Robert Pattinson Shunned as a Model When He Got Too Manly

Rp1Robert Pattinson told Closer magazine that he had to give up modeling because he started looking like a man:

“When I first started I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got lots of jobs, because it was during that period where the androgynous look was cool. Then, I guess, I became too much of a guy, so I never got any more jobs. I had the most unsuccessful modelling career.”

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone asks the actor: Do you have any gay teenagers contacting you?

“Not really. It’s really just increasingly more and more straight guys than gay guys — unless my gaydar is just not really working. It’s just started happening recently. They’re all kind of a little bit embarrassed about it, but they’ll all go up and still get their book signed or whatever. I’m so used to like writing to girls I always keep writing like, “Love, romance and kiss, kiss, kiss” that I have to like cross it out, “Oh, sorry about that.”

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  1. Matty says

    Is Towleroad becoming a Robert Pattinson fan site? This story, like the actor himself, was not that interesting that it needed to be posted as news.

  2. gia says

    i find him to be ridiculously hot…i cant believe he ended up failing as a model…i think even scruffy he has an amazing look. i definitely dont see him as too masculine, he is still very young.

  3. sparks says

    Even if he’s straight, making a reference to his “gaydar” is pretty bold (it’s the kind of thing a handler would tell him to avoid). Apparently he’s quite comfortable in his own skin and with his own masculinity. I bet he’s a hoot to hang out with! And yeah, I still think he’s hot .. scruff and all.

    If he had signed an autograph for me with “Love, romance and kiss, kiss, kiss,” I’d ask him for one. :)

  4. Drew says

    Not sure why, but he does little for me. He’s got that older/euro/artsy thing and well, never heard any gay guy saying they found those qualities attractive. To each their own, I guess.

  5. Me in DC says

    Agree with Marc in Chicago: I find him to be “meh.” I just don’t see it. If he wasn’t in some teenie bopper flick, I doubt anyone would give him a second look.

  6. says


    I’d take Rob and his realistic looks and devilish wit over the waxed, plucked, bleached, capped, photoshopped and bland current crop of American “hunks” any day…

  7. Ty says

    His hairline is receeding, time to shave it and become a real estate agent. Modelling is not a real career.

  8. EM says

    Oh dear, the queasy comments about being manly have started. I’m sure we’ll have a decade of more to come of Jake Gyllenhaal-inspired references to how wonderfully straight he is. Whatever dude….

  9. Jules_spaz says

    Robert Pattinson is the Man…I dont care what they say about him…He can be dirty he can be whatever he likes..Most of the people on here probably dont do as much as they say….Ur the bomb Robert no matter what…

  10. edwards ehefrau says

    so ihr kleinen kinderchen
    lasst sofort und augendbicklich MEINEN EHEmann robbi baby auch genannnt robert pattison in ruhe oder ihr werdet gekillt vin seiner eheFRAU so.