Palm Springs Vigil Resounds with Longing for a Leader


The Palm Springs candlelight vigil on Saturday night was to happen following a screening of Milk. When the scheduled speakers failed to show, the assembled participants turned the rally into an “informal talk among newfound and old friends,” who finally left their candles behind in a poignant, almost SOS-like call to the lost leader.

Our earlier post on the “Light up the Night for Equality vigils is HERE.


  1. Larry McD says

    I really REALLY would like to know who the “scheduled speakers” who didn’t show up were. I used to live in Palm Springs, still have friends there, and I’d really really REALLY like to have those names!

  2. Qjersey says

    Is the state of the gay movement, lacking a unifying gay leader and organization (sorry Joe and HRC) any surprise when the “gay mecca” of Palm Springs (which is repeatedly shoved down our throats by bloggers and gay mags as one of “the places to be”) can’t get anyone to show up to speak?

  3. says

    There are countless gay politicians and leaders today, I dare add celebrities and others of prominence that support gay rights; in my opinion there is no need to lament over the past.

    Yes, respect it and examine it but let’s get back to asking the elected officials to uphold and propel our rights. Where is the HRC, ACLU and GLAAD with these measures…we should be aligning ourselves with a giant that already exists.

    Are these elected officials at the rallys are they putting their names on the petitions?

    The romantic portrayal of a man who died 25 years ago is nothing more than a look at history thru a Hollywood made movie. Yes I saw the movie and it was not a favorite of mine as it did not compare to the documentary that has existed over 20 years ago.

    The gay movement has enough organizations and people and surely more money than it did 25 years ago; therefore it is time to get organized with a CENTRAL group and let them project how the movement is going to proceed. We are not asking for the movement to get focused, there are little things here and there that are making statements but not consistent enough to evoke change.

    Why aren’t we boycotting Sundance due to Mormon involvement? What happened with that Hotel Boycott in California?

    The truth is many gays are integrated to some level in the greater society and any boycott can be discounted due to personal gain. Did Rachael Meadow call in Gay on December 10th? Probably not.

  4. Ty says

    Charles if Milk wasn’t a favorite of yours, you need to have your head examined.
    And there is a boycott of Sundance, however reservations were already made, so Cinemark is still the venue.
    And donate 20 bucks a month to HRC, nuf said.