Marriage Equality Notes from All Over: CO, NY, IA, CA, MA, CT, IN


road.jpg Gay rights advocates picketed another Cinemark-owned theater over the weekend, this one in Boulder, Colorado. They were joined by newly-elected Colorado congressman Jared Polis. Cinemark was the target of a recent protest in Evanston, Illinois. Both groups were protesting a $9,999 donation by owner Alan Stock to the “Yes on 8″ campaign in California. Photo by Towleroad reader Daniel Merritt-LeSatz.

road.jpg EARLIER: New York marriage equality bill a big question mark.

Iowa_3road.jpg Iowa gay marriage ban to go before high court: “…both national advocates and opponents of same-sex marriage say they will closely monitor the Dec. 9 hearing in Des Moines. Both sides say they wonder whether the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California, which banned gay marriage, will influence the outcome in Iowa, and whether the issue of same-sex unions will return to the forefront as state legislatures return to session early next year.” Iowa couple Tim McQuillan and Sean Fritz, who were married very quickly once the judge gave his ruling, were the only couple to be married before the ruling was stayed at the county’s request.

road.jpg Marriage Equality USA to hold public ‘town hall’ in Los Angeles December 7: “Co-organizer and Chapter Leader Geoff Scowcroft states the purpose, ‘is to let the community speaks its mind on what happened in the recent election and to map a new direction for the Same-Sex Marriage Movement.’ While other Town Halls have been organized Scowcroft says, ‘The messages in these discussions have been controlled by the same organizations that planned the failed strategy for the campaign. The format has lacked the transparency that many in the community feel is essential for a clear understanding of the issues. It is time for an open forum for our community to discuss what has happened, so that we can truly start the process of healing.'”

road.jpg Here’s the playback of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s ‘virtual’ town hall held just before Thanksgiving if you missed it.

Osbornroad.jpg Activist Torie Osborn rips ‘No on 8′ campaign for failing to use Barack Obama: “I’ve heard people blame the Obama campaign for sucking money and people out of the struggle against 8. And I’ve heard too much ugly anger at the Black community. But take responsibility, No on 8 leaders – you had Barack’s endorsement and you didn’t use it. That left it wide open for the YES folks to manipulate Obama’s position into yet one more lie — that he supported Prop 8. That was a possibly fatal error and we cannot blame the Morman Church or African-Americans for it.”

road.jpg Charles M. Blow focuses race element in Proposition 8 vote on Black women.” Pam Spaulding responds.

road.jpg AP: Is gay the new black?

road.jpg Good as You looks back at 70’s-era CA marriage ban legislation that set the stage for future conflict.

Osmondroad.jpg Donny Osmond on same-sex marriage: “We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets. We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.”

road.jpg Massachusetts and Connecticut see economic gain from marriage equality.

road.jpg Massachusetts High Court Justice John Greaney retiring: “We share a common humanity and participate together in the social contract that is the foundation of our Commonwealth. Simple principles of decency dictate that we extend … full acceptance, tolerance and respect. We should do so because it is the right thing to do.”

Indianaroad.jpg INDIANA: Same-sex marriage likely off the agenda for 2009: Lawmakers will face plenty of challenges when they meet in January for the 2009 legislative session, with the top priority being the creation of a balanced two-year budget amid a tanking economy. But one hot-button issue that’s likely to be left off the agenda is gay marriage. The GOP-controlled state Senate has voted three times since 2005 to pass the proposed amendment, which would have to pass two consecutive, separately elected General Assemblies and then win approval in a statewide vote to take effect. But resolutions supporting the proposed amendment have twice died in the Democrat-controlled House.”


  1. Cj says

    Et tu, Donny? It’s amazing, this cabbage patch kid faced man is preaching about morals and responsibility. I suppose hate and discrimination is the new “moral code”.

  2. Jason says

    Fuck off, Donny. What does the ancient code say about plastic surgery? If it’s a sin you’re fucked.

  3. Nick says

    In regards to little Donny Osmond’s comments- you are free to live as you wish according to whatever sorcery, witchcraft, hypocritical belief system you want —just don’t force it on society and codify it.
    We are a pluralistic society Donny-with many believers and NON believers. Don’t try to prosthletize through law. And by the way- how many wives would you truly like to have -as your so called prophet favored-until the Mormon cult caved so that Utah could become a state?

  4. KFLO says

    Donny is a moron – just trying to get his name out there again. Give it up Don, your career is dead!

    And good for Indiana! Keep discrimination out of your constitution!

  5. says

    If Donny Osmond’s magic undies have influence over my civil rights, surely Tom Cruise’s tinfoil hat deserves just as much.
    The Mormons really give Scientology credence.

  6. Ed says

    Based on this quote I don’t have any problem with what this hasbeen has stated. Nowhere is it clarified that he is referring to a man and a woman. Gay marriages are just as likely to lead to families and that seems to be his main concern.

    Of course if you read the entirety of his quote one can deduce that he has stupidly attributed being gay as a lifestyle choice… blah blah blah… (oh what a waste of time these people are.) But as excerpts go, (this one from “The Family – A Proclamation To The World, a document published … back in 1995″), this one’s a cinch. They just want families and the glbt community can fulfill, and have fulfilled, that requirement dutifully.

    I’d actually argue that the out and proud glbt community make better parents anyway. But I’m probably just biased because I know that the glbt’s are better. 😛

  7. says

    First Donny ought to counsel his slut sister on morality. Everytime I see her in those dumb ass Nutra system commercials I want to puke.

    I guess he could care less about all the money he made off adolescent gay boys back in the 70’s. Oh how naive we were.

  8. Barin says

    Donny was so much more agreeable when he was 12″ tall, made of plastic and wearing the gayest purple, lavender and pink number that even Liberace would have thought twice about.

  9. Beef and Fur says

    First my mother and now The Osmonds….now my day is complete. Getting preached to and “warned” by Donny Osmond. Apparently God does have a sense of humor – and irony – that he sent Donny Osmond as the phrophet against Gay Marriage. Too bad he didn’t dress in a velvet jumpsuit. Now THAT would have been funny.

  10. Jerry says

    If nothing else, no one can accuse Donny of stepping away from the party line…

    Though, really, they expect that gay Mormons remain chaste along with the rest of the unmarried Mormons. Lame. Completely delusional.

  11. Andy says

    So gay people are just fine with Donny Osmond as long as they don’t actually have sex or try to marry? Well, Donny is just fine with me, too, as long as he stays off my television set. Don’t tell me how to live my life and I won’t tell you, okay? How about those words to live by?

  12. Oracle says

    Someone might want to look into filtering your ad service. This post showed up on my feed reader with an ad for a “Fire Obama” website affixed to the bottom.

  13. tjc says

    I read it before elsewhere (possibly from Dan Savage):
    Gay is the new Jew, not the new black.

    Makes a lot more sense on many levels:
    — passing
    — we’re all rich
    — it’s a choice
    — Christmas = Marriage, Chanukah = Civil Unions

  14. David B. says

    Someone should be making the economic argument — with the state of the economy — a state turning it’s nose up at 80-120 Million of locally spent incomes going to mom and pop wedding businesses should make a difference.

    Oh well – MA and CT will just benefit from that for years before CA gets on the bandwagon. Where are the old Republicans? — out of our private lives government, let’s stimulate business!

  15. Craig says

    Donny’s magic underpants are on way too tight – cutting off blood to his brain. Jesus and the Aztecs, yeah, right! Mormons and morons are only separated by one letter

  16. contrarian says

    Mr. Osmond (and your seemingly unlimited clan)you belong to a CULT founded by a 19th century power-hungry charlatan whose sketchy theological snake-oil has now been exposed by a handful of brave historians. This CULT still refuses to publish anything about its finances and assets. Strip them of the tax exemption!

  17. Rey says

    Damn Donny O. Now my happy memories of the Donny & Marie microphone that I received for Xmas oh so many years ago and completely tarnished.

    But I always did find him rather creepy.

  18. duane Harrison says

    Is there any company that will sponsor my partner to work here to be with me???????
    Please help me cause until there is FULL EQUALITY I AM AT MERCY
    A dying heart in INDIANA

  19. Steel Mag says

    Both are Hypercrites, especially Marie who’s been divorced twice over. But being Bisexual, I’d give them both a wirl in my bed. I’ll bet that this would completely change thier minds about prop 8. Yea Baby Marie, give me some Twat and Donny, give me some Cock!