respectable replacement. He’s a large consumer rights activist and has served the Illinois government honorably. I can’t wait for him to take the reins!

  5. says

    He’s “…frustrated at being ‘stuck’ as governor”? Well, I would say this scumbag is no longer stuck. Perhaps he won’t sound so bored with 3 hots and a cot?

    What is is with our elected leadership? Holy crap, can we get one ethical person in charge of a state (our RI governor has pinging on the radar’s lately, as well).

  6. Jason Young says

    As far as I can tell he got arrested for being a politician. You all do realize that this is how politics works, in reality. Back-door deals like he was discussing are the reality at all levels of government. So when are they going to arrest all the other politicians? Do you really think that Obama hasn’t had private conversations like this? This is especially hypocritical coming from the Bush administration. He wasn’t selling the seat for financial gain from what I’ve seen but political gain, which is how things get done in politics. Politics is inherently corrupt that is why it doesn’t work the way the naive, gullible, and idealists think it should. It’s the very rare person who acquires high office without making these kinds of deals. He should have been more subtle about it, instead of taking the more plain-spoken path that he did because he was under the mistaken assumption that his private conversation was in fact private.

    Everyone should operate under the assumption that their phone and other electronic conversations are being recorded.

    Also, from what I understand he was giving Bank of America and some other wealthy and powerful companies some grief over loans they wouldn’t extend to Illinois based companies. I’m sure that is just a coincidence though. He will get off with a couple of years in jail and a fine. Politicians, like other thugs, protect their own.

  7. Ben says

    It’s not how “politics are done.” He wanted identifiable monetary rewards for himself and his wife, and he demanded them in a blatant quid pro quo. That’s extortion. It’s not the same as “I’ll do you a favor, and hope you’ll do me one later.” There’s no law against creating good will. Blago was literally demanding cash for a Senate seat, and trying to extort the president-elect of the United States.

    He was also demanding the Tribune company fire editorial writers at the Chicago Tribune as a condition of receiving state funds.

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