1. SCOTT says

    HA!HA! That is awesome. He had the lights worked out, the water… and his mom at the end. I would have loved for sound at the end – it was almost like “Mom, get me a towel!!!” Funny. Funny.

  2. davefromtampa says

    “Dammit, son, you dripping all over my floor. You so gonna clean this mess up.” “But mom, this is how Chris Crocker got to be famous!”

  3. JR says

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! This may have ruined this song for me. DAMMIT! The bonus though is his mom throwing him the towel so he doesn’t her her floor all wet.

  4. ugotmeinsd_619 says

    UGGH – This kid is desperate for his 15-mins of fame. This was not as good as Shane’s rendition of Single Ladies.

  5. sparks says

    It’s a good thing he trimmed his armpit hair or the gay grooming natzis would have attacked him by now…

  6. Kai says

    The mom at the end was phenomenal. As fun as the song was, it is amazing that the kids mom is so supportive.

  7. says

    I loved every fucking minute of it. He was workin’it like the rent was due yesterday. I love it when gay comes in all colors shapes and sizes. Perfection :)

  8. alex in Boston says

    OK not bad! But no way is this better then Shane’s “Single Ladies”! First off the song is not as moving as “SL”…. Shane you can still sleep at nite knowing it’s gonna take a lot more to knock you off the perch!!!

  9. alex in Boston says

    OK not bad! But no way is this better then Shane’s “Single Ladies”! First off the song is not as moving as “SL”…. Shane you can still sleep at nite knowing it’s gonna take a lot more to knock you off the perch!!!

  10. Dan says

    Thought it was great. Much better than the single ladies guy, whose costume set gays back ten years. This guy was nerdy at first, but then got really sexy.
    I just kept worrying that he was going to whip that head around and slam it on the shower wall.
    Great job. :)

  11. chris says

    zeke – get a life. his mom seems to be supportive. sorry if you’re internally or even externally homophobic.

    given his body type he might actually be a dancer, so then, i bet, his parents are proud.

  12. says

    This just shows how stupid Britney’s shtick is. I mean, really? Writhing and throwing your head around? Please don’t compare this to SL. That at least has choreography. This is basically a seizure.

  13. Matty says

    yawn…I’m going to film myself mimicking The Big Girls mimicking drlag2be mimicking Cubby mimicking Shane Mercado mimicking Beyonce who ripped off Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse’s “Mexican Breakfast” and see if I can get my 15 minutes too.

  14. dave says

    I was scared he’d bang his head on the wall! Came on now Tim, I love Britney, but I am not stupid, in fact I probably make more money than you. Just kidding, please stop generalizing, why do some gays like doing that?

  15. Dave says

    Sorry Tim, that’s not a typo, ‘o’ is so far from ‘a’ on the keyboard, my meant ‘come’.

  16. nic says

    nah, shane has nothing to worry about. bob fosse vs. brit-brit’s lazy-assed strutting? i don’t think so.

  17. Matt says

    Really cute, and totally on the brink of sexy.

    Also, snaps for family support. Bree Van De Kamp, take note, you may buy the gay porn for your son, but this momma operates the camcorders that will make her son a gay porn star. bravo!

  18. says

    Next up, his rendition of “All I want for Christmas”….

    I would tip the twink a $5 so he could go buy himself a Happy Meal.

  19. JayDub says

    There’s a video of me doing the entire Michael Jackson Thriller video when I was 14. If it ever surfaces, I’m disowning my mother!

  20. PERSPECTIVE says

    OK, yeah it’s great that (assumed) gay kids have supportive parents – but really aren’t there lines? It’s not like he was JUST dancing to a song – he was partially stripping too – let’s call it what it is… A parent can support their straight child and not be the towel handler when she practices her dance slash strip routine. To be clear – I think that both of these things DANCE/PARTIAL STRIP and PARENTAL SUPPORT are both fine – but INDEPENDENT of each other. Parents should not play ANY role in the sexualizing of their child – whether real, perceptional, stylized or conventional. BOUNDARIES peeps. Boundaries.

  21. Dan says

    I don’t think the mom knew exactly what he was doing. He started the camera for himself and then had to call her to come get the towel. She probably had no idea he was “stripping”.

  22. dc8stretch says

    RE: 3pm.

    “the stereotype I try to fight on a daily basis”.

    Allowing a kid to be himself is the right I fight for on a daily basis. This video, with the mom at the end, was as gratifying for me as the Vermont vote today.

    “Great song, though.” Dude- you are also a stereotype. The ‘str8-acting’ gay listening to Britney Spears.