1. RB says

    It is over and Obama is my president. However, Rev Wright scares the living hell out of me! I really take issues with Obama sitting in that church with his two girls and subjecting them to that type of hate!

    Attack dogs back off…..not trying to cause a riot, but I really question the judgement of a person that would NOT walk out on preacher like that. I would NEVER allow my kids to sit through a service that was condemning me as a gay man but he allowed two young girls to listen to this!?

  2. GregV says

    Most of the public seems to base its opinion of Wright on tat seven word phrase which is taken out of context and replayed over and over to show him at his worst. If you watch the whole sermon (which Obama had never heard}, it doesn`t sound nearly as inflammatory. If I may paraphrase, the overall message was more like, “We can easily identify evil when its done against us by others. But a lot of horrible things have been committed to people on behalf of our country. We have to look at ourselves whenever we are hurting others and ask what are WE doing.“
    I don`t defend those seven words and, like nearly everyone, I don`t know ANYTHING about Wright to criticize outside of that one isolated sentence. But really, McCain`s buddy Hagee, for example (or James Dobson or Pat Robertson or Don Wildmon, as other examples} have made a career out of horrible and hateful statements, MANY of which I HAVE heard and which are more consistent with an OVERALL negative message.

  3. BEB says

    After a rough day of work, I really enjoyed watching the interview with Lady GaGa. She seems very down-to-earth for someone who has cracked the top 5 in the U.S. with her debut single (finally!!!) and has scored two #1’s in Canada. We should all live for the moment – appreciating what we have and striving for what we want to achieve.

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