News: Jose Sucuzhañay, MRI, Google Zeitgeist, Ryan Gosling

road.jpg Day without a Gay fizzles

Mriroad.jpg Woman to auction brain MRI featuring image of the Virgin Mary.

road.jpg Anderson Cooper swims with sharks VIDEO.

road.jpg Gay man arrested for fighting back at gay basher with dinner plate: “Wilson said the incident began when he and four friends were finishing a late dinner at about 2 a.m. at the Bistro Francais. Suddenly, according to Wilson, the two men walked back into the main part of the restaurant, with one of them shouting obscenities and anti-gay names at him and his friends. ‘They came running at us,’ Wilson said. ‘I think one of them said they would throw us through the window.’ Wilson said he and his friends had been sitting at a table in front of the restaurant’s front window in a confined area on a raised platform. ‘I was cornered between the wall and the window,’ Wilson said. ‘I had nowhere to go and these guys are charging at me with their arms raised,’ he said…Wilson said he grabbed a plate from the table and hit one of the two men in the head.”

road.jpg Gay NYE parties to go on in Bangkok despite unrest.

road.jpg Becket Fund founder Seamus Hasson, whose organization took out the full-page ad in the NYT accusing peaceful Prop 8 protestors of mob violence, is now comparing them to Al Qaeda: “Well, whether it’s an organized movement like Al Qaeda or whether it’s the Al Qaeda-like, um, inspired acts of terrorism elsewhere, people are right to be concerned about, um, radical Islamist violence…”

Censored2road.jpg Censored gay photos back on the wall at BYU.

road.jpg Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres’ version of silent night is anything but serene.

road.jpg Versace exec hit with sexual harassment claim by receptionist who says she was forced to convey sexually-charged messages to her boss: ” One caller said he left his eyeglasses in Patrick Guadagno’s apartment, then alleged the 57-year-old fashionista drugged and date-raped him, according to Fay Rodriguez’s blockbuster Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit. Another man told Rodriguez that Guadagno, the president of Versace Wholesale USA, gave him a sexually transmitted disease, she charges.”

road.jpg EU countries criticized over same-sex partner rights: “A Commission report showed that 14 states do not give full entry and residence rights to partners of same-sex couples. They are Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Ireland, Estonia, Slovenia and Latvia.”

Sucuzhanay Here is the Facebook page for the vigil on Sunday afternoon for Jose Sucuzhañay, who died as a result of the anti-gay, anti-Hispanic attack by four men in Brooklyn in the early hours of Monday morning: “Gather at 2PM at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Grove Street (Take the L to Myrtle/Wyckoff). We will then walk to the site of the attack (Bushwick Avenue and Kossuth Place) for a vigil at 4pm. THE PREVIOUSLY PLANNED WALK AT 7PM STARTING IN FRONT OF THE ARCHIVE WILL NO LONGER BE HAPPENING. We hope you will join with us at the march and vigil organized by Make the Road.”

road.jpg Rolling Stone shows even Brad Pitt can have a bad day in front of the lens.

road.jpg “Sarah Palin” was Google’s fastest rising search term for 2008: inside the Google Zeitgeist.

road.jpg Ryan Gosling got a glimpse of the full moon.

road.jpg Gay grifter goes on $361,000 spending spree in NYC with boyfriend’s credit card.

road.jpg Battlestar Galactica to get gay character.

road.jpg Obama’s website has just added an interactive Digg-like area where actual citizens can ask questions, which are then voted up or down. The current top question is: “What will you do to establish transparency and safeguards against waste with the rest of the Wall Street bailout money?” No word on when the answers are coming.

road.jpg Taxi driver in Britain stands accused of luring a passenger to his home and raping him: ” Raja Khan, 52, told his 23-year-old victim that Eid celebrations were taking place at his home, a court heard. Prosecutor Robert Elias QC said the man had agreed to go to his house in Richmond Street, Accrington, but asked to be taken home when he realised there was no party going on. He also became alarmed when Khan locked the front door behind him, Preston Crown Court heard. The jury heard the 23-year-old was left ‘frozen and shocked’ as Khan raped him. Mr Elias said Khan suggested that they detour to his house. He said there was an end of Eid celebration. The victim had a bottle of cider, which he had started drinking. As they went into the Richmond Street property there was no signs of a celebration and the door was locked behind him.”


  1. Bill says

    Andy: you could have made an issue of day-without-gay and produced a good discussion here.

    I supposed it was just so stupid you didn’t want to waste any bytes or time on it. But has someone learned a lesson?

  2. SFshawn says

    The United States legal system is such a piece of crap. That District Attorneys Office in DC is just too pathetic. If the US government actually spent their time convicting the criminals instead of defending them what a better world this would be. It’s just a matter of time before a few of these gay bashers get bashed back and killed and just like the vigilante in NYC on the subway a few years back nobody will miss the scum that perpetuates violence against innocent people…I’m just sayin.

  3. Dan says

    Re: Taxi driver story – This story is just as bizarre, if not more, than the cheesecake factory story. If I’m a passenger in a taxi… what in the world would convince me to go to the taxi driver’s home!?! Why the hell would I get into a taxi if I’m not going to my pre-determined destination? To me, it defies logic… but I think the moral of this story is don’t let strange taxi driver man take you back to his home.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    You like that wholesome all-American look, don’t you, DAN B. Bet you were crazy about Timothy Hutton or a young Andy Griffith back in the day.

    Yeah, I like that all-American look too. THat’s another reason why I love my Barack…he’s got that wholesome Kansas look. Yeah.

  5. Leland Frances says

    Closing in on “I’m so fucking tired of posts promoting Anderson I Suck Cock But I’m Too Much Of A Coward To Admit It Cooper” is “I’m so fucking tired of Obama Inc. treating us like idiots.”

    But that’s exactly what anyone is who posts a question on his “Change” site expecting it to be read by anyone with power, let alone answered.

    I’m thrilled Obama won, and have great hopes as well as great expectations. But more and more of this Net stuff is rapidly beginning to smell like the cyber equivalent of Roman ruler’s “bread & circuses” purposeful distraction from reality.

    That the latest has a “Digg-like… voted up or down” feature so redolent of the thumbs up/thumbs down dynamic of the Coliseum is too precious for words.

  6. David Craig says

    As one of the organizer of yesterday’s events, I wanted to offer you a somewhat different perspective.
    Indeed, there were a lot of lessons learned but I don’t agree with your conclusion that the event was a “flameout.”

    The goal of the protest was to raise awareness that gays and lesbians deserve full equality, including the right to marry.
    On my site alone (, we had 1 million impressions, 250,000 participants and 20,000 comments posted.
    In addition, the day before and day of the event, we were able to reach out and speak to virtually all the major and many local news outlets, from tv, radio and press.
    Most of all, we believe we sent a message to our opponents that we are ready and willing continue in this struggle until we achieve full equality.

    All this was accomplished in a brief four weeks from a number of amateur organizers who came up with the idea for this event simultaneously and launched them online.
    There was no paid marketing or pr, no major lgbt group involved, no paid professionals. This was a grassroots movement from beginning to end.
    You can draw your own conclusions but we believe that’s a formidable bit of attention from a handful of people sitting in their home typing on Facebook across America.

    Unfortunately, there is a downside to that type of movement.

    When I launched my event, A DAY WITHOUT GAYS, I quickly discovered a half dozen other organizers with similar events and similar names.
    While I was able to get them all to come around to doing this on the same day, there were other issues, not least of which the different names.

    In addition, a few of the organizers were less able to “stay on message” and be clear about the goals of the protest, including these facts:
    This was a symbolic protest, our Boston Tea Party, if you will. This was never intended to significantly impact the economy, especially in this economy.
    People were asked to not only strike but boycott the economy, especially those people in the 30 States without gay/lesbian employment protection.

    Where we particularly failed was in handling the press and making them understand that this was not a picket/march/rally but a different type of protest.
    Where we underestimated the press was our belief that they could grasp the difference or their need for the “visuals” or else there’s no story or success.

    That said, the recent polls indicate that we now have a majority of Americans who believe our relationships deserve to be legally recognized and receive the same benefits as heterosexual marriage. That means all our efforts are working, obviously some more successfully than others.

  7. Leland Frances says

    Mr. Craig: thank you for your input. While, because I am old and cranky and tired of decades of failure culminating in the cluster fuck that was the NO campaign, I no longer give out “Good Intentions” ribbons, I will tip my hat to yours.

    HOWEVER, I am concerned that you are touting accomplishments [solely based on assumptions] involving things that others might wrongly duplicate because they naively believe you. That’s not to say you’re intentionally misrepresenting the facts, merely misinterpreting them.

    1. “we had 1 million impressions, 250,000 participants and 20,000 comments posted” Impressive numbers but what do they actually represent? What percentage came to your site antigay? What percentage of those left pro gay? The answers to both I would guess are “microscopic.”

    Again and again, I see what appears to others as communicating with nongays and changing their mind via the Internet when it is really little more than a cyber version of the gay ghetto with random straight neigbhors, or preaching to the cyber choir.

    A myth grows larger and more hollow every day: “if it’s on the Net it is, de facto, intelligent, all-encompassing, and powerful.” Repeat: real facto wrong. Two other things, seemingly contradictory, are true. The H8TERs didn’t win using the Net and we didn’t beat them using the Net. Ya can’t order equality with free shipping from Amazon or download it from iTunes.

    The solution? None I can think of that doesn’t involve paying for ads on popular sites that have high levels of straight traffic [and will accept them]. In short, bigots aren’t going to come to us on the Net except to mock, flame, or, as in the case of the attacks on the NO sites, try to crash them. If you want to use the Net to change minds you’re going to have to do exactly what is required in the real world—go to “them.”

    2. “we were able to reach out and speak to virtually all the major and many local news outlets, from tv, radio and press.” Congratulation on accomplishing the first step. But you failed because your message which came down to “we have clout, “yes,” flamed out. Even “symbols” have to be big enough to be seen. Perhaps if you’d confined your effort to Boston rather than the nation you could have pulled off a “party.”

    3. “We believe we sent a message to our opponents that we are ready and willing continue in this struggle until we achieve full equality.” I’m sorry, but the message that was received was, “the gays have even less leadership, focus, and power than they did during the NO campaign.”

    We must do better which means much deeper analysis of what reality is on both sign of one’s computer screen.

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