Rick Warren Staging Gay-Related West Hollywood Photo Ops?


TMZ reports that Rick Warren visited West Hollywood’s Out of the Closet thrift store yesterday:

“That’s Warren on the right (naturally), his arm around Erol Sarabi, who is openly gay. Warren, who supports the ban on gay marriage which has not sat real well with some Obama supporters, bought 8 to 10 books, two of which were his own (that doesn’t help with his Amazon ranking). Warren told Sarabi not to believe everything he reads, that he does a lot for AIDS research and was happy that Out of the Closet does free AIDS testing. Warren also said he met with Melissa Etheridge recently and the two planned to have dinner together — go figure. By the way, Warren gave a signed copy of his book to Sarabi. The inscription from the Bible, Proverbs 19:21: ‘Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.'”

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  1. says

    I am SO about to puke.

    This si SPIN MEDIA and PR at its worst. Now they are just stuffing it down our throats.

    So shallow. So meaningless. And so fucking wrong.

  2. rocketdog says

    ah, etheridge has started a movement, i see… another vapid, attention-desperate gay person who’s more than happy embrace the devil.

  3. Ken says

    Trolling down to the gay ghetto to snap some quick pics before he turns around and shits on us. Now Etheridge appoved!

  4. tjc says

    And I’d have either just handed his book back to him and escorted him from the space, or asked him to sign it, “Dear Faggot,” or, if that was too “offensive” to him, “Dear 2nd Class Citizen,” or “To one of my best friends who is gay.”

    And then auctioned it on eBay with the money going to pro-gay causes.

  5. JMD says

    Very best case, President-elect Obama lacks the ability to make good judgements about members of the “clergy.” Let’s hope that’s the extent of the problem.

  6. SFshawn says

    This whole situation was sad and pathetic to begin with but can the Obama camp handle 28 more days of this clown and his lack of integrity or substance? He’s a loose canon-what is the next stunt he’s going to pull or stupid remark before it’s TOO much?
    Are we sure he’s not a female to male transexual or Jerry Falwells unknown spawn?

  7. Contrarian says

    The drumbeat on this news blog against ALL people of faith is counter-productive. The USA is not post-religion, secularist W. Europe, whether we like it or not.

    Mr. Warren (and other evangelicals to the right of him) represents only a fraction of all Christians. LGBT folks have allies in mainline Prot. churches, and even some activists within the R.C. fold. Militant atheist prattling may win you cheers among the European “chattering class” (and American academia) but alienates most US voters. It’s not a winning strategy to change hearts and minds, and more importantly, votes. Don’t give Warren an importance he doesn’t have outside evangelical circles. The same goes for Pope bashing–great way to alienate the fastest growing voter group, Latinos.

  8. Nick says

    You know what? I love this, and I think it’s why I wasn’t THAT peeved when this whole mess started. Rick Warren is the one having to moderate/change/(lie about) his positions in order to be acceptable, not Obama. Obama is the one with the power, and fat Rick knows it.

  9. Joe says

    Every time I see his photo I think to myself, “What a big drunk!” He’s got the bloat. Off to rehab soon, Rick!

  10. Ken says

    I know it’s been said, but let’s do it again: the Rick Warren outrage is not because he’s religious, not because he’s Christian, not because he doesn’t agree with us on same-sex marriage being a fundamental right, and certainly not because he’s fat. We are rightly outraged that a man who dehumanizes LGBT people for the simple fact of their existence, comparing our relationships to incest, child rape, and bestility. His hodge-podge, ill-informed rhetoric feeds the ignorance and fear that perpetuates the violence and discrimination against our community.

    If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. The rest of us are through with the slow death by a thousand cuts.

  11. mr. McCord says

    I’m not a big commenter, but I need to say this. I live in CA and I married my partner of 9 years on Oct. 17th. the day before my 35th birthday. Coming from divorce I was never a big believer in marriage or thought it was that important to me. When I did get married the world opened up to me- Something I never entertained, a deep spiritual connection that was validated and recognized by my government, my friends and family. It was important and it is still. On election night the thrill of Obama was was marred by Prop 8, not so much for what I lost, but we watched the returns in a bar in my hood- the bartender was this 22 year old gay kid who started crying when he realized prop 8 was going to pass. At his age in Los Angeles he lived in a world of acceptance and opportunity that I didn’t see growing up in Tampa Florida in the 80s, and he had the rug pulled out from under him. Watching this Rick Warren Fiasco I want to be like Melissa Etheridge and her confused wife, I want to form a bridge with evangelicals, I’d love to pretend that they Love me and welcome me, but they don’t. They believe we are sinners and they’d like nothing more than to get us to see the “light”. We are not welcome to be a part of salvation just a witness to theirs in hopes it will make us repent and abandon our un- christ like ways. In the spirit of Obama the bridge- maker, and X-mas it would be nice to meet in the middle of the road, but while we’re entertaining thoughts of forgiveness and reconciliation, the religious fanatics this fat f#&k is in league with filed motions on the Friday before X-mas to invalidate my marriage and the the marriage of 18,000 other californians. Sorry about the novel, but I had to get this off my chest.

  12. Rick In Ohio says

    Geez, his PR people really don’t know how to handle all this negative attention, do they? I can just envision them in a coffee-and-cigarettes- induced haze, frantically paging through stacks of PR 101 textbooks at 3:00 am, looking for something, anything…

  13. Josh says

    Like others have said, this is spin control. Warren is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is trying to play to his evangelical base and to the gay community even though his messages are contradictory.

    So he does a video calling gays and the media, “hateful, evil, and Christo-phobic” but also takes photos hugging gay people.

    He wants his evangelical base to think that he is homophobic while simultaneously he wants the gay community to view him as gay affirming.

    What a snake oil salesman.

  14. bozeman says

    First thought: “What a cute bear/cub couple”
    Second thought: “Wow, that kid could do so much better.”
    Third thought: “Would Jesus let Rick hug him?”

  15. Mr. E says

    Contrarian, take your bible and stick it where the sun don’t shine. You’re just another apologist. And the pope is a nazi. His comments as of late shows he’s not grown out of his hitler youth days. We are NOT going to get our civil rights handed to us by the voters, period. Getting the whiny baby xtians to accept us is not the goal. This is ultimately a battle for the courts.

  16. Jersey says

    This shit really makes Obama look bad. He appears to be the woman or man who keeps going back to the same person for abuse. Wright and now this dude? Obama has a real scary blind spot when it comes to religious daddy figures. Bad judgement there.

  17. FunMe says

    Notice his right hand. It’s held tightly – almost like saying, I don’t want to touch you.

    That fat cow is trying so hard (too late!) to change his image. It’s not working. He is still a homophobe. All his word on AIDS is toward Africa, where it’s heterosexuals who have AIDS.

  18. Chad in NYC says

    Mr. McCord . . . Thank you so much. Please send your simple beautiful story to CNN, post it on every blog you can think of . . . huffingtonpost dailykos . . .anywhere the cross-over reader can see it. It is essential that the FUNDAMENTAL injustice and real harm in these “christians” is brought to light. Again, thanks . . . and don’t let your story stop here.

  19. John says

    Hate the sin, not the sinner…he’s just doing what he thinks is right. I don’t agree with him, but I appreciate his current attempts to reach out to the gay community. It really what Obama stands for. We need to listen, speak and exchange ideas with each other. Stop all this black and white thinking and live in the gray!! We will have civil unions with full rights soon..let heterosexuals continue to destroy “marriage”, we’ll screw up civil unions soon enough….

  20. says

    Leave it alone! Nearly a 1/3 of gay Americans voted for John McCain, who would have done nearly 100 times worse in picking someone for the invocation than Obama has done. (To be honest, I hate that anyone’s going to pray at all – we’re a secular nation, after all – supposedly!)

    Obama likes the Big Tent. He’s going to get a little bit of everything that is currently representing the U.S. That includes Rick Warren who is a particular favorite of the moderate Christians who supported Obama moreso than the GLBT community.

    Obama is NOT going to go any further to the left than is necessary unless he is forced to do so. It is our job to move society and our country to the left, and let me tell you, I don’t have any hope of the gay community in doing that – especially after seeing MILK. Proposition 6 came at a very dark time in gay civil rights history, and yet the gay community at that time beat it. After the 1990s, after Ellen came out and Melissa, after you include all the support that we as a gay community have now, beating Proposition 8 should have been a cake walk, but the queers don’t want to get off their complacent butts. Yeah, it’s all fine and dandy afterwards, so we can react and be angry, but what about beforehand?

    Where is our motivation? Why have we become so complacent?

    Why does it take a deadly disease wiping out our brothers and fathers to get us moving? Where are our sit-ins? Why are we not taking over lunch counters, or in this case county clerk’s offices? Because we want to be a part of the machine. We want to lick the hand of the powers-that-be – like a big, dumb dog – just as long as they give us the “rights” that we’re unwilling to fight for.

    The point of MILK is that we all can be just like Harvey Milk. That we can mobilize and march and sit-in and die-in and kiss-in. It takes very little money – just effort and drive – very little of which I see in the community, until it’s too late – until someone else is killed or raped or more of our rights our taken away – only then do we move.

    In the 90s, the community was given a fairly blank check. We could have kept pushing and pushing. Coming out. Making sure that everyone who knew us, knew that we were gay, but we squandered that – the only people who really seemed to care were the book-sellers, the movie and TV show producers, the travel companies, and the clothes-makers – if we could be separated from our cash, then those were the people who cared. We became complacent sitting in front of the TV and thought all was dandy in the world because we had Will & Grace. Well, Will & Grace did not save Matthew Shepard, or any of the victims of hate crimes as reported on this blog, and yes, we have all kinds of TV shows with all kinds of queers, but our rights are still kept from us.

    Get off the couch, and into the streets: Anita Bryant is still coming to get you!

  21. dc8stretch says

    J.P. Don’t you dare conjecture who McCain would have chosen for the invication to distract from Obama’s support of bigotry. McCain’s Chief of Staff Mark Buse was GAY. Who on Obama’s staff/cabinet is???

  22. says

    he’s exactly the self-loathing type of closet creep that’s going to be found on his knees in a puddle of piss in a service center men’s room sucking on anonymous cock… busted by a State trooper on the day after the Inaugural.

    and that unfortunate decoy Erol needs a new shirt and truckload of Purell.

  23. thespeck says

    @ Mr. E You took the words right out of my mouth. If anyone thinks they’re doing queers a favor by playing apologist for the Pope and Rick Warren they’re sadly mistaken. If you want to help the movement just shut your pie hole and crawl back into your self hating hole.

  24. Jimmyboyo says

    Patrick NYC brings up a great point

    This dude is so trying to be the new billy grahm. He wants to get invited to the white house often and to meet world leaders. He is confused and an opportunist. Scrubbing his site and going to WEHO yet the next second just digging himself a deeper hole with the whole xrist-a-phobe BS.

    Hopefully the heat from the backlash causes Obama to be done with this dude as soon as the inauguration is over. I so do not want to have to see his glutonous self on the news walking into the white house constantly for the next 4 yrs

  25. G.T. says

    Rick Warren’s gesture is downright comical; it’s like what Lucy Ricardo might do if she got into a bad spot and wanted to quickly get out of it….but ended up making matters much worse and looking really ridiculous.

    For those who don’t know, Warren and his wife have a very embarrassing past relative to HIV/AIDS: They didn’t care about it until it affected non-gay people; and their record about HIV/AIDS and gay people has been unfavorably publicized in the last few days. So he shows up yesterday at the “Out of the Closet” HIV/AIDS fundraising thrift store in heavily gay West Hollywood.

    Like, he just yesterday decided he cares about gay people affected by HIV/AIDS. He’s like Lucy, but evil on top of silly.

  26. Jim Poppinga says

    OMG!!! He looks like a Baltimore Drag Queen in street clothes. Wonder if we’re missing one?

  27. says

    DC8STRETCH: Exactly! Instead of doing anything about the current state of society, play apologist to McCain! Good job. Thank you for proving my point that you’d rather bitch and moan and pray that either McCain or Obama is going to pat our bellies and make everything alright. At least with Democrats, we know we’ll still have jobs.

  28. says

    Once again: DC8STRETCH: Of all the things you could have had a complained about in my comment, you picked the that?!?! Hm.

  29. DJ says

    JP,Why even bother trying to get through to these homos,It has become quite visible how much hypocrisy and self-loathing bitterness many gays have in this day and age.Instead of getting up off their ASS and away from,Manhunt,gay.com,adam4adam and whatever other hook-up site you use to WHORE around lookin 4 the 207th penis to suck on for the month or sitting here defending “shit4brains” John Mcshame (as if that son of a bitch would have been more of a hero to gays than Obama)(your FUCKING retarded if you actually believe that bullshit by the way).BTW,Ive also noticed the amount of racist bullshit attitude that white homos have,its quite disgusting.AS I SAID BEFORE AND ILL SAY IT FOR THE 488TH TIME,UNTIL GAYS STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF SELF-LOATHING HYPOCRITICAL CRY BABIES AND REALIZE THAT NO MATTER IF WE ARE BLACK,WHITE,LATINO,ASIAN,MEXICAN,BIRACIAL,JEWISH,CHRISTIAN,MASCULINE,
    FEMININE,SHORT,TALL,THIN,OVERWEIGHT,AND THE MANY OTHER THINGS THE GAY COMMUNITY IS MADE UP OF.WE WILL NEVER,EVER,EVER..HAVE THE CIVIL RIGHTS SOME US ARE CRYING FOR WHILE THE REST OF US (LIKE MYSELF) ARE ACTUALLY FIGHTING FOR.Stop acting as if just because you are some white male HOMO (probably over privileged) that your gay rights are in more jeopardy than any other gay person.

  30. DJ says

    We are all in the same damn boat no matter what ethnicity and financial status we have,we ALL have the same problem we are all on the same ship

  31. DJ says

    Also for the record,Just because Mcshame “ALLEGEDLY” had a gay staff member does NOT IN ANY WAY,SHAPE,or FORM,makes him anymore of a superhero to the gay community than obama,so stop defending that neo-nazi and get your reality check.Keep in Mind is running mate “Queen-Harpy Palin” wanted to convert gays and said that gay is a choice.You wanna keep defending those fuckin losers go ahead,but you will be the living proof of the hypocrisy and self-loathing idiocy that is becoming so much more visible in the gay community

  32. ErolSarabi says

    >>Note to self: never date Erol Sarabi.
    >>Posted by: peterparker | Dec 23, 2008 1:40:01 PM

    What makes you think I would ever want to date you, you fat Aids ridden pigfucker?