NY Senator Diaz Sr. Issues Threat to Gays as Dem Deal Breaks Down

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that it was looking like the power-sharing deal between New York Senate Democrats Malcolm Smith and the so-called “gang of three” (Senator-elect Pedro Espada Jr., Senator Rubén Díaz Sr. of the Bronx, and Senator Carl Kruger of Brooklyn) was on its way to a breakdown.

Diaz_smithLast week it was reported that the deal, which might have made a technical Democratic majority in the Senate into a solid one, had sacrificed a vote on same-sex marriage in the coming session by using it as a bargaining chip.

What the four Senators seem to have discovered is that power-sharing is not easy, and the deal has indeed crumbled.

Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. told the NYDN‘s Elizabeth Benjamin last night that there is essentially no deal.

Diaz Sr. also threw down the gauntlet to New York’s gay community, issuing a vague threat:

“The gays are calling my office. They’re jamming my phones. They’re going to see what we can do. They’re going to see exactly what we can do. Ed Koch (who called the ‘gang of three’ “rats” on NY1 this week) is going to see what we can do. They’re just going to see. That is what I’m telling you.”

Gee, that’s a really responsible tone for an elected official to take when people perceived to be gay are being attacked and bludgeoned to death in the city’s streets.

In related news:

Gays in New York who were behind the Facebook group supporting Malcolm Smith as majority leader have changed the name of the Facebook group (of which I am an officer) to The Power.

Anyone with an interest in supporting the push for marriage equality in New York is encouraged to join this group to stay updated on activities toward achieving this goal.

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