1. davefromtampa says

    This film looks promising, I like the fact that we are seeing historical figures in a different light. He have a Dali museum here in Tampa Bay, shows a new light on his place in the world. Andy, you are working late on a Friday night, of course, here I am surfing on a Friday night too. And Derrick, how is your man Donovan working out? I bet you wish you had gay Jeff as still your quarterback, huh? Tampa Bay Bucs going all the way!

  2. Nick says

    gotta say the armpit hair got me as well. Someone buy this boy a set of clippers for Christmas.

  3. Matty says

    Jay, I’m with you. He’s ok, but nothing special in the looks or acting department. I’m not getting why the media is ramming him down our throats.

  4. Be responsible says

    Could presenting glamor photos of a “hot” movie star (I don’t find him attractive, myself) with a goddamn cigarette in his mouth, and a pack of cigarettes nearby, be any more IRRESPONSIBLE? And here are 15 year olds chiming into this blog oohing and aahing over this individual, seen smoking.

    I’m, like, f*cking shocked at this sh*t!

    Again, this is unbelievably irresponsible — I’m talking about photographer Theo Wenner and Rolling Stone magazine, definitely, while I think it’s unfortunate that Towleroad is implicitly approving of the “smoking is cool” message here. I thought the glamorization of smoking ended in the early 1990s.

    To me, this is no less irresponsible than encouraging barebacking. I mean, last I checked cigarettes still KILL hundreds of thousands of people each year, in the U.S. alone.

    I’m finding this Pattinson guy, himself, extremely irresponsible, to choose to be photographed this way.

    That image with the cigarette in his mouth is, to me, beyond unattractive. It’s repulsive.

  5. So Left I'm Right says

    Be Responsible, you can’t “be serious” right? Sorry if I’m missing the joke.

    I, for one, am very excited to see a movie about two of my very favorite artists — Lorca and Dali.

  6. sparks says

    I actually agree with the comments about cigarettes appearing in a couple of the photos, even though this generation of kids/teens certainly cannot claim that they haven’t been educated enough on the dangers of smoking.

    However, I believe the irresponsibility belongs mostly to the photographer, who clearly intended not to put much else in the frame other than Robert, coffee, and cigarettes. (A boy and his vices.)

    I still think Pattinson is hot (and would be hotter without the cig). I don’t think he’s consciously trying to send any kind of message. In interviews he has been embarrassingly honest, he doesn’t groom himself to death, and isn’t obsessed with working out or having a perfect.. anything. Evidently he has avoided being shackled him with handlers to make sure he says the right things, does the right things, goes to the right places, etc.

    He brought both parents with him when he appeared on Ellen, for chrissake, not something one would do if trying to be seen as a bad boy.

    For his own sake, though, I do hope he ditches the smokes.

  7. DD says

    Is his armpit hair that shocking? Doesn’t armpit hair grow? Don’t most men let that happen?

    Cigarettes ain’t sexy, but ‘cool’ has yet to become unattached to sexy people with one hanging nonchalantly from their lips. I don’t know how you undo that association, save by opting to make your object look cool in some other way. But if you’re gonna criticise a man for having armpit hair, how is anyone going to figure out what’s attractive and acceptable, and what is not?

  8. Kyle says

    Who is this guy again? Meh.

    I keep reading his name in gay blogs, but don’t get the appeal- aside from the fact that he doesn’t appear to be a hairless twink.

    Is there such as thing as a hairy twink?

  9. Jim B. says

    This movie looks very exciting! Rob Pattinson wlll cause a sensation. There will be many jokes and spoofs on SNL (like Brokeback Mountain) but who cares! This one is REALLY pushing the envelope! Good for all of them. I can’t wait to see it!!!

  10. Br!on says

    WOW! SO much vitrol for sexy ciggys and armpits! HAHHA. I can’t believe it. Let’s at James Dean for one minute.

    My fav. about this guy, was last week in New York Mag the film reviewer stated:

    “He’s more my idea of a hunky Frankenstein Monster than a hunky vampire, with six inches of hair above six inches of forehead above a foot of face in too obvious white greasepaint. But he matches up with Stewart, who has a long face herself, although rather less lipstick.”


  11. José says

    Wow… The comments in this blog are inane and petty to the point that I’m a little bit shocked. The movie that this blog is about is based on true events that occurred in the cutting edge art circles of Spain (and France) in the 1930’s. Bunuel, Garcia Lorca and Dali were 3 of the most significant figures in 20th century culture, and the movie is telling their story of when they met and began their careers. At that time and place, and especially in that milieu, EVERYBODY smoked, and there are hundreds or thousands of historical photographs of these people smoking. That these commenters would rather tow the line of 21st century North American political correctness rather than be historically accurate shows that (sigh) real art and culture may be wasted on the new gay generation. Go back to watching your Brittany and Pink dance club videos. I’m sure nobody is smoking in those.

  12. JeffRob says

    Thank you, Jose. It’s called acting, people. They’re recreating the reality of those individuals.
    Get a clue, and a fuckin life, please.

  13. john says

    Watch the real Salvador Dali in this clip from the 1950’s game show What’s My line, where he is the mystery guest. He’s a weird one.

  14. says

    The ones making the ridiculous complaints about the cigarette and armpit hair are the same unhappy trolls who choose to inflict their misery on the world via internet forums and comment sections on blogs. It’s a vent for them to project their bitterness and dissatisfaction with their own lives. Pay no attention. They would tear down a good-looking man no matter if he was a twink, bodybuilder, bear, or whatever. It’s such obvious projection and it’s pathetic. Who is tired of these people? Raise your hand.

  15. aaron says

    I have no problem with guys having hair under their arms but this guy’s is out of control…some judicious trimming would make things good again.

  16. brent says

    As a certified homo it is getting hard for me to read this blog these days. Men have hair under their arms, and OMG on there legs. If you want to be a woman shave it off. People smoke, even in California. Grow up. I don’t, but I don’t care if people do, just as I don’t care who they sleep with.

  17. Hdtex says

    All you anti-Smoke Nazis…go fuck yourselves.
    Besides this “star” looks like he has Downs Syndrome….thaat’s the bigger issue.

  18. Vincent says

    You queers need to be smacked!!!Why is it so against the Gay Laws to have hair under your arms?I have hair on my face arms and legs,why?Because thats what “REAL MEN” have.This going to the gym 5 days a week getting fake tans shaving hair and looking like some demented stereotypical fag from a porn magazine is getting tired and tacky.Grow up and stop being so damned superficial and critical over every guy you look at.Its become a vile unpleasant disease.Its no wonder why none of you have boyfriends/husbands.

  19. Gurudeep says

    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?
    Get over your judgements and criticisms.
    Learn to like who you are.

  20. Ben says

    Robert Pattinson’s face is almost frighteningly perfect – it’s actually a bit off-putting. So knowing that he might have excessive body hair or a less-than-toned body or (terrible) hair serves to humanize the man. It makes him more accessible, and I think more attractive.

    As for the smoking issue, I don’t think Rolling Stone is aimed at children. People reading it should be old enough to know that Robert Pattinson’s posing with a cigarette isn’t a directive for them to start buying Marlboros.

  21. Steve says

    I think armpit hair is sexy i want to lick the hell out of them pits mmmm and his hairy chest is to die for

  22. chelsea says

    I think its good that rob did this movie. its shows that he is versatile. and, um, dont most guys let there underarm hair grow? isnt that the natural course of things? who honestly cares? and this movie is based on ACTUAL events! everyone smoked then, there not trying to say its cool or anything else, and rob doesnt care if hes cool either. He would really prefer not to be because he doesnt want “cool” as his image. so yall should back off!

  23. Samantha says

    I love his armpit hair! Guys are supposed to have hair. I love his unkempt wild look. It’s extremely sexy. He almost does the same thing to me that the oh-so-beautiful Johnny Depp does.

    And comparing him to Zac Efron?? WTF EVER. RP is WAY more manly and good looking than the pretty boy HSM twink could ever hope to be.

    I also agree with DUDE. My hand is up as far as it will go!

  24. John Barbarino says

    Wow. Clearly this is photographer abuse or photographer self-destruction. Robert P appears to be human and capable of a having a bad picture taken of him as well as some promising shots. The web becomes a dumping ground? Shame on us. And, I might be much of a fuss-pot, but the best of this set came out less than the best of a portrait of a male actor. Looks like the movie still would have done better justice. Then again, maybe the point is that this session makes the actor clearly the guy next door with a buddy too hammered to care about results. Editing really is an important art.